Saturday, October 8, 2011

Marriage or Wreckage


Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. We could possibly reach a point in Malaysia whereby it is easier, rather much easier for a couple to resort to fornication than to go for marriage! Maybe this is already really the case now?

2. Not only that men and women are now more frequently mingling around with each other, the fact that a significant amount of people practice not the proper way of covering their bodies (especially women)  undeniably adds more salt to social injuries. More promotions, cheap sales and free shows are ongoing.

3. Interestingly, while the door to evil is widely open, the door to goodness and permissibility is closely shut, with a dozen of giant padlocks and guarded with a thousand of knights! 

4. Ok, that's very figurative, but I am talking about marriage. Our respected Ustaz Zaharuddin in his latest article here speaks of the financial burden facing many of our young gentlemen whom are pursuing marriage.

5. As I do not plan to make this long, I would like to make a simple commentary that I hope women especially their families do make a lot of thoughts about this saddening ongoing issues.

6. It was narrated by Ibn Hibban that our beloved Prophet SAW once said that the most preferable woman is one that has a low mahar (dowry) for his marriage. This is not to downgrade the status or value of women, but having a women whose intention is only to get money from his husband makes her the cheapest lady in the world, because the best women are not purchased, but mahar to them are merely a sincere gift.

7. In other words, there should be a balance between the two i.e not to burden the future husband but also not to do any injustice to the future bride.

8. Few have the awareness that marriage is not about wedding, it's about life after aqad (marriage knot) instead. So, most of the money should be spent for the rest of the life after wedding, not during the fantasy day of wedding which usually lasts only a day or two.

9. But then again, the emphasis now is the stories before marriage.

10. According to the National Department of Registration (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Malaysia), since 2000 to July 2008, a staggering number of 257 000 babies were registered without father, or in other words, born outside marriage. A simple mathematical postulation from this shocking figure would give us a rate of one illegal baby in every 17 minutes 17 seconds!

11. And you ought to agree with me that there are a lot more out there that went unregistered.

12. I leave to us to do the rest of the thinking and analysis. We pray to Allah, that He saves many innocent babies that are dumped by their under pressured mothers. We long for marriages, not wreckage!

13. As a final note, my best wishes and prayers to my teacher and mentor, Bro. Rafizi Ramli whom is officially becoming a husband today. May Allah bless you and your beloved wife. And your family too. Barakallahufik.

14. Below is an ole-ole to all of you. It is a story I created, but the message is not fictional, it is true and lesson-containing. I hope it benefits as many people as possible. Wallahuaklam and take care all.


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