Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hye Hye Bye Bye

Assalamualaikum wbt.


1. This is an exclusive entry for IMU students or more specifically Muslim students and perhaps also Muslim staffs. However, for those who might not know, IMU is International Medical University.

2. I am writing this for specifically 3 things. Therefore, with an intense hope that you would remember these 3 important points, I make it simpler for you by calling them 3As.

3. These 3As are Appreciation, Apologies and Aspiration that I have in mind and which I intend to bring forward to you.


4. First off, let me sincerely thank my fellow unsung heroes (and heroins of course- no, not drugs =p) for bits and pieces, chunks and masses of your support, time, opinions and contribution all this while in making a lot of our plans for MSOC (Muslim Society) materialize. 

5. Let me now reintroduce each of you (who were in MSOC committee for 2010/11) to my wonderful followers and respected blog readers.
Mohd Amirul Asyraf Mohd Hanaffi
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
6. Ok, this guy above I don't know whom. But still, I love him. So don't throw your sandals at him when you see him walking around IMU- though not for so long anymore ;-)
NurFarhanah binti Ramli
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
7. Ana has always been sisterly (if not motherly) to many of us. Thanks a lot for your help and presence with us. Being one in a (million/thousand/hundred <---please answer correctly) as you finally got married, it's a joy that I believe many other sisters (Muslimah) would have been proud of too. Not to forget let me also make a special thankful remark to Mr. Khomeini, for he has always been supportive to us. May Allah bless both of you.
Fathin Nadiah binti Mohd Najib
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
8. Fathin, I don't think I have given enough jobs for you (haha), I should have given more but yeah, thank God Islam teaches me not to oppress women- ok, I'm kidding. But needless to say, you have always been loyal and committed to a lot of administrative works we have in MSOC, which I hope can be passed down to Afiqah, the new secretary. Thanks again for many things, things would have been more difficult without you.
Mohd Lokman bin Mohd Hawari
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery,
9. Lokman is a special case. Despite being in HICOM (High Committee) and more interestingly my housemate, I think I am not very close to you, though I think I am supposed to (haha). Let's put the blame on me. For readers' information though, this post suits him, and had he not been in medical course, he would make a good economist, right bro? Thanks for your patience and co-operation while 'working' with me.
Nurul Adibah binti Mansor
Bachelor of Nursing
10. Adibah, whom I call Nur, is undoubtedly friendly, honest, helpful and supportive too. I am sorry that I may not pay enough attention to you, especially knowing that you have to travel to Seremban and stay there once in a while. But the best thing about you is your endless support and unseen efforts (I believe) which in whatever ways have always assisted the whole team in MSOC. Thanks very much Nur ;-)
Mohd Zamir bin Amno
Master of Pharmacy
11. Zamir is always a person everyone wants to be in their team. It's cool to work with you and thank you for being committed and effective in many of your works. We in the committee should also thank you for all your efforts in doing dakwah, which a significant part of them may not be within IMU itself. It is not only exemplary but also a thing to follow and practice. Jazakallah khair Zamir!
Nur Syazwani binti Salehuddin
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
12. Wanie, thanks for being in the committee. Your presence is another unique character in the team. You have been very kind and also supportive all the time. I really appreciate every single effort you put in helping me to fulfill my job and for whatever contribution you have laid down, whether or not I am aware of it. By the way, if one day you perform at Istana Budaya, make sure you reserve me a free V.I.P ticket. Promise! 
Mohammad Arif Zaki bin Adnan
Bachelor of Pharmacy 
13. Bro Zaki, you are a wonderful asset to people around you. Your experience and knowledge do a lot of benefits to anyone you are willing to share them with. You have the quality of leadership a man always dreams of, and yes, also the kind of interest that every man (and woman) will admire- body building! (haha). Thanks a lot for many things. And promise me you won't bully me. ;-)
Diana binti Muhd Rizal
Master of Pharmacy
14. Diana! (haha) We first met for Zapin but your talent and capabilities extend beyond dancing Zapin. You will be one of my unforgettable teammates, whom have great commitment and understanding in things you do. I personally think that you are a very good team player so keep it up. The juniors may very much need you, so please go babysit them. Thanks a montain Diana!
Nur Liyana binti Azmi
Masters of Pharmacy
15. Liyana, you may be a quiet personality by first impression. But you are certainly a perfect model for the phrase 'Actions speak louder than words!' It's not easy to find a person who is as dedicated as you in your works. You are very respectful, so you deserve a lot of respect from people around you. Thanks for all the hard work and sacrifice you have made. Only Allah will pay them back with the best of reward in return.
Mohammad Syahril bin Boonie
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
16. Bro Syahril, thank you very much for being nice and kind to me and others. You play a huge role with your influence towards many other Muslim or non-Muslim students in IMU. Perhaps your presence is a gift from Allah that it complements me and my personal weakness when it comes to public relation with students. In other words, I wonder how harder it would have been if we didn't have you around. Thanks again bro ;-)
Nur 'Afifa binti Zohari
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
17. Afifa is rather sweet. I was not close to you as I also think I spoke very little to you. But deep in my heart, I always believe and my belief is not untrue, that you are a person sincere at heart with creative mind and thoughts, and it is an injustice to deny any single sacrifice you have made to the team. If our lives cross path again one day, we should get to know each other better. Thanks for being in my friend list! ;-)
Amin bin Harun
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
18. Amin aka Cheng! Bro, put Hamzah and Khalid aside, you are truly one last man standing. Many people fought and fell, yet you are still there. Keep going. And yep, thanks very much for being around all this while and for your support and sacrifice. We should always keep in touch and don't forget to share with me the graduation day photo next year. I'll photoshopped myself into it! (haha). Bro, thanks a lot for everything ;-)
Wong Wu Ken Kevin
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
19. Kevin, I don't know what others think about you, but you are a true and original inspiration when it comes to sports and endurance. You are soft-spoken, gentle and supportive in many things I do. I hope I have not done anything wrong to people like you. Remember one thing bro, you are uniquely special, because you are not a Malay Muslim. That makes a lot of difference, and therefore it is your job to help make people (non-Muslims) understand that Islam is certainly for everyone. Keep running!
Nurul Farahin binti Ruslan
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
20. Ms Elmo aka Paen, thanks for being funny, sporting and friendly. You and Fathin should be barred from any treasure hunt or amazing race next time by the way (haha). I mean, that was awesome! Keep up the universality of character that you have and stay strong. You are undeniably a valuable teammate we have in the group. Thanks a lot for all your help and support while being with us making success and achievements.
Nazren binti Othman
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
21. Naz! Apa habaq noo? (hehe). I sincerely thank you in case you have to struggle to forgive me for many mistakes or jokes that I attempted to make. I am not a bomber and you know what I mean. You and Wanie seem to me like a pair of twins, but the best thing about it is when you both work well when together. I learn some friendship values from both of you. Here's a special note for you by the way. I have a feeling that there's something unique about you and Wanie that you can use to present Islam. Explore and make it a reality. And so, thanks for that!
Dr Abdoul Aziz Fall 
Psychological Testing And Measurement (PhD)
Lecturing at International Medical University (IMU)
22. Dr. Aziz is our wonderful advisor of the society. I owe him abundant of thanks for many advice and supports he has given to all of us and also for our activities. Many of his advice- which are sincere and powerful advice will always be in my mind insya Allah and surely help make me a better Muslim ameen. Thanks a million sir! ;-)


23. I don't want to apologize to any of you above because I have praised you guys a lot, can or not? Right, let me still apologize. I know it is something you guys deserve. One final statement to each of you (above) is this. 

24. If there is anything good you benefited from me, or can learn and take lesson from me and my action, bear in mind that it is a gift from Allah and certainly not coming from my own fallible self. And for many things that I may have done wrongly, for hearts I may have hurt and for weaknesses from me that may not make me a good example to follow, I hope you can forgive me and more importantly, turn them into a kind advice for me to improve, so that I can always try my best to be a better person. Thanks in advance.

25. I am also very sorry and feel deeply indebted to all other people who have guided me along the way until I am whom I am today.

26. Special thanks and prayers to my lovely brothers, Aiman Nasir, Mukhlis Rahimi, Azlan, Amal, Karim, Kamal, and also wonderful lovely sisters, Kak Aimi Hamizah, Kak Annisa, Kak Fae, Akmar, Radhi, and each and everyone of you whom I may not be able to list here.

27. Not to forget the staffs, especially Kak Khairun, Kak Liza, Kak Azura, Kak Aznah, Bro Azman and others for whatever good things you have given to me. There are a lot really. Thank you and please forgive me for anything wrong I made =)


28. It's getting late at night and I think I ate a lot just now so I start to feel sleepy and a bit tired. However, let me finish this entry with the most important part of it, which is what I aspire from the new committee and the ones coming in the future.

29. You see, I remember telling this to my committee, that the moment you left MSOC, you have to ask yourselves, are you the same person you were before you joined MSOC? If so, then I am afraid it will be such a great loss.

30. Therefore, always remember, although it is our dream to work for Islam and people around us, the most important thing is always to correct our intention by making a noble promise to learn and gain experience as much as we can, and do it for the sake of pleasing Allah (while working in MSOC).

31. This was what that kept me strong (though sometimes I fell short) all this while. Whether or not you succeed, when you know that you have done your best and you want to learn, you surely have reaped something useful out of it.

32. Also, please remember that you guys now (in current MSOC committee) have everything that it needs to be the best committee in MSOC history and therefore an ideal benchmark for people to come- at least that's the way I see it so please don't disappoint me. Otherwise, it's again a waste of talent. 

33. Let me end this humble post by also thanking 'Ijjlal and gang in As-Shifa' magazine. Well, don't worry I think I am leaving all the things related to IMU except maybe this (magazine) team- at least for now ;-)

34. Thank you very much for your time and I ask Allah to continuously inspire us to study well and do well in our life, to have sincerity in our works and also to be guided by Him, now and always. 

Take care all and wassalamualaikum wbt. Allah knows best, what is obvious or even everything that is hidden.

"So whoever Allah wants to guide - He expands his breast to [contain] Islam; and whoever He wants to misguide - He makes his breast tight and constricted as though he were climbing into the sky. Thus does Allah place defilement upon those who do not believe."

Surah Al'-An'am (6:125)
May Allah bless all of you
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nur liyana said...

thanks boss for everything..Hope that you are doing fine ~XD..May Allah bless u..:D I've learnt something while working with you and hope that we can work together again in the future..jazakallah khair =)

Ibnu Hanaffi said...

Masya Allah. Thanks go back to you. Like I said, you have done a lot to us and the whole Muslims in general. May Allah bless you Liyana and take care. I'm doing great! =)

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