Friday, June 29, 2012

If I Am A Gay

Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. Five years in a single sex school (Malay College Kuala Kangsar) was enough to make me a man so frightened of a girl.

2. I mean, I am shy. 

This guy is shy, but obviously this is not me ;-)
3. But here's my story.

4. Because of my fear and shyness towards girls, I always resort to selective smiles.

5. I mean, I believe (as taught in Islam) that smile is a form of charity (sodaqoh in Arabic).

6. So I make it a habit to smile when I see people in the public. But not all people. That's why I call it a selective smile.

7. Hence, selectively, I only smile to men, because again, I don't dare to flirt, most of the time thinking that if I smile at girls randomly- they would've thought that I can beat Justin Bieber and they'll collapse! Err, I mean they would have thought that I am interested in them. =p

8. So I generally seldom smile to a girl. Girls like to smile at me instead! (errr...)

9. But here's a bigger issue. Things change. So do the way we think and the way we do things. They all change.

10. Nowadays, even to guys in the public I hesitate to smile! I mean, seriously. I hesitate many times!

11. You know why? Because they may also have thought that I am interested in them! 

12. This is what we nowadays call gayism.

13. First thing first- I am not gay. In fact, I want to marry a girl and I want to wait until that right time comes so that I can meet the parents of that 'someone'- a girl of course (I mean, someone old like me la, not a 5 year old girl). ;-)

14. It's this thing that I want to highlight in this post actually.

15. Few generations in the past, people of the same gender, had no problems to hold hands when they were in school. In fact, that was exactly what their teachers told them to do- to queue before entering class, and hold hands- for that is the true form of love and friendship.

16. On the contrary, nowadays, I doubt that even young people at school can do that as comfortably as people at their age used to do before!

17. Put it simply, people in the past may have not even heard of the word gay or lesbian, let alone to think of being one!

18. This is what I would have termed as the "benefit of ignorance".

19. It means, there are certain things in life that we'd better not know, because all they do is things like what I've just mentioned above. Knowing about gayism and lesbianism give the thought of becoming one- to some of us! Nauzubillah! May Allah safeguard us!

20. But a bigger point is this. Ignorance, despite the benefit that it has, like what I propose above, is a benefit that is definitely transitory. I mean, it lasts only for a short period of time.

21. It is the benefit of knowledge that will in the end, last forever.

22. What I am saying is that, when it comes to the issue of gayism and lesbianism, it only benefits us (in terms of not thinking to be one of them) when people do not even know what they mean. But when people start to know what gayism or lesbianism is, the benefits just fly away- giving rise to a growing number of gays and lesbians in the community- O Allah protect us! Ameen ameen ameen.

23. However, the people of knowledge, are able to reap the benefit of that knowledge even since the time of previous prophets such as prophet Luth AS.

24. And the knowledge that I refer to now is the knowledge that homosexuality is not good, against out innate nature and most important of all, forbidden by God the Creator!

25. So no matter in what age we are living, including until the last age we are in right now, with knowledge, we shall enjoy the benefit of keeping ourselves away from such a social and psychological 'defect'- homosexuality.

26. Which brings me to the conclusion of my sharing this time- that I will quote a real story of the past, the story of our prophets.

27. We all know full well that the first three prophets sent down to earth was Prophet Adam, Idris and Noah, may peace be upon them all.

28. Since the time of prophet Adam until Prophet Idris AS, there was no such thing called shirk which means associating partner with Allah SWT- the greatest form of sin in Islam.

29. However, quite interestingly, the first sin of shirk was committed by the people who lived few generations after the lifetime of Prophet Idris AS. And it has something to do with ignorance!

30. After Prophet Idris passed away, he had among his people, a group of 5 very pious followers.

31. To cut this short, after some time, these 5 pious followers passed away too.

32. So people were very sad, and they wanted to make something to remind them of these pious people.

33. Therefore they created an idol (for each of the followers) that resembled all these 5 pious people, not to worship them, but only as a memory of them- which was not wrong, because no problem arised yet during this time.

34. Until the next generation came, these people started to do something more, such as they made sacrifice for the idols.

35. And then that generation ended too, while a new generation came. Unfortunately, out of ignorance, these new generation of people, without any knowledge of why their parents and grandparents built the idols in the first place, made the idols as an object of worship instead!

35. Hence, history has now been made, that for the first time ever, the sin of shirk took place on earth.

36. And it is for this reason that Prophet Noah (who came after Prophet Idris AS), was the first Messenger given the task to fight against shirk.

37. Two quick points here. First, from this story, it simply opens our eyes of how detrimental ignorance can be to our life and faith.

38. Secondly is that, we have to always make some reflection or muhasabah, that we are now Muslims not because we blindly follow our family or the majority of people we are living with around us.

39. Instead, we are all Muslims, because we chose to become one- out of knowledge, not ignorance.

40. To conclude, let us love 'ilm (knowledge) more and be a very true knowledge-seeker, also a person who have high respect upon the ulama' (the people with great knowledge).

41. Allahuaklam and thanks very much for your visit. You see, as knowledge literally means to know about something, please know that I am not gay ok? It's a true knowledge, really ;-)

Alhamdulillah, time to take some rest ;-)
1. Alhamdulillah, please do not forget your Al-Kahfi recitation today, in case you are reading this on Friday insya Allah.

2. Just few weeks ago, my dakwah page (IH.DE.NA) only had about 200 plus followers, but alhamdulillah I am quite not sure what happened, maybe someone just kindly made a very wonderful promotion that now the page has grown to nearly 750 followers (true at the time of this writing) alhamdulillah!

My page, IH.DE.NA
Jazakallahu khair for those who have been supporting me since day one, and it's not the number, but the prayers of you guys that matter the most to me insya Allah ameen!
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why I Left KDU

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Many people know why I left (or 'forced' to leave) IMU. But why did I leave KDU?

1. To answer that question, you firstly have to understand the accounting program I am currently taking (I'll make it very brief).

2. It is called Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) and is administered by a professional accounting body based in UK called ACCA, which is short for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

3. Those doing a diploma or degree in accounting may have heard of ACCA anyway.

4. So in this program (CAT) I will have to pass 9 papers before I can proceed to the next level- a professional level which is called ACCA, a level that even people with a degree in accounting will pursue (as a qualification) to have a higher recognition as a practicing accountant.

5. So this is my story. It was March (2012) and it was too late to enrol into UiTM (the first intake for the year I suppose was in January)- which was the initial plan after I decided not to do medicine (which was a tough decision of course). 

6. In short, I decided to do CAT. So rather than to wait for June (UiTM's second intake) and do nothing for a couple of months, I went to KDU and managed to finish 3 papers there- one of which I just passed today (June 23rd, 2012) alhamdulillah. 

7. CAT is an external program, hence institutions like KDU, UiTM or whatever colleges and unis out there are just the 'providers of knowledge' (as I would term it) or providers of lectures and lecturers.

8. This is how flexible the program is, apart from being a tough yet the fastest route for those pursuing a profession in business, accounting or management.

9. So that's about it, with 3 papers done, I have 6 more to go, of which despite having an option to finish them by June next year, I am planning to complete everything by end of this year insya Allah.

10. Please make prayers for me and thanks very much in advance for that.

11. Before I end, I want to do 2 things here. Firstly- to acknowledge this: what I have gone through for the past 3 months would not be possible without (by Allah's Will and Grace alhamdulillah) the support of people like Abg Raf and wife, Kak Ana (KDU) plus many supportive friends out there, and also awesome lecturers in new place here in UiTM.

12. As for parents and family, their support and presence are 'supermeaningful' to me that they can't possibly be described by words alone here- hence why I'd rather keep it to myself. Nothing greater than the past 3 months have made me love them even much more- how grateful alhamdulillah I feel towards Allah, for what he had me to face, for the great hikmah and greater goods that I gained from it all- even at this early phase of my 'recovery'.

13. Second, is just a wonderful experience and lesson I would like to share with all of you my dearest readers, which I would relate to what I heard from Ustaz Ismat Nazirin Mat Isa, a wonderful man who tirelessly spends his time to communicate the message of Prophet SAW to us, the Muslim students in IMU.

14. I had to travel from Shah Alam this morning to Damansara Utama for my final subject (computer-based exam) in KDU. So as usual it's a RapidKL Bus (U80) to KL Central and then LRT to Taman Bahagia LRT station and then a RapidKL Bus (T626) again to KDU (I mention this just in case anyone finds it useful for their future travel) ;-)

15. And the route back to Shah Alam was of course the same.

16. To cut it short, after I finished the exam at around 4pm, I made my way back to Shah Alam, and now would like to highlight what happened when I was waiting for U80 at KL Central.

17. It was near a busy road and yes, the day was still hot, so I looked for a nice shelter- which of course was under a tree.

18. And a bird (possibly just had its tea or something) dropped a 'bomb' on my head!

19. And thank God it was near a petrol station so it was not really a big deal (there's always a washroom there).

20. But it really reminded me of a story by Al-Fadhil Ustaz.

21. On how do we respond when such thing happens to us.

22. One who is impatient will most probably 'recite' many nice spells and magical words. In Malay Language, it's called mencarut. For instance.. (seriously? No! I won't give an example here =p)

23. Ok if you insist, allow me to say one.

24. What the heaven!

25. But a truly thankful person will rationally think of an excuse to be patient.

26. For instance, we should thank Allah that He doesn't make a cow fly!

27. Because you see, if the same thing I just had, occurred to you, but it was a cow rather than a bird. Can you imagine? (nice right? =p)

28. In other words, there are always ways to see the good or positive sides of something we hate in life.

29. Al-Fadhil Ustaz also always complements with another example i.e when we accidentally step on, (say), cat's dung?

30. Although we may be angered by that, it is an indisputable fact that our sense of touch (that we feel what we step on) and our sense of smell (that we detect the foul smell) and sense of sight (that we see the dung with our own eyes) and all other senses are still intact.

31. Meaning, we always have many reasons to be thankful, despite whatever tests that befall upon us, and hopefully no matter how serious they are. Alright, the end!

Oh Allah, from You we come and to You we shall return! Wallahuaklam. ;-)
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. We often have many questions in life. Or... about life, rather.

2. Sometimes we question God.

3. "Why did you do this to me?"

4. Or at some other times, "Do you even exist?"

5. A Muslim speaker and debater, a wonderful orator by the name Hamza Andreas Tzortzis says, "Denying  the existence of God is tantamount to denying the existence of oneself!"

6. No scientist or philosophers on earth can possibly deny the principle of causality when it comes to origin of the universe. This principle explains a logic even a small child can understand, that an effect must have come from (or as a result of) a cause.

7. Truth is, something could not have come from nothing! It's radically absurd!

8. Now say, if you have a paper, and are asked to convert it into a plastic piece, can you do that? No you can't!

9. What the above simply suggests is that in many circumstances, something can not even come from some other things, let alone to come from NOTHING!

10. The fact that universe exists, and that we are part of the universe, automatically tells us that there is a cause to this existence, meaning, someone must have created this universe- and He created us too!

11. So first thing first, God does exist. Period. 

12. We have many other questions. Some people deny God due to the sufferings that we have on earth.

13. So we question, "Is God not merciful?"

14. You may have completely missed the point. The mercy of God is that He makes people suffer from bad things that they do.

15. If today a man kills your mother and your mother laughs because it is both funny and ticklish when she dies, you are most probably happy that someone kills your mom!

16. Suffering exists because it is meant to be avoided! In the case where we are not the cause of the suffering, it is meant to make us strong and be patient.

17. The fact that suffering exists does not in any way deny that God is merciful. It is just a matter of putting things at their appropriate places.

18. Let me give you this other example.

19. What if God make heat cold? You will definitely question it!

20. Why? Because without the hot nature of heat or fire, you can't cook your food. And you can't even warm your body, and for that you will die out of extreme low temperature.

21. But what about in the event of buildings caught on fire?

22. Do you now blame God for making fire hot and able to turn to ashes the entire buildings?

23. In other words, God creates laws which are embedded in the nature around us, and also within ourselves. But it is up to us to submit to this law or not (some of which we can't choose not to submit). Attributing our weakness to the ungodly nature of God is so very unfair (excuse my over expression there).

24. The difference is only that He grants us this faculty of intellect that allows us the free will to choose what we want to choose.

25. All other things submit to what God asks them to do.

26. If the sun does not submit, then it will derail from its orbit and cause the whole solar system to perish, through an unimaginable destruction. Life is no longer possible.

27. And what about ourselves?

28. Had our heart refused to submit, and want to take some rest and stop pumping, don't you think we will die?

29. There is a medical condition, in which the bearer has to breathe consciously.

30. Do you notice that while you are reading this, you involuntarily breathe in and out? Do you know that the lungs and friends are working hard for you because they submit to God?

31. By the way, Islam itself literally means to submit or to surrender.

32. Let me continue about the medical condition I talked about a moment ago. 

33. This bearer of the medical condition, he has to be awake and conscious at all time, to VOLUNTARILY breathe in and out, so that he is not running out of oxygen!

34. For that, he may not even want to sleep!

35. Let me ask you now, do you then want to ask God, that you want to control your respiratory system?

36. Or your heart machinery? And all other things including the most tiny yet extremely sophisticated warehouse or factory in your body called a cell? Grab a calculator now. Tell me now, how many cells you have in your body my dear?

37. Then why is then, that when we are receiving this great mercy from God, to only have a control of our free will, we choose not to submit to Him?

38. What makes us so arrogant?

39. If you read the Quran, then you will see how people keep questioning God, looking for excuses not to submit to what He wants us to do.

40. This is despite the fact that God is in need of nothing, but everything is need of Him. Do you think He needs us? Like the King or President of a country that rule the world but still need someone to tailor his clothes, or cook his food?

41. Nay, my dear, we submit to God, because in submission we benefit life. If even the whole creation do not submit, He on the other hand, will not be affected even at a size of an atom.

42. To those who have many questions regarding God, and question on why God asks you to do this and that, you definitely have a problem.

43. You want to see the problem? Go find a mirror and look up straight- that is your problem- YOU!

44. And do you know why are you the problem? Because all this while, all you did was to ask people around you, ask God and put him on blame and question many things outside of you.

45. Why not today you start looking inward, and start asking yourself instead?

46. Did you ever ask or question yourself about anything? Have you ever asked yourself, why are you here on earth? Have you ever asked yourself, who created you?

47. Then maybe through this self-reflection, you will not only find God, but finally find yourself. My friend please, ask questions!

"Do they not reflect within themselves?..............."
(Surah Ar-Rum: Verse 8)
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Israk Mikraj dan Solat

Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. Hidayah bukan milik kita.

2. Yang isteri dia nama Hidayah tu lain ya. Tu pun bukan hang punya sebenarnya. Allah yang ciptakan.

3. Janganlah kita hanya melihat orang bukan Islam sebagai belum atau tak menerima hidayah.

4. Penting juga melihat diri sendiri sebagai hamba yang hina kepada Allah SWT yang mengekalkan hidayah selagi mana kita juga turut berusaha meminta kepada-Nya agar dikekalkan hidayah itu. Maknanya, kita yang sudah Islam juga, bukanlah sudah mempunyai HAK MUTLAK terhadap hidayah.

5. Sebab itulah bila disebut tentang Israk Mikraj, kita sepatutnya faham tentang perintah solat.

6. Begini kaitannya. Salah satu rukun solat ialah membaca Al-Fatihah. Dan di dalam surah pembukaan ini, ayat ke-6 berbentuk satu doa kita kepada Allah SWT agar dikurniakan hidayah.

7. Terjemahan: Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus..

8. Kemudian, Allah menjawab doa kita itu melalui bacaan ayat-ayat Al-Quran yang kita baca selepas membaca Al-Fatihah. Contohnya, surah kedua selepas Surah Al-Fatihah, iaitu Surah Al-Baqarah.

Yakni orang yang beriman kepada perkara ghaib (tersembunyi) dan mendirikan solat
dan membelanjakan dari apa yang kami rezekikan kepada mereka.
9. Ayat di atas adalah yang ke-3 dalam Surah Al-Baqarah- tentang ciri-ciri orang yang bertaqwa dan mendapat hidayah daripada kitabullah, Al-Quranul Karim.

10. Ayat ini amat penting kerana mendahulukan iman kepada perkara ghaib sebelum solat.

11. Maknanya, hendaklah kita perbaik iman kita dan percaya pada perkara ghaib seperti kewujudan Allah SWT serta syurga dan neraka, sebagai contoh.

12. Percaya pada perkara ghaib ini amat penting lebih-lebih lagi dalam zaman pasca-moden sekarang yang banyak mendorong manusia untuk sekadar melihat apa yang zahir pada mata kasar.

13. Seolah-olah semua orang pernah melihat otaknya. Saudara, tak nampak otak sendiri maknanya kita tak ada otak ke?

14. Realiti sekarang, ramai orang bukan Islam yang ibu bapanya berlainan agama (contoh: ayah penganut Kristian, Mak pulak penganut Buddhism), dan dia pula menjadi freethinker.

15. Tak nampak apa fungsi agama- kerana memang agama selain Islam sekadar amalan ritual- anak-anak muda mana yang suka pergi rumah ibadat?

16. Lahirlah kelompok tak percaya Tuhan. Sombong. Yang hari-hari dia tidur siapa yang arahkan jantung untuk mengepam darah dan paru-paru untuk menghembus nafas sedang dia nyenyak tak sedarkan diri?

17. Kalaulah Allah berikan kepada kita semua hak untuk mengawal jasad kita, nescaya tak mampulah kita mengawal semua. 

18. Islam berbeza dengan agama lain. Seperti ayat tadi, dimulai dengan iman pada perkara ghaib, kemudian menunaikan solat dan kemudian tak berhenti di situ.

19. Disuruh dibelanjakan harta pada jalan Allah, membuktikan Islam bukan sekadar agama ritual.

20. Melalui iman, kemudian ritual solat, kita diarah pula melakukan kebajikan. Bukankah Islam agama yang praktikal?

21. Ketiga-tiga ini ada saling kaitan. Dan tak boleh ambil salah satu, tapi wajib melakukan kesemuanya!

22. Kalau sudah hilang yang pertama (iman), nescaya hilanglah yang kedua (solat), maka sebab itulah ditinggalkan yang ketiga (amal kebajikan). Sia-sialah amal kebajikan dan solat tanpa ada iman pada Allah SWT dan para nabi-Nya.

23. Tak hairanlah manusia sekarang cukup ramai yang materialistik yang hanya pentingkan diri dan sayangkan harta.

24. Kesimpulannya, renungilah kecantikan Islam ini. 

25. Bahkan peristiwa Israk Mikraj itu cukup sukar digarap dengan logik akal semata-mata, namun ia memerlukan kepercayaan dan iman, disusuli dengan usaha mendirikan solat (yang disyariatkan ketika Mikraj nabi ke langit) dan semoga dengan itu kita dapat menjadi bangsa berkebajikan yang bukan sahaja berjaya di dunia malah juga di akhirat kelak ameen ameen ameen.

26. Ingatlah. Jahat manapun kita, janganlah tinggalkan solat. Namun, orang yang solat pasti tak berkelakuan jahat insya Allah.

27. Bukanlah orang yang baik (sahaja) yang solat. Tetapi solatlah yang menjadikan seseorang itu baik dan soleh. Oleh itu, janganlah tunggu jadi baik dulu. Solatlah. Nescaya akan jadi orang yang baik kerana solatmu.

Allahuaklam. Wassalamualaikum wbt.

"Sesungguhnya manusia itu dijadikan bertabiat resah gelisah (lagi bakhil kedekut). 

Apabila dia ditimpa kesusahan, dia sangat resah gelisah. Dan apabila dia beroleh kesenangan, dia sangat bakhil kedekut; 

(Surah al-Maarij ayat 19 hingga 23)

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. Bermula 8 Jun lepas sehinggalah 1 Julai nanti, berlangsunglah Perlawanan Bola Sepak Eropah.

2. Bola sepak mempunyai kaitan yang menarik dalam hidup saya.

3. Ayah saya seorang pemain bola sepak (takraw) dan seorang yang sangat aktif bersukan ketika usia mudanya.

4. Dan kata beliau, disebabkan bola sepaklah (alhamdulillah dengan izin Allah SWT) dia boleh menjaga dan mendisiplinkan diri sekaligus dapat mengelakkan daripada aktiviti kurang bermanfaat yang selalu merosakkan anak-anak muda di kampung.

5. Betapa cantiknya hikmah dan manfaat yang diperoleh daripada aktiviti seperti riadah. Sedangkan pepatah pun ada menyebut, bahawa badan yang cergas akan membentuk minda yang cerdas.

6. Bakat ayah saya ini diturunkan kepada abang sulong saya yang menjadi legenda bola sepak sejak di sekolah rendah lagi, mewakili negeri Terengganu. 

7. Di MCKK, beliaulah kapten dan tulang belakang pasukan serta pernah memegang tanggungjawab sebagai kapten negeri Perak. Beliau juga pernah terpilih untuk latihan kelayakan bagi mewakili negara Malaysia.

8. Saya pula lain sedikit. Sejak kecik, berbanding beliau dan ayah, saya mungkin agak 'lembik'.

9. Saya pernah ketika kecil tak boleh berjalan seolah-olah hampir lumpuh- mungkin kerana kurang zat makanan.

10. Tapi Allah SWT dengan limpah kurnia-Nya juga menganugerahkan saya fakulti kelebihan yang lain.

11. Sejak di sekolah rendah, saya lebih selesa dan cenderung ke arah aktiviti dalam bilik darjah, yang berkaitan dengan bidang pidato dan pengucapan awam, serta aktiviti yang melibatkan penggunaan akal dan intelek secara maksimum seperti perbahasan.

12. Pun begitu, saya pernah bersama-sama pasukan bola sepak di sekolah rendah (dan pernah menjaringkan gol hehe) serta pasukan bola sepak MCKK sehinggalah Tingkatan 3 pada tahun 2005.

13. Pencapaian terbesar adalah bersama-sama pasukan menjuarai perlawanan  peringkat negeri Perak ketika di tingkatan 1 (tahun 2003).

14. Cuma saya akhirnya diminta membuat pilihan antara debat dan bola sepak ketika di tingkatan 3, supaya saya boleh memberikan komitmen yang penuh pada salah satu. Saya memilih debat.

15. Demikianlah cerita bola sepak. Sekarang, ayah saya melatih adik 'kembar jauh' saya pula. Saya lebih hensem daripada dia kerana saya tak ada lesung pipit. =p

Sama tak kami? Aiman (kiri) sekarang berusia 12 tahun ;-)
16. Sehingga sekarang, saya percaya betapa besar sumbangan ayah saya dalam membentuk kelelakian dan kekuatan fizikal serta stamina saya.

17. Di sebalik peribadi saya yang suka membaca dan melakukan aktiviti yang mengeluarkan peluh otak, saya masih boleh bermain dan bersukan dan alhamdulillah kaki saya tidak bangku.

18. Alhamdulillah, dan tradisi itu akan diteruskan untuk anak-anak dan cucu-cicit insya Allah.

19. Pun begitu saya secara peribadi tidak berapa minat menonton bola sepak. Saya lebih suka bermain bola sepak atau futsal.

20. Baik, tiba-tiba cerita pasal diri sendiri kan? Saya sebenarnya nak sentuh tentang EURO.

21. Ringkas sahaja. Saya mohon rakan-rakan yang cukup minat bola sepak di luar sana, baik lelaki mahupun perempuan, awasilah masa dan tenaga supaya ia tak mengganggu persediaan kita untuk taat pada Allah SWT dalam soal ibadah seperti solat.

22. Risiko yang terbesar ialah Solat Subuh. Peliharalah ia. Peliharalah.

 23. Dalam pada kita sibuk dan alpa dengan kemeriahan EURO, janganlah lupa tentang kehadiran tetamu yang paling besar tahun ini, bulan Ramadhan.

24. Persediaan itu amat penting. Dan ia bermula sepanjang masa, cuma harus digiatkan lagi, terutamanya kerana kita sudah hampir menutup bulan Rejab, yang selepasnya ialah bulan Sya'aban dan selepas itu Ramadhan.

25. Sudah tak lama lagi.

26. Untuk itu, jom kita banyakkan amalan-amalan yang baik termasuklah berpuasa sunat sebanyak yang mungkin dalam bulan ini, terutamanya pada hari Isnin dan Khamis.

27. Amalkan juga doa berikut (dalam gambar) dan hayati maksudnya.

28. Untuk amalan yang lebih lengkap dengan teks bacaan dalam tulisan Arab, rakan-rakan bolehlah muat turun satu dokumen yang menghimpunkan amalan baik bulan Rejab yang boleh kita amalkan, jika tak semua pun, mungkin sedikit sebanyak.

29. Sila download di sini: Risalah Amalan Bulan Rejab (Ditulis oleh Al-Fadhil Ustaz Muhadir bin Haji Joll)

30. Sebagai penutup, izinkan saya kongsikan sedikit sebanyak tentang Puasa dan Ramadhan, sebagaimana yang disyarahkan daripada Kitab Tazkirah Ramadhan oleh Sheikh Fuad Kamaluddin Al-Maliki di Surau Taman Kemensah pada 19 Ogos 2008.

31. Antaranya, kewajipan berpuasa pada bulan Ramadhan adalah satu perkara yang sudah dimaklumi dan diketahui oleh semua orang, bukan sahaja orang Islam, bahkan orang bukan Islam pun faham dan tahu.

32. Maka siapa yang tidak berpuasa dengan alasan 'tidak tahu' boleh dihukumkan kufur, wana'uzubillahi minzalik.

33. Sheikh menerangkan juga tentang nafsu. Nafsu itu adalah diri kita sendiri maka adalah mustahil untuk kita membuangnya.

34. Nafsu itu penting dan perlu, kerana kata sheikh hafizhohullah, jika tiada nafsu, kita tak akan bernafsu untuk makan (untuk hidup) serta keperluan lain seperti melahirkan anak. Maka ada hikmahnya nafsu itu diciptakan.

35. Cuma, kita perlu mengawalnya, dan disinilah perlunya penggunaan aqal, dan inilah juga yang membezakan kita daripada haiwan dan tumbuh-tumbuhan.

36. Diceritakan (dalam banyak kitab Tasawwuf) bahawa ketika Allah mencipta nafsu, lalu ditanya 'Siapa Aku?' maka nafsu yang degil bertanya balik kepada Allah SWT soalan yang sama yakni 'Siapa Aku?'

37. Dimasukkan dalam pelbagai jenis neraka namun nafsu tetap berdegil dan jika ditanya soalan yang sama, itulah yang disoal balik olehnya.

38. Maka apabila dimasukkan ke dalam neraka lapar, barulah nafsu itu mengaku bahawa Allah SWT itulah Tuhannya.

39. Bermakna, cara terbaik untuk mendidik nafsu kita adalah dengan cara menahan diri atau berlapar.

40. Tak hairanlah Rasulullah SAW yang kita cintai memesan kita anak-anak muda yang tak mampu berkahwin supaya berpuasa.

41. Diceritakan juga bahawa syaitan itu dapat dijauhkan dan dihapuskan dengan istighfar dan zikrullah tetapi tidak nafsu.

42. Kata para 'alim 'ulama, satu nafsu itu bersamaan 70 ekor syaitan! Demikianlah kuatnya godaan dan pengaruh nafsu kita.

43. Barulah saya faham persoalan yang sering bermain di fikiran kita tentang bagaimana iblis dan syaitan dibelenggu pada bulan Ramadhan namun masih ada yang jahat dan ingkar- rupa-rupanya salah satu sebab yang kita harus tahu ialah bahawa nafsu masih berada bersama-sama kita.

44. Maka marilah kita mendidik dan mengawal nafsu kita sebaik mungkin.

45. Kata Imam Al-Ghazali Hujjatul Islam RH, jadikan nafsu itu tunggangan kita, bukan nafsu yang menunggang kita.

46. Sebagai penutup, marilah kita menghayati hakikat bahawa dengan berpuasa dan berlapar, kita akan lebih mensyukuri dan menghargai nikmat kenyang, maka berpuasalah.

47. Dan ketahuilah bahawa yang memberi kenyang itu bukanlah makanan, tetapi Allah Tuhan yang memiliki segala-galanya. Berikut ialah potongan ayat dalam Surah Al-Qurasy.

Maka hendaklah mereka menyembah Tuhan Pemilik Rumah (Ka'abah) ini

Yakni (Tuhan) yang memberi makan (dan kenyang) kepada mereka,
serta mengamankan mereka daripada ketakutan.
Wallahuaklam. Wassalamualaikum wbt.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

UiTM: A Reflection

In a car with my dad and little brother. Were on the way to Shah Alam 
and the sky was so gorgeous subhanallah..
Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. The best thing in life is to cry.

2. I still remember those times during my first day in koleq (Malay College Kuala Kangsar) in 2003 when I cried under the running tap water so that people would not see me crying.

3. That was about half a decade ago. 

4. And that, as far as I can remember, may be the last time when I cried- at least for reasons related to my love for the family.

5. After about 5 years, I finally cried alone in a room in a hotel in Ampang when there was nobody to listen to my cries except Allah.

6. I cried so hard that I think I never did before. 

7. And I cried again in a hall during a talk in UiTM as the speaker put all of us under the mood of reflecting the sacrifice of our mothers- and our fathers too, for that matter.

8. It feels so good when the heart is soft again and able to make me cry.

9. I wonder how much hardened my heart has become for couple of years already- which gave me the worst yet the most valuable phase of my life.

10. I've always believed in the purpose that we have to serve in life.

11. And I somehow forgot that it is the family that deserves our number one attention and love.

12. I regret- a lot.

13. Alhamdulillah, after all that happened. I was not left with nothing.

14. Allah is so great that He also allows me to meet many great people along the way who despite having no biological relationship with me, have done great help alhamdulillah.

15. Thanks to Abg Raf and wife for being with me since day one the meteorite hit me, and all others especially to my foster parents, friends of my dad, and especially to my Sifus in many other fields like Brother Mas Yury (comparative religion) and all other friends, whose names are too many to mention here.

16. It is in the time of difficulties that we need the most helpful, encouraging, understanding and sincerest people around us, and it is during this time that we will find them all.

17. I remember a time when I was on my way back to Terengganu and met a beggar on the street before I reached the bus station at PWTC.

18. Upon request, we went to a food court and had a dinner and you won't believe me how fast he took to eat. I was paying for the food while he was seated and when I went there at the table, he already finished everything on the plate! And of course I didn't line up to pay. It was more or less only 60 seconds!

19. And he apologized. He haven't eaten rice for 3 days already. 

20. It's never about me. Anyone can do exactly the same thing. And I always tell myself not to be fooled by anyone except beggars- if they are really fooling around- because despite many skepticism that we may have for these people, I always save my heart for a belief that there are those people who are really in need of help.

21. When we ate, he told me many things. He is an Indian, and he is homeless. He sleeps near the LRT station and this is the beauty of it.

22. He listened to the call for azan everyday and felt peace from it- by now, he claimed that he is a Muslim (and if I'm not mistaken he is already registered as one).

23. How beautiful is that don't you think?

24. While we may have everything on earth to forget Allah (na'uzubillah), Allah has given a privilege to a person who finds difficulties as a means to be reminded of Him- and in this case, found Islam.

25. This guy told me how he missed his wife and children, how he felt like committing suicide but didn't for fear of Allah, and how difficult it is to live with AIDS and waiting for death to come and invite him to the next life.

26. I hope I was careful enough for I think there's no harm helping people out even though they are suffering from HIV- with important precautions of course.

27. But my point here is simple- are we thankful enough?

"...If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe."
(Surah Ibrahim: 7)
28. I have few tough years ahead to fix back what I have ruined and destroyed.

29. I hope I can finish my studies the soonest by 2014- so that by then I can start give back to my family and people around me- as I am slowly doing it even from now, for there's no need to wait to do good things in life- because such a procrastination is an absolute sign of stupidity. 

30. Next year may be a wonderful year as I hope it is a year when both my elder brother and sister will be getting married and it is me next for the call. My cousin just get married some few days ago. Congrates Abg Emi and Kak Ela! =D

31. It's never about marriage alone- it's about fulfilling a mission and serving others and I am completely not in the mood of thinking about it until the right time comes. Marriage is half the deen- that's about it.

32. The first part of recovery is relatively smooth enough. Now I already 'graduated' from KDU and will be in UiTM for the next few years insya Allah.

33. Maybe this is the place. A destiny Allah SWT wants me to live with. UiTM di hatiku ;-)

34. While people hold 4 degrees or masters, or PHDs at an early age, I have this possibly rare and unique opportunity to have 4 university/college student cards instead- not sure if it's something that I can really be proud of, but still, dare to challenge? =p

35. I'm 22 by now. I feel so old. Most people around me are 18. And that's 4 years younger. Or 1460 days. Or 35 040 hours. That's how much time these people have before they reach my age- something that I can't buy from any store on earth.

36. But life is beautiful. It really is. There's nothing else that matters now.

37. Except the family and my studies.

38. Marriage will come later. There are many other important things that I think I have to do as an adult. As for now, marriage is absolutely the last in the list (I mentioned this because young people in university somewhat see university as a place to find partner rather than a place to consume knowledge- and you are 18 my friends ;-))

39. But it is wonderful that occurrences in life also help me understand women better in so many ways.

40. Only those who can be a good life partner is one that is good to her parents, because that would make her a good person to me, and much much more importantly a good daughter (in-law), to my parents ;-)

Family first.

-Last day in Kota Damansara
June 9th, 2012
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The Colours of Life

The Colours of Life
Picture taken on Syawal 1, 2009

THE BELOVED FAMILY-Hey, do the maths!

Dad: Mohd Hanaffi bin Hassin
Mom: Noorma bte Mamat


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