Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cool program from ISMA!! Let's register and participate! :)

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Assalamualaikum and hye to everyone..

Will miss you and your politics jokes Ust Wan! he3 :)

To those who are new to this blog you can hit the pause button on the right top corner of the screen, and make me shut up. hi3 It is only an introductory remark, so I'm sorry if it ever annoys you. At least, it helps those who miss my voice! ha3

Well, by the way, this time around I just wanna apologize to everyone I know at INTEC, especially beloved lecturers and classmates. You see, I made a lot of mistakes, and I and the imperfect me, can't help from hurting people's hearts sometimes, whether or not you people tell me about it. Please, I'm asking for your sincerest forgiveness, and practically, I never meant to hurt anyone. Sorry again.

As huge as the apology it is, please do also accept my greatest thanks to all of you who have contributed to the colours of my life at INTEC- you guys made it even more colourful-at least it's not only purple, yellow and blue! ha3(UiTM colours). It (the Ausmat life) lasted last night, during the dinner, though I really didn't meet everyone, fine though, so long as we can still keep in touch via facebook, email etc..

Thank you very much again to everyone I know, and I must tell you that if even we never talked or had a chat, it's not because I'm too cocky or because I think that I'm too good and 'high-standard' for you guys to mingle with, but most of the time, if not all, I am a guy who prefers silence as a gesture. It really doesn't mean that I don't like you or what so ever. We are still friends, aren't we? Thanks again for understanding.. (ni syok sendiri ke ape? :P)

Hope to see all of you again in the future! Take care and let's pray for the upcoming SACE results disclosure... :) LOVE you all!! :)

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

That’s why I wanna become a doctor.. :)

Assalamualaikum everyone..

I'm sorry for the long silence it has been. I felt uncomfortable somehow. I know I really must always update this blog, because that is the real passion I have since I started blogging. By the way, exam was over and it's time to leave everything to Allah the Almighty while keep praying for his help. Nevertheless, I'm still stuck inside my room, sweating out to finish a montage for Ausmat dinner next week, another one after countless hours spent for class farewell party's slideshow presentation. Me and my art studio, here I come Grand Dinner! :)

              Sorry everyone, I'm now busy spending time in my so-called art studio-Cemara it is.. :P

Today, I had my lunch at Al-Rafi Bistro with my laptop and suddenly there was one Indian guy; a waiter, came by and greeted me to ask for a favor! He wanted me to help retrieve an MMS sent to a phone from India- her daughter’s photo, he told me. This guy seemed like having absolutely no idea on what to do. At first I thought that his daughter must be studying there for so long, so I could feel how much he would have missed her. And I had no problem to lend a hand, for that matter. The MMS can only be retrieved via internet though, but thank God I was online so I got started. And once the related webpage appeared on the screen, I was taken aback! Ha? It was a photo of a cute little baby girl! This girl… studies in India? Hahaha.. Can’t be.. I bet she can’t even read. Well, anyone can tell that. I am not too smart to be able to tell this little common sense. The question was, so what is this guy doing here while having a little daughter in India whom needs to be taken care of? My goodness, it turned out that my assumption was wrong. He is actually an Indian who has just come here to earn some money for family. No wonder his face was not that familiar compared to other men working there. And when I asked, he said that he’ll only return home after 1 year. My heart was shaken. Perhaps I never felt more grateful until I realized how much other people have to struggle and sacrifice for their loved ones. The incident made me love my family even more, and of course, made me homesick too!! Uwaa~ The thing is, I can’t forget the smile he drew on his face after I helped him out, downloaded the photo, transferred it to my own mobile and then to his, via Bluetooth. Because that’s what he actually wanted-a photo of beloved daughter in his mobile (and he never knew how to)-so that he can always have it with him. A smile from a dad who must be missing his daughter so much, I can see sparkles in his eyes the moment he said “thank you..”  I wonder where can I get that kind of expression again. That’s what I like about helping people and that’s why I am always happy when I can make others happy, because I love those smiles and I love to see people smiling. And that’s why, and it is really the reason why, I wanna become a doctor.. :)

TgL: Everyone my name is Mohd Amirul Asyraf Mohd Hanaffi. My pseudonym is Ibnu Hanaffi. So please call me Asyraf. Peace!! :)


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The Colours of Life

The Colours of Life
Picture taken on Syawal 1, 2009

THE BELOVED FAMILY-Hey, do the maths!

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Mom: Noorma bte Mamat


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