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Feminist Revolution

Assalamualaikum w.b.t


Insya Allah, with His permission, I must now embark on the writing of more heavy and serious articles. There are indeed many other resources you guys can refer to with regard to the subjects posted to my virtual home here. Please therefore proceed to make your own reading and research, so that the understanding can be enhanced substantially. Let's now pray that this article will benefit all of us, the same way it (the subject) has benefited many of whom earlier before us. Ameen~

Subject: The Feminist Revolution

1. "And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): Verily in that are Signs for those who reflect." (Surah Ar-Rum, 30:21)

2. Allah has created men for women and women for men. They are attracted to each other like how night and day are attracted to one another. We ourselves would agree that the most beautiful time within 24 hours a day are during sunset and sunrise, when night and day are embracing each other. So long as this attraction exists, sunset and sunrise will remain as beautiful and captivating as ever. ;-)

3. But why in the modern world today, men dress like women and women dress like men? Why are women provoked to prove their worth by competing with men? Why are men marrying men and women marrying women in homosexuality? What is actually happening in this gender issue and how does it relate to the Signs of The Last Day? How does it relate to the Age of Dajjal, the False Messiah? 

4. In this article, we are going to see how feminist revolution plays its role towards the destruction of society and how it actually paves the way for Dajjal to appear and fulfil his aim to rule the world and deceive all mankind.

5. In Surah Al-Falaq, the 113th chapter, verse 2, we seek Allah's protection and refuge from the mischief of created things. This mischievous and evil being is the Dajjal. And quite interestingly, the satan and devil were not created to be evil, but it was their choice to go against Allah after He created Adam a.s. Dajjal, on the other hand, was purposely created by Allah to be an evil being, and he was programmed by Allah Himself. So Allah knows his strategy and Allah knows how to fight against Him. And he will be fought to death in this world because that is his fate. Only those with an internal eye will not be deceived by Dajjal and safe from his deception.

6. Dajjal is one-eyed and he sees things only externally. His biggest mission is to impersonate Isa a.s, Allah's Messenger whom will come and fight Dajjal. Those who follow Dajjal are those who only see with external eyes. Only by having faith in Allah, and see the world with the internal eye, ones can escape from the fitnah of Dajjal. Because in the Age of Dajjal, reality and appearance will change place. The reality will not look as real, but the appearance will be regarded as reality. 

7. Dajjal will come with a river and fire. The river is actually the path to Hell and the fire is the path to the Paradise. That is how reality and appearance change place. And only those with an internal eyes  (see from the heart) will be able to sense the Dajjal's deceiving method and therefore choose the right way while to the deceived, fire is fire.

8. Back then in history,  Jews believed that their holy Nation will be sent a Prophet from amongst themselves. They believed that this man sent to them must rule the world from Jerusalem as a proof that he is their Prophet. But when Allah sent down Jesus (Isa a.s), they rejected him as their Prophet because they accused Jesus was a bastard (born without father). In the end, they killed and crucified Jesus, though in reality, which was only explained 600 years later through the revelation of Al-Quran to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, Jesus was not killed but replaced with someone else and he was ascended by Allah and they did not crucify him. Instead, Jesus will come down to fight Dajjal when the time comes. However, because Jesus to them was dead and did not rule the world from Jerusalem, they were convinced that Jesus was not their Prophet.

9. Now here is how the story above related to the Dajjal's mission. Dajjal now is on his way to rule the world from Jerusalem. This explains why the (Zionist) Jews have been fighting for Jerusalem up until now. They are preparing for Dajjal! When Dajjal rules the world from Jerusalem, then people will believe that this is the Prophet that they have been waiting for all this while. (Note the sentence in red bold above).

Dear brothers and sisters, 

10. As a matter of fact, Dajjal is in his final part of the mission. It is not going to be long before the above truly happens. Are we ready? Here are 4 things (in sequence) that have to occur before the Dajjal announces that he is the Messiah and rules the world from Jerusalem. Though in fact he is actually the false Messiah, the impersonator and the Anti-Christ!

First, the Holy Land must be liberated. And this has already occurred.
Second, Jews must be brought back to Jerusalem and claim that it is their land. This, also happened. (Before, Jews were scattered around the world)
Third, they must reestablish and restore the state of Israel and claim that it is the Holy Israel of David and Solomon. This, also had now taken place.
The fourth, is when Israel takes over from America as the ruling state of the world. This, is very near to be fulfilled. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality.

11. I do not want to make this very long so I will skip on the explanation of how has Israel played huge role in all policies and actions taken by America. You may make your own research and realize about their enormous and significant influence in politics, economics and social aspects of America, which prepares them to replace America as the ruling state of the world.

12. Age of Dajjal is Age of Riba' (Usury). The predominant practice of riba' has caused nothing but poverty and destitution. Lending money on interest makes the rich richer and permanently rich, while the poors become poorer and permanently poor. It is a blatant form of injustice and oppression.

13. So now, men can not go to work alone. The money that he earns will not be sufficient. So, women must also go to work to support the family due to the economic instability in the Age of Riba'. Some women have to go to work because their husbands are not responsible and left them with no choice but to work. Not only that, women are encouraged to go out for work and compete with men to prove their worth and claim that it is their freedom and human rights. Along the way, women start embarking on a new mission under the name feminist revolution. They have to prove that in Islam, they are treated equally, so they must be allowed to become Imam in solat (prayers) and also call for prayers i.e azan (Bilal) and many other things that previously were only common and allowed for men. They must also go to work and compete with men. This is already now taking place.

14. Slowly, women breach their limits and losing their ultimate function in family, marriage and society. Being a mother or a housewife are considered embarassing and low in status. So, women start to participate in rat race and be as aggressive as men. They also need someone else to take care of the children and worse, they start thinking of not having too many children, and resort to abortion when they feel like doing so. Women, as now are competing with men, must dress like men and do all the things that men do. It is a revolution! And ultimately, women are now losing their characteristics slowly and night is on its way to become day.

15. In early verses of Surah Al-Lail, the 92th chapter, Allah compares the relationship of men and women with the relationship of night and day. They complement each other, and they are functionally different! But in feminist revolution, there is no such a thing. Night can be day and the other way around.

16. Although there are some positive dimensions in the feminist revolution i.e securing women's education, it is however (as a whole), destructive. Dajjal and the followers are not stupid. They mix the good and the evil, to make way for the evil motives.

17. Divorce is now common in everywhere around the world including Malaysia. This is because men and women do not find satisfaction from each other, and they compete with each other instead. Men do not fulfil his role as men and the same goes for women. Women are convinced to be independent of men and again compete with them. Consequently, divorce has an increasing trend and from time to time, marriage institution loses its trust among people until there is a time when people do not believe in marriage anymore. What happens next? More babies are born outside marriage and as a matter of fact, even now baby dumping and abortion are among the leading social problems.

18. When men become women and women become men, they start to lose attraction to one another. Marriage institution is destroyed and the whole society is on the verge of destruction. And when men lose their attraction towards women and women lose attraction towards men, men now find satisfaction among men themselves and so is the case for women. This finally leads to homosexuality i.e gay and lesbian.

19. What happens to our society? Last Tuesday, 21th of December, I was both tremendously shocked and fueled with anger when I read a news about Gay movement in Malaysia. The news reported that a Malay Muslim guy sparked anger amongst many local Muslims as he posted a video on YouTube claiming that he is gay and he is okay for that. The movement it called LGBT, short for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual. They claimed that it is a human right and these people should be given chance to be whom they are as the right belongs to the owner of the body.

20. I fear Allah's wrath for this. Nauzubillah. Sometimes I wept. Quoting history, there was no nation punished by Allah in a way worse than that given to the people of Prophet Luth a.s whom were the homosexuals despite the warnings from Prophet Luth himself. Allah raised them up to the sky and smacked them onto the earth until all of the people were vanished from the earth! Masya Allah, He already gave a lot of warnings and He already punished people in the past, why is it so difficult to take lessons?

21. These people (LGBT) organise a program called Seksualiti Merdeka and they even have a blog that allows anyone to post their videos about themselves, so that they confidently and proudly admit about their perverted sexual orientation in the video. Is it not known that this is another obvious sign of the coming Judgement Day?

22. Brothers and sisters, reflect now and pray to Him, seeking protection and we have to fight against those whom challenge Allah by at least keeping ourself strong and steadfast with the truth!

23. With the existence of feminist revolution, situation can't get any better. People now care not about the norm of life that men and women are different. Under the name of human right and individual's independence, they want to change everything even to the extent of going against the divine guidelines by Allah. They want to challenge the Creator and how dare them for doing so. Unfortunately, homosexuality is after all only the tip of the iceberg. The world is getting far more astrayed than what we can ever imagine.

24. Rasulullah s.a.w also prophesized that The Last Hour will not come until women give birth to her own mistress/master. Again in the Age of Riba', there is a huge gap between the poor and the rich. And women in the rich or upper social strata, they struggle hard to amass wealth, and they compete with men. As a consequence, women in France and Singapore for instance, which both have strong grassroot of feminist revolution, now face the problem of infertility. Yes, these women can't produce eggs and they are infertile. God knows what are the reasons and we believe that it is a punishment from Allah for going against the fitrah He has created.

25. The problem is that if they want children, they need somebody to grow their babies in the uterus. How? Surrogacy of course! And these surrogate mother are the poors and they are all that are left as fertile. Moreover, they need money to survive. They are the slave women living on slavery. So they give their body to be pregnant, and when the child is born, they are paid very little money and the children are not theirs, they become their master or mistress instead! Because the babies belong to rich family and they only intend to borrow a place to grow in the women's uterus. And truly, women now have given birth to her own master/mistress.

26. Dear brothers and sisters, let me now end in this article with this question. What do we have to do in response to feminist revolution? Are we not aware of the danger we are facing right now? If we are, please do consider the following actions.

27. First, is to correct our perception and mentality. Women are never degraded as inferior than men. Of course Allah gives some advantage to men, but that is because men are entitled to protect and mantain women (Surah An-Nisa', 4:34). But in the eyes of Allah, it is not because you are male or because you are female, but if you fear Allah the most and you are the most pious, so you are regarded with higher value  (most honored) by Him. It has nothing to do with your gender in the first place. Please refer to Surah Al-Hujurat, 49: 13.

28.  Second, it is wrong to say that women can never go to work. Islam does not forbid it. But we must put first thing first. Women's most important job is to be a good mother and therefore a good wife. If by going to work, women do not sacrifice the first two most important roles as a mother and a wife, then go ahead. In fact, it may be an advantage to the family. However, remember that it is not so that women can compete with men and end up living in an adversarial relationship. This is against Islamic teachings. The permission from a husband is also important. Why? Because women, the money that they earn, it belongs to them and no one even the husband has any right over it. But for men, the money that they earn belongs to him, his wife and the whole family because that is his role as a breadwinner of the family. That's why the responsibility as a man and a husband is so huge that a woman must therefore be loyal to him.

29. Rasulullah mentioned mother three times when the companions asked Him on whom to be honored in our life. Only the fourth is then the father. Islam never degrades women but teaches us to put the right thing at the right place. Night should be night and day should be day. Never, ever dare to cross the line and let us live under the guidance of Him and the Divine Book, Al-Quranul Kareem.

Thank you for your time reading. May Allah bless us. Wallahua'lam.

P/S: This article is inspired from a lecture by Sheikh Imran Hosein entitled The Feminist Revolution.


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