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Feminist Revolution

Assalamualaikum w.b.t


Insya Allah, with His permission, I must now embark on the writing of more heavy and serious articles. There are indeed many other resources you guys can refer to with regard to the subjects posted to my virtual home here. Please therefore proceed to make your own reading and research, so that the understanding can be enhanced substantially. Let's now pray that this article will benefit all of us, the same way it (the subject) has benefited many of whom earlier before us. Ameen~

Subject: The Feminist Revolution

1. "And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): Verily in that are Signs for those who reflect." (Surah Ar-Rum, 30:21)

2. Allah has created men for women and women for men. They are attracted to each other like how night and day are attracted to one another. We ourselves would agree that the most beautiful time within 24 hours a day are during sunset and sunrise, when night and day are embracing each other. So long as this attraction exists, sunset and sunrise will remain as beautiful and captivating as ever. ;-)

3. But why in the modern world today, men dress like women and women dress like men? Why are women provoked to prove their worth by competing with men? Why are men marrying men and women marrying women in homosexuality? What is actually happening in this gender issue and how does it relate to the Signs of The Last Day? How does it relate to the Age of Dajjal, the False Messiah? 

4. In this article, we are going to see how feminist revolution plays its role towards the destruction of society and how it actually paves the way for Dajjal to appear and fulfil his aim to rule the world and deceive all mankind.

5. In Surah Al-Falaq, the 113th chapter, verse 2, we seek Allah's protection and refuge from the mischief of created things. This mischievous and evil being is the Dajjal. And quite interestingly, the satan and devil were not created to be evil, but it was their choice to go against Allah after He created Adam a.s. Dajjal, on the other hand, was purposely created by Allah to be an evil being, and he was programmed by Allah Himself. So Allah knows his strategy and Allah knows how to fight against Him. And he will be fought to death in this world because that is his fate. Only those with an internal eye will not be deceived by Dajjal and safe from his deception.

6. Dajjal is one-eyed and he sees things only externally. His biggest mission is to impersonate Isa a.s, Allah's Messenger whom will come and fight Dajjal. Those who follow Dajjal are those who only see with external eyes. Only by having faith in Allah, and see the world with the internal eye, ones can escape from the fitnah of Dajjal. Because in the Age of Dajjal, reality and appearance will change place. The reality will not look as real, but the appearance will be regarded as reality. 

7. Dajjal will come with a river and fire. The river is actually the path to Hell and the fire is the path to the Paradise. That is how reality and appearance change place. And only those with an internal eyes  (see from the heart) will be able to sense the Dajjal's deceiving method and therefore choose the right way while to the deceived, fire is fire.

8. Back then in history,  Jews believed that their holy Nation will be sent a Prophet from amongst themselves. They believed that this man sent to them must rule the world from Jerusalem as a proof that he is their Prophet. But when Allah sent down Jesus (Isa a.s), they rejected him as their Prophet because they accused Jesus was a bastard (born without father). In the end, they killed and crucified Jesus, though in reality, which was only explained 600 years later through the revelation of Al-Quran to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, Jesus was not killed but replaced with someone else and he was ascended by Allah and they did not crucify him. Instead, Jesus will come down to fight Dajjal when the time comes. However, because Jesus to them was dead and did not rule the world from Jerusalem, they were convinced that Jesus was not their Prophet.

9. Now here is how the story above related to the Dajjal's mission. Dajjal now is on his way to rule the world from Jerusalem. This explains why the (Zionist) Jews have been fighting for Jerusalem up until now. They are preparing for Dajjal! When Dajjal rules the world from Jerusalem, then people will believe that this is the Prophet that they have been waiting for all this while. (Note the sentence in red bold above).

Dear brothers and sisters, 

10. As a matter of fact, Dajjal is in his final part of the mission. It is not going to be long before the above truly happens. Are we ready? Here are 4 things (in sequence) that have to occur before the Dajjal announces that he is the Messiah and rules the world from Jerusalem. Though in fact he is actually the false Messiah, the impersonator and the Anti-Christ!

First, the Holy Land must be liberated. And this has already occurred.
Second, Jews must be brought back to Jerusalem and claim that it is their land. This, also happened. (Before, Jews were scattered around the world)
Third, they must reestablish and restore the state of Israel and claim that it is the Holy Israel of David and Solomon. This, also had now taken place.
The fourth, is when Israel takes over from America as the ruling state of the world. This, is very near to be fulfilled. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality.

11. I do not want to make this very long so I will skip on the explanation of how has Israel played huge role in all policies and actions taken by America. You may make your own research and realize about their enormous and significant influence in politics, economics and social aspects of America, which prepares them to replace America as the ruling state of the world.

12. Age of Dajjal is Age of Riba' (Usury). The predominant practice of riba' has caused nothing but poverty and destitution. Lending money on interest makes the rich richer and permanently rich, while the poors become poorer and permanently poor. It is a blatant form of injustice and oppression.

13. So now, men can not go to work alone. The money that he earns will not be sufficient. So, women must also go to work to support the family due to the economic instability in the Age of Riba'. Some women have to go to work because their husbands are not responsible and left them with no choice but to work. Not only that, women are encouraged to go out for work and compete with men to prove their worth and claim that it is their freedom and human rights. Along the way, women start embarking on a new mission under the name feminist revolution. They have to prove that in Islam, they are treated equally, so they must be allowed to become Imam in solat (prayers) and also call for prayers i.e azan (Bilal) and many other things that previously were only common and allowed for men. They must also go to work and compete with men. This is already now taking place.

14. Slowly, women breach their limits and losing their ultimate function in family, marriage and society. Being a mother or a housewife are considered embarassing and low in status. So, women start to participate in rat race and be as aggressive as men. They also need someone else to take care of the children and worse, they start thinking of not having too many children, and resort to abortion when they feel like doing so. Women, as now are competing with men, must dress like men and do all the things that men do. It is a revolution! And ultimately, women are now losing their characteristics slowly and night is on its way to become day.

15. In early verses of Surah Al-Lail, the 92th chapter, Allah compares the relationship of men and women with the relationship of night and day. They complement each other, and they are functionally different! But in feminist revolution, there is no such a thing. Night can be day and the other way around.

16. Although there are some positive dimensions in the feminist revolution i.e securing women's education, it is however (as a whole), destructive. Dajjal and the followers are not stupid. They mix the good and the evil, to make way for the evil motives.

17. Divorce is now common in everywhere around the world including Malaysia. This is because men and women do not find satisfaction from each other, and they compete with each other instead. Men do not fulfil his role as men and the same goes for women. Women are convinced to be independent of men and again compete with them. Consequently, divorce has an increasing trend and from time to time, marriage institution loses its trust among people until there is a time when people do not believe in marriage anymore. What happens next? More babies are born outside marriage and as a matter of fact, even now baby dumping and abortion are among the leading social problems.

18. When men become women and women become men, they start to lose attraction to one another. Marriage institution is destroyed and the whole society is on the verge of destruction. And when men lose their attraction towards women and women lose attraction towards men, men now find satisfaction among men themselves and so is the case for women. This finally leads to homosexuality i.e gay and lesbian.

19. What happens to our society? Last Tuesday, 21th of December, I was both tremendously shocked and fueled with anger when I read a news about Gay movement in Malaysia. The news reported that a Malay Muslim guy sparked anger amongst many local Muslims as he posted a video on YouTube claiming that he is gay and he is okay for that. The movement it called LGBT, short for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual. They claimed that it is a human right and these people should be given chance to be whom they are as the right belongs to the owner of the body.

20. I fear Allah's wrath for this. Nauzubillah. Sometimes I wept. Quoting history, there was no nation punished by Allah in a way worse than that given to the people of Prophet Luth a.s whom were the homosexuals despite the warnings from Prophet Luth himself. Allah raised them up to the sky and smacked them onto the earth until all of the people were vanished from the earth! Masya Allah, He already gave a lot of warnings and He already punished people in the past, why is it so difficult to take lessons?

21. These people (LGBT) organise a program called Seksualiti Merdeka and they even have a blog that allows anyone to post their videos about themselves, so that they confidently and proudly admit about their perverted sexual orientation in the video. Is it not known that this is another obvious sign of the coming Judgement Day?

22. Brothers and sisters, reflect now and pray to Him, seeking protection and we have to fight against those whom challenge Allah by at least keeping ourself strong and steadfast with the truth!

23. With the existence of feminist revolution, situation can't get any better. People now care not about the norm of life that men and women are different. Under the name of human right and individual's independence, they want to change everything even to the extent of going against the divine guidelines by Allah. They want to challenge the Creator and how dare them for doing so. Unfortunately, homosexuality is after all only the tip of the iceberg. The world is getting far more astrayed than what we can ever imagine.

24. Rasulullah s.a.w also prophesized that The Last Hour will not come until women give birth to her own mistress/master. Again in the Age of Riba', there is a huge gap between the poor and the rich. And women in the rich or upper social strata, they struggle hard to amass wealth, and they compete with men. As a consequence, women in France and Singapore for instance, which both have strong grassroot of feminist revolution, now face the problem of infertility. Yes, these women can't produce eggs and they are infertile. God knows what are the reasons and we believe that it is a punishment from Allah for going against the fitrah He has created.

25. The problem is that if they want children, they need somebody to grow their babies in the uterus. How? Surrogacy of course! And these surrogate mother are the poors and they are all that are left as fertile. Moreover, they need money to survive. They are the slave women living on slavery. So they give their body to be pregnant, and when the child is born, they are paid very little money and the children are not theirs, they become their master or mistress instead! Because the babies belong to rich family and they only intend to borrow a place to grow in the women's uterus. And truly, women now have given birth to her own master/mistress.

26. Dear brothers and sisters, let me now end in this article with this question. What do we have to do in response to feminist revolution? Are we not aware of the danger we are facing right now? If we are, please do consider the following actions.

27. First, is to correct our perception and mentality. Women are never degraded as inferior than men. Of course Allah gives some advantage to men, but that is because men are entitled to protect and mantain women (Surah An-Nisa', 4:34). But in the eyes of Allah, it is not because you are male or because you are female, but if you fear Allah the most and you are the most pious, so you are regarded with higher value  (most honored) by Him. It has nothing to do with your gender in the first place. Please refer to Surah Al-Hujurat, 49: 13.

28.  Second, it is wrong to say that women can never go to work. Islam does not forbid it. But we must put first thing first. Women's most important job is to be a good mother and therefore a good wife. If by going to work, women do not sacrifice the first two most important roles as a mother and a wife, then go ahead. In fact, it may be an advantage to the family. However, remember that it is not so that women can compete with men and end up living in an adversarial relationship. This is against Islamic teachings. The permission from a husband is also important. Why? Because women, the money that they earn, it belongs to them and no one even the husband has any right over it. But for men, the money that they earn belongs to him, his wife and the whole family because that is his role as a breadwinner of the family. That's why the responsibility as a man and a husband is so huge that a woman must therefore be loyal to him.

29. Rasulullah mentioned mother three times when the companions asked Him on whom to be honored in our life. Only the fourth is then the father. Islam never degrades women but teaches us to put the right thing at the right place. Night should be night and day should be day. Never, ever dare to cross the line and let us live under the guidance of Him and the Divine Book, Al-Quranul Kareem.

Thank you for your time reading. May Allah bless us. Wallahua'lam.

P/S: This article is inspired from a lecture by Sheikh Imran Hosein entitled The Feminist Revolution.
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Mahal ke Murah?

Bukan permata tetapi akhlak yang mencantikkan anda - ILuvIslam
 Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Marilah kita sama-sama berdoa kepada Allah sebagaimana doa para malaikat ketika mengakui bahawa Allah sahaja yang memiliki segala ilmu termasuklah ilmu yang kita miliki sekarang, kerana ilmu itu TIADA melainkan setelah Allah ajarkan kepada kita.

Surah Al-Baqarah (2:32): "Maha Suci Engkau, tidak ada yang kami ketahui selain apa yang telah Engkau ajarkan kepada kami. Sungguh, Engkau Maha Mengetahui, Maha Bijaksana."

Rakan-rakan sekalian, 

Kali ini izinkan saya mengolah sedikit sebanyak perkara yang didasari oleh pendapat akal sendiri yang diinspirasikan daripada konsep keadilan dalam Islam (meletakkan sesuatu di tempat yang selayaknya). Prinsip sebegini pada saya menganjurkan peletakan perspektif yang betul pada satu-satu perkara tanpa meletakkan padanya kerigidan yang melampau- seolah-olah ia sahaja yang betul (semua yang lain salah)- sebab itu namanya pendapat.

Ayuh kita mulakan. Tajuknya ialah murah dan mahal. Tapi saya bukan ingin berniaga. Ini bukan MLM =p

Mas Kahwin

Persoalan pertama ialah mas kahwin. (Seronok bercakap bab kahwin sebab saya belum berkahwin) hehe. Di Facebook, terdapat 1 artikel yang membuat perhitungan (kira-kira) bahawa minimum mas kahwin di Malaysia sekarang ialah RM 36 050. Yer, Ringgit Malaysia, bukan Rupiah yer? Persoalannya ialah, gadis kita sekarang mahal?

Makanya, masuklah bab kuantiti dan kualiti. Kualiti seorang wanita yang dikahwini bukan dinilai dari berapa mahal dia (mas kahwin) sedangkan yang tidak membebankan bakal suami itulah yang terbaik. Ini belum bercakap dari segi agama, paras rupa dan keturunan, kesemuanya termasuk dalam satu pakej yang mesti diambil kira- tetapi bukan fokus perbincangan kali ini.

Begini perspektifnya. Dalam Islam, setiap yang disyariatkan dan dianjurkan, sebenarnya adalah berdasarkan maqasid atau matlamat akhir yang ingin dicapai. Sebab itu bab hukum menghukum perlu diteliti dengan cukup baik, kerana kita bimbang sama ada terlanjur menghalalkan yang haram, atau mengharamkan yang halal- akhirnya objektif tidak tercapai. Maksudnya begini. Arak contohnya, haram diminum. Ia merosakkan akal. Tetapi jika tidak meminumnya boleh mendatangkan mudarat seperti kehilangan nyawa (sebagai contoh), maka ia menjadi halal, hanya untuk tujuan memelihara nyawa. Perkara ini berdasarkan tertib seperti berikut, Agama (Deen), jiwa, akal, keturunan dan harta. Bermakna, Agama (Deen) perlu didahulukan berbanding jiwa, sebagaimana perlu didahulukan jiwa (nyawa) berbanding akal, dan begitu jugalah seterusnya. 

Sebab itu dalam situasi di atas (arak), kita memelihara nyawa sedangkan mungkin ada sedikit mudarat pada akal. Ini konsep keutamaan- maka inilah konsep keadilan dalam Islam.

Berbalik kepada hal maqasid (matlamat) melakukan sesuatu. Satu analogi yang cukup baik ialah menanam pokok durian. Matlamatnya bukan menanam, tetapi mendapatkan buah. Dalam Islam, kita bukan sahaja diminta menanam pokok, tetapi meraih hasilnya (buah durian), iaitu sebagai gambaran bahawa setiap tindakan mesti didasarkan kepada apa yang ingin dicapai. Solat misalnya, antara lain adalah supaya kita tidak melakukan perkara mungkar (sebagai tanda pengabdian dan taqwa), maka jika terus melakukan maksiat, maka haruslah diperbaiki solat itu. Sama juga, selagi mana tidak berbuah pokok durian, harus diperbaik teknik penanaman dan penjagaan ;-)

Alamak, tiba-tiba mas kahwin jadi buah durian? hehe Maaflah, perlu diterangkan terlebih dahulu konsep di atas, barulah mudah difahami perbincangan berikutnya (di bawah).

Baik, kita kembali berkahwin. Eh, maksud saya, kembali kepada bab mahalnya mas kahwin gadis Malaysia.

Pada saya, baiknya mas kahwin yang tinggi adalah supaya golongan Adam membuktikan keseriusan dalam mendirikan rumah tangga. Kalau tidak, bayangkan hanya RM 0.20 sebagai mas kahwin, selepas malam pertama, besoknya jatuh talak satu kerana sudah dapat maqasidnya (malam pertama) =p. Ini namanya ambil kesempatan. Sebab itu pentingnya memahami situasi masyarakat. Dengan kata lain, saya bersetuju dengan mas kahwin yang tinggi sebagai salah satu mekanisme untuk elakkan situasi yang dimaksudkan- jika memang golongan Adam dalam komuniti itu tegar bersikap sedemikian.

Cuma, mari kita kembali kepada cantiknya Islam. Kenapa Islam meletakkan Agama (Deen) sebagai kriteria nombor satu dalam hal ini? Sebab tidak kiralah berapa nilai mas kahwin, pemahaman dan penghayatan Agama (Deen) akan memastikan ikatan perkahwinan itu berterusan, maka maqasid (matlamat) seperti mendapat keredhaan Allah, menghidupkan sunnah, kesinambungan zuriat dan sebagainya akan tercapai- kerana itulah yang dicari oleh yang beragama apabila mereka ingin berkahwin.

Maka di mana mahal atau murahnya?

Seorang wanita yang meletakkan duit sebagai matlamat perkahwinan adalah seorang yang murah kerana pada saya gadis sebegini boleh dibeli (dengan wang ringgit)-walau setinggi mana pun nilai mas kahwinnya. Manakala, seorang yang niat perkahwinannya berlandaskan Islam, maka dialah yang paling mahal walaupun hanya dengan mas kahwin RM200 kerana dia tidak dibeli. Dia berkahwin bukan kerana duit, tetapi kerana fitrah dan Agama (Deen)nya. Dia berkahwin kerana Allah, maka dia bukan sahaja tidak dibeli, dia bukan jua mahal, malah dia tidak ternilai harganya- kerana dia dimiliki bukan melalui pembayaran wang. ;-)

Soalan saya untuk gadis-gadis, mahu jadi mahal ke murah? Yang lelaki, nak cari yang mahal ke yang murah? Tak ada duit? hehe baca balik. Yang mahal (duit dan mas kahwin) itu yang boleh jadi murah (rendah moral dan keikhlasannya).
Senyumlah jika mahu orang lain senyum kepadamu - ILuvIslam

Sekarang, saya nak sentuh bab menutup aurat. Pertama sekali, kalau pergi mana-mana rujukan yang baik pun, akan dibangkitkan perkara yang sama bahawa aurat BUKAN hanya untuk wanita tetapi juga lelaki, walaupun sudah tentulah berbeza antara keduanya. Aurat lelaki ialah antara pusat hingga lutut, maka sesiapa yang rasa dia lelaki, faham-fahamlah.

Wanita lebih dilindungi, kerana seluruh anggota badannya (termasuk suaranya) ialah aurat kecuali tapak tangan dan mukanya. Noktah.

Sekarang, kaitannya dengan murah atau mahal. Sila fahami betul-betul yer? Ini pandangan saya. Kita yakin kita mesti menutup aurat sebab ia arahan Allah, pencipta kita yang nyawa kita di dalam tangan-Nya. Cukup jelas. Cuma sekarang bagaimana pula kalau kita cuba lihat dari sudut mahal dan murah, yang insya Allah sebenarnya tidak lain hanyalah pemikiran logik atau common sense yang sesiapa pun boleh faham.

Wanita. Kaum ini diminta memakai 'perlindungan' mereka iaitulah pakaian yang sopan dan bermaruah. Mereka juga mesti menjaga tingkah laku dan bicara, supaya tidak difitnah atau mendatangkan fitnah kepada orang sekitar.

Tetapi cantiknya Islam agama fitrah, segala yang 'haram' pada wanita kepada lelaki bukan muhrim menjadi 'halal' melalui ikatan perkahwinan. Begitu juga sebaliknya. Soalannya sekarang sungguh mudah, siapa isteri dan siapa suami kita? Orang awam? Kalau bukan, kenapa dedah sini dan sana? Ok, jangan dedah, tunjuk bentuk dan potongan sudah cukup. Kelakar. Lihat bagaimana kita cuba mengelak daripada mengikut syariat?  Asalkan tutup? Sia-sialah usaha itu seperti keluar daripada mulut buaya masuk ke mulut harimau. Sedangkan pakaian ketat adalah tanda-tanda akhir zaman sebagaimana digambarkan seperti seorang yang berpakaian tetapi bertelanjang.

Inilah yang saya mahu kaitkan dengan konsep mahal dan murah. Wanita ialah seindah-indah perhiasan, tatkala seluruh bumi ini ialah perhiasan. Tetapi perhiasan yang paling indah ini juga ada yang mahal, ada yang murah. Yang murah, sebab ia mudah didapati. Di pasar lambak, di tepi-tepi jalan, di sana-sini termasuk di universiti. Medium jual-belinya hanyalah mata dan penglihatan. Maknanya, asalkan ada mata, dapatlah dihidangkan dengan 'persembahan percuma.' Tak perlu minta izin. Murah, tidak begitu? Di gedung penghabisan stok pun masih ada bayaran! Ini bukan murah. Ini percuma! Masya Allah, di manakah maruahmu wahai saudariku yang dikasihi?

Ok.Saya sambung. Seorang wanita yang mahal pula melindungi dirinya dengan cukup baik. Sejuk mata memandang. Cantiknya syariat. Besar dan signifikannya maqasid. Permata ini dijaga cukup baik kerana ia MAHAL. You nak, You masuklah meminang (dan kahwin)! contohnya, hehe ;-)

Tapi... Tunggu!! Soalan: Mana betul konsep macam tu. Kita ambil contoh pakaian. Kalau pakaian yang mahal, kita mesti nak tunjuk kat orang. Pakaian yang cikai dan murah, kita malu nak tunjuk. Begitu juga dengan barang perhiasan lain. Jadi, konsep yang betul ialah, kalau wanita itu mahal, janganlah malu nak memperagakan diri (aurat)! Sebaliknya yang biasanya tutup telengkup ni sebab dia tak cantik. Sebab tu dia tutup (aurat), sebab malu dan murah.
Fikir balik, memang logik pertikaian di atas. Yang murah lah yang biasa kita sorok tak begitu? Logik.. logik..

Tapi jawapannya mudah! Manusia dan perkara kebendaan dua perkara yang tak boleh disamakan. Eh,  tapi kena ada buktinya betul tak? Sebab manusia ada akal? Betul. Sebab manusia boleh berfikir? Betul. Tapi untuk memahami dengan lebih mendalam kenapa kita perlu bezakan cara kita melihat konsep 'mahal dan murah' antara manusia dan material, perlulah saya terangkan berdasarkan situasi berikut.

Bayangkan Ahmad ada seorang isteri dan sebuah kereta Mercedes. Dia berkawan dengan Mamat yang juga ada isteri dan sebuah kereta Toyota Camry. Suatu hari, mereka bosan dengan kereta masing-masing. Maka, tidak menjadi masalah. Mamat pinjam Mercedes Ahmad, Ahmad pinjam Camry Mamat. Selesai masalah, hilang kebosanan.

Soalannya. Kalau mereka bosan dengan isteri? Boleh main tukar-tukar tak? Apa lu pikir ni main pondok-pondok ek? Fahamkan maksudnya? Ringkasnya, manusia ada maruah. Maruah itu harus dijaga. Tidak bermaruah jika berkongsi isteri dan bertukar pasangan, maka adakah anda selaku suami mahu isteri anda disentuh orang lain, atau anda sebagai isteri mahu biarkan suami anda bersekedudukan dengan isteri orang? Tidak mahu bukan? Maka, terbatallah hujah bahawa material dan manusia perlu disamakan. Tidak, tidak sama sekali. Dengan kata lain, jika kita bermaruah, kita lebih mahal jika menyembunyikan (menutup aurat) sesuatu yang hanya layak untuk yang selayaknya sahaja.

Demikianlah pada saya gambaran sebenar jika kita ingin melihat konsep mahal dan murah dengan akal yang celik dan mata hati yang bersih suci. Marilah sama-sama kita memohon daripada-Nya agar jika kita sudah berada di landasan yang betul, kita bersyukur, kita jadikannya satu kepatuhan kepada syariat dan bukan sekadar rutin atau adat, dan dalam masa yang sama kita terus pelajari ilmu dan kuatkan iman agar kita kekal di jalan itu. Sama-samalah juga kita berdoa agar kita diberi ilham untuk membantu rakan-rakan yang mungkin tergelincir dan memerlukan tangan kita tatkala mereka terkapai-kapai menghulurkan tangan meminta tolong. Allah sahajalah yang memiliki ilmu, dan juga segala hidayah serta manfaat daripada kedua-duanya.

Saya akhiri penulisan kali ini dengan satu pautan ke blog Ustaz Zaharuddin (klik sini) yang menyediakan doa khusus untuk para wanita sebagai perlindungan daripada cabul dan rogol, nauzubillahi min zalik. Kepada kaum lelaki, kongsikan dengan ibu, adik-beradik perempuan, saudara perempuan lain, serta isteri (jika ada)- saya ada calon jer haha gatal!! =p

Ringkasnya, doa tersebut (jika anda malas ke blog sana) ada dua, dan dalam doa yang kedua, begini terjemahannya:

Ya Allah, jika engkau mengetahui bahawa aku beriman kepada Mu dan Rasul Mu, dan aku menjaga kehormatanku hanya untuk suamiku, maka lindungilah aku daripada dikuasai oleh orang-orang kafir dan zalim.

Saya sengaja merahkan sebahagian di atas supaya kita perlu betul-betul faham bahawa doa ialah satu bentuk tawakkal, dan tawakkal datang beserta dengan usaha. Maknanya, kalau baca doa ni, tapi aurat tak jaga, seksi mengalahkan Enjin, Lina dan Joli, maaflah saya tidak fikir Allah akan mengkabulkan doa orang begitu nauzubillah.

Dengan kata lain, mahu elak rogol dan cabul, elaklah dahulu perkara yang mengajak kepadanya. Bak kata pepatah (belum didaftarkan kepada DBP) =p, kalau tak mahu orang datang rumah, kenapa buat rumah terbuka?

Wallahua'lam. Sehingga ketemu lagi. Wassalamualaikum.

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Friday, November 26, 2010


....Abah rindu nak dengar tazkirah Abg Mir. Balik bila?.. 
(an excerpt of sms sent by a younger sister on 26 Nov 2010)

I am tough from outside, but very soft at heart. Guys too can cry, why shouldn't us?

Sigh.. (2:286)

Worn out smiling..

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A program at IMU

For more details, please visit this blog.

Wassalamualaikum =)
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Prelude: Money And Riba' (Usury)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Taking this short time that I have to pray to all of us, may Allah Almighty bless us all and accept our every sacrifice throughout life.

Insya Allah, I am planning to utilize this very rare but great opportunity being with family at home to come up with another difficult but factual, heavy but important article on Money and Riba' (Usury).

Please pray for me and may Allah return all the prayers that we make in the path of Him the All-Knowing.

"Therefore, when thou art free (from thine immediate task), still labor hard" (94:7)

Eid Mubarak everyone ;-)

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah =)

Ibnu Hanaffi

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Line 17: Exam And Its Lesson

This is copied from my Facebook Note- Ibnu Hanaffi

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

1. It is an exam season in IMU now. I believe it is so in other places too. It is few final months of the year anyway.

2. Today I want to talk about you. (You say: Me?) And I reply: Yes, you ;-)

3. Imagine this. Exam was near. You knew you had to study to score. Then somebody gave you some targetted questions (more commonly known as spot questions) for the exam. The lecturer said you need it to excel. So you studied on that. Only that.

4. During the exam, all spotted ones came out. Not a single one was missed. BIG QUESTION: What do you feel?

5. Of course. You are right. You needed an additional buccal muscle to hold your huge smile. It felt so awesome and you shouted yeah! yabedabedu. I so love exam was what you uttered. And you didn't care when people call you insane while reading a sad news from NST while still smiling. Because you felt like the entire world was yours.

6. Wait though. What if it was the opposite? Everything was such a blur. You didn't know what will come out so you studied at random. You knew it was time-consuming and you intended to study all, but you ended covering only almost a third quarter of the whole syllabus. Worse, some of that were even forgotten as time passed.

7. Don't care. D-day finally came. You looked at the questions paper and.. ops? You looked again and brushed your eyes. Ops?

8. Ops? Yes, most of them were the other 1 quarter. And you were so depressed that even all other easy questions were awfully perceived as difficult. You were in emotional turmoil and entered a phase known as 'blank.'

9. Exam ended. You felt like flying and kicking and flyingkicking the door (not the lecturers please, there were innocent). So no flying colors this time around. No good results. No hope. Nothing. And you could not turn back time. It was not a  Doraemon's world. You were in total regret and repent. Arghh!

10. Comparison: In a way, life is the same. Guides are given i.e Al-Quran and As-sunnah. They were sent down to guide us to excel DURING the life in the hereafter, the same way we need resource to use DURING the exam. It may be difficult and of course it is difficult, but again, remember, it's not only now, it's more importantly, in the Hereafter.

11. Take that feeling and imagine. When you were one day resurrected, you find out you have nothing and you have breached the guidelines? The same regret maybe? No, it'll be worse. You can resit exam, you can repeat, or at least life must go on. But in the Hereafter? Can imagine the feeling?

12. Given the situation, would you rather consider to live at 'random' and just take a few part of Islam that suits you while forsaking the others? Are you weak enough to let 'random' people decide what world is to you? Let them decide what is success by definition? You sure?

13. Do you not believe that He already prepares us a manual book that explains all? Every single thing? (16:89) Imagine the good feeling. Imagine you feel that during The Day of Resurrection. Maybe recall is a better word. You used to taste what success was like. So can you feel?

14. It's ok. It's a choice. Consider life in the Hereafter. The feelings DURING the day. The same way we believe there are at least 2 conditions DURING exams.

15. It definitely will come. And there is no turning back. Two options: to LIVE and SUFFER or to LIVE and PROSPER. And in the Hereafter, it lasts forever. Not that forever. The other forever. Forever in the absence of death. In a time that is infinite- which means no more time, no more end. And certainly, it will come.

16. So are we prepared for the real 'EXAM' in the Hereafter?. Go grab the Quran now. Live with it now, if you haven't. Allah will always be there. To those who disbelieve, just wait when the day comes. He has 'something' for you.

17. "..............Taste you the Penalty of the Fire, the which you used to reject as false." (32:20)


1. The pronoun 'You' used in this article is strictly addressed to all readers. I as the author automatically become the first reader, so it applies to me first, and then you.

2. It is Line 17 because it has 17 lines and the Quranic verse in the 17th point inspires this writing.

Take care all. May Allah bless us all.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Short One: Playing Our Game

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I have posted the article below as a note on my Facebook, but decided today to put it here as well, for 2 reasons.

1. So that I can reach those who I reach not via Facebook (not yet friends =p)
2. To keep a good archive for future reference (which, for some reasons, are more convenient here than Facebook)

I am taking this short time before I sleep tonight to share a thing I believe is important for all of us as Muslim, not only so that we can answer questions by our non-Muslim friends, but more importantly to help forming a strong wall against numerous attacks by non-Muslim enemies, and most important of all, as a self-protection, so that we hold true to Islam, with a strong faith insya Allah.

Allah says in Surah Al-An-'Am (6:125) which means: "Those whom Allah (in His plan) wills to guide, He opens their breast to Islam, those whom He wills to leave straying, He makes their breast close and constricted, as if they had to climb up to the skies, thus does Allah (heap) the penalty on those who refuse to believe."

Questions about prohibition of pork consumption, women must wear hijab, poligamy and many more are one of many ways enemies use to actually make fun of us and to pose logical but manipulated queries to create our own suspicions against Islam. No doubt though that some are very sincere to understand and seek truth, either way, we have to be careful on how to respond.

All the time, we can answer directly to the questions asked by giving 1001 reasons, logical explanations, scientific proofs and so on. For example, we don't eat pork because scientifically it can cause many diseases and pigs are filthy animals- that answer, of course makes sense.

But please beware of their games. We will never win unless we present our own game and not deceived into playing their games instead. Justifications based upon logical and scientific evidence alone, will hardly, if ever possible, put us on the winning side- because that's their game and their expertness, so they have the advantage to 'win.'

What is our game instead? Here: What ever the questions may be about, the first compulsory answer we must never forget is this- that I am a Muslim, I believe in Allah who says so, so I listen, Allah instructs so, so I follow. Aside from this answer, then only we can proceed with an 'optional' second response, which is based on logical and scientific reasoning.

You may ask why? Here are at least 2 answers why. Feel free to explore more.

First, let's take pork consumption for instance, reasoning that pork predisposes to disease and pigs are filthy are already invalid by now. Which means, if we use that reason for not eating pork, it means that we will agree to eating porks provided that it is no longer filthy and provides health benefit instead.

Mind you, across the world, there are many 'clean farms' with 'clean pigs' nowadays. Also, genetic engineering now has come up with pigs whose meats not only safe to consume but are rich in Omega3 which helps reduce risk of getting heart disease.

Having said that, would we then agree to consume pork just because our justification is now unjustified?

That is why we stick to the one that change not, until forever, the revelation from Allah, that He says eating pork is unlawful (haram) so it remains so until forever. Enemies out there have advantages in Science and technology so much that they can easily manipulate facts, even to the point of changing the nature (created by Allah by 'default'), just to prove that our Quran is wrong.

Allah already warns in Surah An-Nisa' (4:119) which means: "I will mislead them, and I will create in them false desires; I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and to deface the (fair) nature created by Allah. Whoever, forsaking Allah, takes satan for a friend, has a surety suffered a loss that is manifest."

The second reason is based on a lecture by Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi, an American Muslim author and Islamic educator whom shared his one of many experiences.

In University, he befriended a very intelligent guy whom of course will not believe things easily unless there are strong and sufficient reasons to convince him to do so.

Yasir Qhadi had a 3-year conversation and casual debate with this friend of him about why Muslim women must wear hijab. With Allah's permission, he (Yasir Qhadi) successfully convinced this guy until he himself admitted that it would've been appropriate if all women (not only Muslim) around the world wear hijab. Unfortunately, he only was convinced with the wearing of hijab, not at all convinced it's because Allah says so.

The point here is that no matter what answers we give to respond to people's inquiries about do's and don'ts in Islam, our job is not to convince them based on their game (logical explanation alone) but more importantly is so that they (and us) know that it is so and so because it is a guidance and way of life prescribed by Allah in the Holy book of Quran.

Remember, in doing dakwah (invite others to the way of Allah), the ultimate aim is to do no other but to admit (with a total submission) that Allah is our Almighty God, One and Only- therefore we must follow everything He asks us to do and stay away from what He prohibits.

Wallahu'aklam. Good night all and please share with your friends and help enlighten them.

P/S: Allah, more than 1400 years ago (via Al-Quran), already described how is it if someone has HYPOXIA. Kindly refer to the first verse I include above. Praise be upon Allah.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Pearl for Women

Assalamualaikum w.b.t


1.    When the term globalization was coined in around 1960s, electronic world has staged yet another virtual battle with real impacts. It is virtual because our portals to the whole world now are arguably mostly through the screens of laptops and PCs, whereby whatever message they bring across, they affect the way we think and we behave- forming, in reality, our very own thoughts and behavior nowadays.

2.    We are affected in the sense that we continuously receive a kind of invisible pressure that defines what world is to us. This is disguised under the name modernization and oneness, hence the word globalization, where we live without real boundaries, where every single thing slowly surfaces with a ‘global description’ that provides a global standard or global guideline. The classic example is whereby in some parts of the world, homosexuality is considered a human right.

3.    Killing thousands of Jews and having prejudice against them are regarded as unjust and anti-Semitic, while murdering innocent children  and women in Palestine is an act of heroism against terrorism- what a beautiful definition.

4.    This happens when advantaged people are given the mandate to define the world. What gives them the mandate? Power, money and control, to name a few. How do they get them? Knowledge, of course. They even control how we perceive knowledge and they are the ones known to possess and produce many knowledge we call syllabus at schools or policies in Politics, or facts in Science and theories in Philosophies and Economics.

5.    The consequence is simple- manipulation. Yes unless we know what is the real reference and resource material we should rely on, we are endlessly letting ourselves being fooled and manipulated. No reference would be fair and applicable to mankind, unless it does not come from mankind. Nor should it come from those of lower status and intelligence than mankind, hence why never will it come from animals, never mind plants.

6.    Who then? No other but God. Allah the Almighty. Here comes the miracle. A book complete of every single thing we need in our life. Al-Quranul Kareem. The biggest miracle for the people of Muhammad (peace be upon Him) prevailing all others given to prophets before Him, as this is the only miracle that lasts forever until the Day of Judgment. And it possesses all criteria required to be accepted as a reference to mankind.

7.    Allah explains about the Quran in the book itself in Surah An-Nahlu, (16:89) telling us that Al-Quran explains everything. “We have sent down the book, explaining all things, a Guide, a Mercy and Glad Tidings to Muslims.”

8.    Having said that, why would we ever allow people with hidden interests to define what world is to us? Are we so weak that we submit ourselves to mankind rather than to God? How do we define modesty and chastity then? Has God not given us the guidelines?

Be Solehah and Pious..


9.    Islam is a name that should be copyrighted and as it belongs to the Owner and Creator, it is Him that has all the rights to correctly define what it means and what it constitutes.

10.    If designing fashions is given to Non-Muslims whom understand not Islam, moreover supported by Muslims themselves whom may hardly refer to the correct Islamic teachings, from Al-Quran and Sunnah, then the word Islamic in IFF is an utter abuse. Not only that it falsely portrays the true identity of Islam, it is an act of ignoring the authority of God whom knows best about His creation.

11.    “It is not fitting for a believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger, to have any option about their decision: if anyone disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path.” Surah Al-Ahzab (33:36)

12.    I personally doubt that Non-Muslims especially who oppose Islam will misinterpret Islam due to IFF. I have more confidence that they know Islam even better than our own Muslims and therefore may happily end up with a grin on their face, as a sign of relief, that even Muslims now join them for their standardized world of fashion. Even Muslims forsake Islam.

13.    Do we then realize? In Surah An-Nisa (4:140) Allah says, “Already has He sent you Word in the Book, that when you hear the Signs of Allah held in defiance and ridicule, you are not to sit with them unless they turn to a different theme: if you did, you would be like them. For Allah will collect the hypocrites and those who defy faith- all in Hell.”


14.    Does Islam degrade women and oppress them? To get away with all the propaganda and threat coming to us from left, right, back, front and center, we firstly have to grab the understanding and therefore answer that question. Women in Islam are highly valued and protected. Their beauty is so priceless that it is hidden by their chastity and modesty.

15.    Let’s go back to the past time of history- briefly.

16.    In Babylonian Civilization, women were degraded and denied all rights under Babylonian Law. If a man murdered a woman, his wife will be put to death instead. In Greek Civilization, there is this one mythology about an imaginary woman by the name Pandora who was regarded as a misfortune to mankind. So the Greeks considered women to be subhuman and inferior to men. So prostitution was therefore a common practice because women were mere tools and had no values.

17.    Next, the Egyptians considered women evil, and a sign of devil. Before Islam came, a girl born was buried alive. They brought shames to the family. And the Romans were once allowed to take his wife’s life while prostitution and nudity were common practices.

18.    All the above have one thing in common. They were great civilizations with victories and glories, yet they degraded women? Clearly to them, that women oppressed, was a pride expressed.

19.    What does Islam promote instead? Islam, by all means, uplifts the status of women and acknowledges their presence with high regard. Without a mother’s blessings, one may be denied Paradise. And the fact that women are asked to cover themselves properly is to do no other but protect themselves. Who said so? Not me, none else but Allah in His Holy Book of Quran.

20.    “O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not MOLESTED. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” Surah Al-Ahzab (33:59)

21.    Please watch this interesting video on a funny answer by Ahmad Deedat about women in Islam.

22.    My beloved sisters, Islam provides you a means to protect yourselves through your clothing, would you not then ponder? Want to know something? According to The Eighth United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (2002) (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention), 95,136 women have been raped in United States in that year alone. In other country like France even, a girl is raped during day time and people just walk and pass by- some even enjoy looking at it.


23.    Do we not think that the above could have been avoided if women understand the meaning of modesty and chastity in the first place (and dress properly)? Know you please that sexy that you define as beauty may be a thing that invites you to troubles.

24.    Stop torturing the eyes of men when you are not meant for them. Men only deserve you through marriage, the same way you deserve them. Know please that Allah created you as the biggest test to men, so it is your job to protect yourselves and be a good lady instead.

25.    “Fair in the eyes of men is the love of things they covet: women and sons…..” said Allah in Surah Ali Imran (3:14) and women is mentioned as the first thing that allures man, a big test for the Adams.

26.    Allah is fair, above anything else. He created men and women with their own uniqueness. Don’t you think that in a way, the above verse implies how women are mentally stronger as compared to men? Furthermore, Allah admonishes men to lower their gaze and guard their modesty FIRST, before He instructs women to do the same.  Refer Surah An-Nur (24:30-31)

27.    Day by day, more and more people post warnings especially for women as mentioned in Quranul Kareem for their misdeeds. I hope you can all take it this way- that people do that because they love you. They care about you. They want you to always be on the right path. I sometimes envy you for getting as much intention. But I have to accept that I too have responsibility as a man towards women, especially my mother, sisters, future wife and all other sisters, hence why a reminder for women is a reminder for the responsible gentlemen as well.

28.    Narrated by Muslim that Prophet Muhammad S.A.W has once said that, “The world is in abundance of ornament and decorations, but the best one is a woman who is loyal and pious.”


May He lead us to the only Path..
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today I Cried. Yes Today.

Yes Today.

I had it all out. All released. It was life-changing. And it happened to me. Why is this heart touched very rarely? Perhaps because that's what that makes it special. It seldom looms. It is seasonal.

I tried my best to treat him well, not so much because I was benefiting from him, but perhaps because we are somehow like-minded. Today he spilt it all out (or maybe not all) and I was touched. I looked at his eyes and I knew he held back tears.

I was stronger. I know I should not let go. Maybe not until I am alone.

Dear brother, I sometimes question, when will you pay back all my kindness towards you? Today I realized, that it's not about me, it's you. You have done so much more than I ever thought you did.

I cried and I won't stop praying for you. Because when I cry, I know I should not complain of small eyes while I know they are people who are blind. I cried knowing that I did mistakes and friendship and fraternity make me know whom I am and where I come from. They make me know you!

You may not be in my family. We may not share the same blood. But we share the same aspirations. I never knew you were alone, because you always smiled and that disguised everything. All your sufferings and challenges. All of which I would cry upon if I ever knew.

I will not stop praying and praying for you. You make me know, and you make me thankful.

I love you brother, and my prayers will always be with you. You make me cry and the tears give my heart eyes to see and it makes me smile. And I will always do.

Take care, don't want to lose you..

Today I cried and yes, today.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eksklusif: Dia Gadis Pilihan Hatiku

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

1. Islam menggariskan empat kriteria untuk diambil kira dalam memilih pasangan sebagai isteri. Daripada keempat-empatnya iaitu paras rupa, agama, keturunan dan harta, agamalah perkara pertama dan utama.

2. Mana-manapun lelaki sepertiku jarang-jarang menilai kaum Hawa dari aspek selain kecantikan, tutur bicara dan tingkah laku. Namun tidaklah padaku hal yang demikian menjadi masalah kerana hakikatnya, penghayatan agama seseorang terlalu abstrak untuk diujikaji. Menariknya, penghayatan agama sebenarnya apabila diterjemahkan dalam bentuk yang boleh dilihat masih lagi merujuk kepada perkara yang sama- kecantikan, tutur bicara dan tingkah laku (tidak lupa juga penampilan seperti cara berpakaian).

3. Aku tidak selalu jatuh hati pada insan bergelar wanita, mungkin dulu ya, tapi setelah pengalaman bercinta (ini betul-betul, bukan cobaan) dalam tempoh 2006-2009 berakhir dengan perpisahan, banyak pengajaran yang telah membuka mataku. Mujurlah hubungan kami terbatas dek Laut China Selatan yang tak sanggup aku renangi, kerana sekurang-kurangnya, aku berpeluang merasai dan melayan naluri biasa seorang remaja yang mahu disayangi, tapi dalam masa yang sama  bunga cinta kami mekar tanpa pernah kami berjumpa melainkan sekali, apabila cinta mula berputik pada tahun 2006, seawal sesi perkenalan pertama.

4. Padaku, Allah cukup berhikmah dalam memberi pengajaran. Aku dijauhkan daripada berlebih-lebihan dalam pergaulan dengannya, tetapi masih ada sedikit ruang di mana hatiku disuntik dengan indahnya cinta manusia, sehinggalah Allah menariknya kembali, supaya aku faham bahawa sebenarnya itulah yang terbaik. Mungkin dia bukan milikku, tetapi hubungan persahabatan kami tidak pernah putus, malah bertambah baik, alhamdulillah. Sungguh, cinta itu lebih indah setelah ini semua berlaku, kerana cinta kini ditakrifkan dengan akal yang lebih matang dan berusia.

5. Mungkin hanya sejak kebelakangan ini, hatiku disentuh lagi. Dia ini bukanlah seorang yang calang-calang padaku. Cukup lain daripada yang lain. Kehadirannya mengajar aku perbezaan antara wanita yang kelihatan menggoda dan wanita yang bila dipandang, sejuk mata memandang.

6. Ada hadnya, betul sekali. Tetapi dia cukup istimewa. Orang kata kalau sudah terpalit rasa berkenan, di mana-mana pun terfikir tentangnya. Indahnya akhlak dia sehingga bila diingati rasa bersalah timbul di hati. Sekaligus menjadi motivasi untuk terus berdoa dan berharap dia dapat menjadi pendamping hidup pada suatu hari, atau sekurang-kurangnya seseorang sepertinya. Juga motivasi untuk memperbaik diri, sebelum kelak tiba masa melangkah ke fasa hidup seterusnya, gerbang perkahwinan (alamak, lama lagi sebenarnya, jangan gatal Ibnu Hanaffi!)

7. “Perempuan-perempuan yang keji untuk lelaki-lelaki yang keji, dan lelaki-lelaki yang keji untuk perempuan perempuan yang keji (pula),sedangkan perempuan-perempuan yang baik untuk lelaki-lelaki yang baik, dan lelaki-lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan perempuan yang baik (pula). Mereka itu bersih dari apa yang dituduhkan orang. Mereka memperoleh ampunan dan rezeki yang mulia (syurga).” (24:26)

8. Sebenarnya, artikel yang aku rancang lebih kepada pendapatku tentang pendekatan dakwah yang ku pegang. Tapi mungkin kerana tajuk seperti di atas lebih menarik dan sebenarnya ada kaitan dengan artikel ni, maka kumulakan begitu.

9. Begini kisahnya. Sekali lagi, insan istimewa ini menjadi rujukan. Aku harap ia adalah satu persamaan denganku. Inilah yang buat ku kagum padanya. Padaku, dalam dia menjaga identitinya sebagai muslimah solehah, dia tidak kulihat kekok menjalankan tanggungjawab ukhuwah sesama manusia. Aku amat berharap orang di sekelilingnya tersentuh dengan akhlaknya hanya kerana bergaul dengannya. Bukan senang ingin menjadi ikan yang tidak masin sepertinya, walaupun dia di dalam lautan natrium klorida. Sebetulnya begitu, kerana hormatku lebih besar kepada ikan-ikan yang tawar di lautan masin, sedikit sahaja mungkin hormat kepada ikan tawar di sungai yang tawar.

10. Inilah padaku, pendekatan dakwah yang sebenar- iaitu yakin dan kuat dalam membawa identiti Islam kepada yang bukan Islam, atau yang Islam tapi hanya separuh masak- inilah usaha yang bukan mudah, tapi besar impaknya. 

11. Aku tersentuh dengan artikel oleh Muhammad Jihad dalam Bahagian Kata Dua, Majalah Solusi Isu 24 (2010) yang sekurang-kurangnya tidak membuat aku rasa keseorangan. Benarlah katanya bahawa dalam dakwah, jangan kutuk tapi pujuk. Pendekatan hitam putih atau regimented (itu boleh ini tak boleh) bukan lagi caranya. Malah tidak pernah menjadi caranya. Rasulullah S.A.W sendiri dalam menyampaikan Islam (walaupun orang pertama) gah berani berdakwah dan banyak benar insan yang terkesan dek akhlak baginda yang masya Allah sangat tinggi dan berhikmah. 

12. Inilah yang kulihat masih kurang pada orang banyak yang mungkin juga termasuklah aku. Realitinya siapa pun kita sekarang tidak pernah menjamin siapa kita besok dan seterusnya, tidak pernah pula pasti siapa kita semasa kita mati nanti. Sebab itu amat bahaya untuk orang yang terlalu yakin akan terus kekal imannya sehinggakan orang lain dicelanya- atau mungkin jika tidak dicela, tidak diendahkan kerana dianggap masuk kategori ‘tiada harapan.’

13. Pertama, siapa kita untuk menghukum? Kedua, harapanku begini. Jikalah aku mampu mengubah walaupun seorang menjadi lebih baik daripada sebelumnya, itu adalah supaya suatu hari kelak, jika aku berubah ke arah jalan yang salah, mungkin dia yang berubah kerana pertolonganku ini yang akan menarikku kembali ke jalan yang diredhai. Nauzubillah, tapi inilah padaku antara contoh terbaik untuk menggambarkan bagaimana hidup ini ibarat roda.

14. Ketiga, lihat dan kajilah latar belakang. Ini ialah sebahagian daripada konsep adil dalam Islam. Adil ialah meletakkan sesuatu di tempat yang sepatutnya. Maka jika tidak adil, lawannya ialah zalim. Kita maklum bahawa Allah melarang keras kita menzalimi diri sendiri. Dan ingatlah tidak semestinya melakukan perkara yang buruk itu sahaja dikira zalim, tetapi tidak melakukan perkara yang baik juga adalah zalim, cuma sebutan zalim dalam situasi ini mungkin perlu diringankan sedikit kerana ia merujuk kepada mendatangkan keburukan kepada diri sendiri (bukan zalim dalam erti kata kejam).

15. Keadaan inilah yang aku gambarkan sebagai dinamik kejadian manusia. Sebab itu padaku jika ingin membenci, jangan benci tuan empunya badan, tapi bencilah sifat atau akhlak yang buruk, dengan satu keyakinan bahawa akhlak dan sifat itu boleh diubah atau dibuang. Juga dengan keyakinan bahawa sifat dan akhlak buruk itu boleh juga berjangkit pada kita pula. Yakinlah yang manusia berubah, supaya datang kemahuan dakwah penuh berhikmah. Ibaratnya, jika benci pada perisian Windows Vista OS, janganlah benci pada laptop Acer (artikel ini ditaip menggunakan Acer =p), sebab mungkin suatu hari, Windows Vista OS itu akan diganti dengan Windows 7 OS pula. hehe Faham ke? =p

16. Latar belakang individulah yang ku rasa perkara paling sukar untuk dikaji dan difahami terutamanya dalam usaha menyampaikan dakwah. Cukup sukar masya Allah. Dan sebab sukarlah ramai yang tak buat. Walaupun sebetulnya, persoalan sebenar bukanlah susah atau senang, tetapi adakah perlu atau tidak. Perlu, perlu sangat-sangat. Walaupun takkan habis. Tapi bagaimana caranya. Padaku, sekali lagi, pendekatan yang terbaik ialah mendekati masyarakat. Bukannya membenarkan apa yang mereka lakukan, tetapi fahami dan cari punca kenapa mereka lakukannya. Mereka bukannya orang yang keliru dalam memilih cara hidup sebenar (belum pilih), tetapi mereka orang yang telah memilih jalan, tetapi jalannya salah. Ibarat peti sejuk yang penuh. Jika mahu gantikan isinya, tidak boleh terus disumbat, harus dibuang dulu yang sedia ada. Keadaannya sungguh lain dengan peti sejuk yang masih kosong tanpa isi.

17. Begitulah situasinya. Sebab itu, kurasakan eloklah jika didampingi orang yang tidak Islamik cara hidupnya, supaya kita menjadi contoh yang baik, dan dalam masa yang sama, dakwah yang halus berjalan walaupun mungkin secara tidak langsung, bukan juga secara paksaan. Aku khuatir, entah-entah ada dalam kalangan kita hidup dalam cara hidup Islam pun hanya kerana itu satu kebiasaan, dan bukannya pilihan. Maka berhati-hatilah kita semua untuk memperbetulkan balik keadaan. Bukan, bukan satu kebetulan bahawa berbanding segelintir (atau mungkin ramai) saudara lama, saudara baru (muallaf) biasanya lebih bersemangat mempelajari Islam, kerana mereka tidak mengikut sahaja, mereka membuat pilihan. Islam itu pilihan mereka. Maka, berjalanlah di bumi Allah untuk memahami ciptaannya, kerana melalui ciptaan, kita memahami Penciptanya. Jangan mudah melabel, tetapi berdoalah kepada Allah semoga jikapun bukan kita, mereka-mereka yang ‘jauh’ ini kembali dekat melalui inspirasi yang terpancar oleh kumpulan da’ie yang jelas identiti Islamnya, tetapi prihatin terhadap mereka yang bukan dari golongan mereka.

18. Amat kuharapkan agar aku tidak disalahfahami. Berdamping dengan ulamak dan bijak pandai adalah amalan yang sangat baik, benar sekali, tetapi janganlah sampai menjadi alasan untuk kita membiarkan insan lain terkapai-kapai, seolah-olah syurga itu terlalu sempit dan hanya muat untuk kita seorang sahaja, padahal nikmat Allah banyaknya tidak akan terbayang dek pancaindera kita, apatah lagi Allah itu Maha Kaya dan tidak terbatas rahmat dan balasan baiknya.

19. “Maka tidak seorang pun mengetahui apa yang disembunyikan untuk mereka yakni (bermacam-macam nikmat) yang menyenangkan hati sebagai balasan terhadap apa yang mereka kerjakan.” (32:17)

20. Tidak juga aku kata perlu menghalalkan yang haram atau mengharamkan yang halal hanya untuk tujuan mendekati masyarakat, tetapi aku lebih menekankan kepada bagaimana kita mendepani perkara-perkara sebegini, lebih-lebih lagi bila ia sudah berlaku (It is not only a matter of what you say about it, it is instead also a matter of how you deal with it). Setiap yang berlaku, jika salah, ambil pengajaran, jika betul buat pedoman. Seterusnya, terus maju ke hadapan dan dekati orang ramai dengan mulakan melalui pergaulan yang baik, untuk membuka pintu perkenalan, supaya kita memulakan langkah untuk memahami, sebelum kita difahami. Ingatlah, biarlah mungkin hasilnya bukan sekarang, padahal bagi orang yang beriman, dia akan yakin bahawa dakwah itu satu proses! Proses yang paaaaaanjannnnnnnnng. <--- lebih panjang daripada ini semestinya =p.

21. Maaflah jika terlalu panjang artikel ini. Sebab itu saya ambil pendekatan untuk nomborkan setiap perenggan, supaya jika hanya baca sebahagian, boleh tahu di mana nak sambung bila saudara atau saudari singgah lagi di sini. 

22. Akhir sekali insya Allah, adalah berkaitan dengan situasi sebenar dunia sekarang dari kaca mataku sendiri. Aku yakin hampir semua orang pernah menonton, atau sekurang-kurangnya mendengar tentang The Arrivals. Cukup panjang jika mahu dijelaskan komenku tentangnya. Namun satu perkara yang padaku mesti diceritakan di sini ialah kepentingan untuk kita sedar strategi musuh untuk melawan pihak musuh. Taktik halus yang digunakan golongan yang bertentangan dengan umat Islam memang cukup bijak. Tapi aku percaya, ia tidak mudah. Mereka sudah lama mengkaji Islam dan umatnya. Inilah yang mungkin tidak difahami oleh sebahagian kita. Sebut sahaja musuh Islam, kita terus lari dan jauhkan diri daripada mereka. Padahal yang jahat letaknya pada niat dan perbuatan mereka. Habis tu apa yang tak jahatnya?

23. Senang sahaja. Nilai dan sikap. Inilah persepsi yang perlu diperbetulkan. Sejahat manapun orang kafir ini, mereka dianugerahkan akal oleh Allah dan jika kita percaya bahawa akal mereka itupun adalah kurniaan Allah, kenapa tidak kita mengkajinya? Dekatkan diri kita dengan mereka, sebagaimana mereka mendekati kita. Dekati di sini bermakna kita kaji. Malah, banyak nilai-nilai positif ini dicedok daripada Islam dan Al-Quran, maka kenapa kita tidak mengkajinya?

24. Itulah padaku antara cara yang terbaik untuk menentang musuh Islam- memahami mereka, kerana mereka pun sudah faham dan cukup masak tentang kita. Contohnya, cukup bijak mereka apabila tahu bahawa Islam itu kuat bila umatnya meletakkan sandaran kekuatan pada yang kekal, iaitulah Allah. Maka apa yang mereka lakukan? Tukar sandaran itu.

25. Daripada bergantung kepada Allah, kita kini bergantung kepada hiburan. Kita bergantung kepada wang. Kita bergantung kepada makanan. Apa bezanya makanan, hiburan dan wang berbanding Allah? Pertama, mereka tidak kekal. Kedua, siapa yang memonopoli industri hiburan, industri makanan dan juga mencipta wang? Mereka. Apa signifikannya? Signifikannya ialah apabila kita tidak lagi boleh hidup tanpa hiburan, makanan dan wang kerana terlampau bergantung kepadanya, musuh Islam ini boleh menarik semuanya dalam sekelip mata dan hanya akan memberikannya semula selepas kita ikut kehendak mereka. Logikkah? Jangan gundah. Percayalah pada Allah. Kerana mereka pun (musuh Islam) sebenarnya bergantung kepada ciptaan mereka, tetapi dengan syarat kita sedar dan tidak bersama-sama mereka.

26.     "Dan berpegang teguhlah kamu pada tali (agama) Allah..." (4:103) kerana itulah yang pasti kekal. ;-)

27. Ayuhlah kita semua berfikir sejenak dan merangka strategi yang lebih baik dan jangan sesekali ambil jalan mudah. Ingatlah, jalan ini pasti getir, tapi kita tak boleh mengalah. Kita tak boleh biarkan umat Islam terus menjadi buih di lautan. Sebaliknya kita mahu menjadi tsunami yang kuat dan padu. Orang kafir hebat dan petah menyampaikan hujah dan propaganda, janganlah kita cari alasan untuk tidak banyak bercakap kerana ingin kurangkan dosa daripada perkataan kononnya, padahal sebaiknya padaku, ialah menambah ilmu dan menyampaikan, supaya setiap perkataan, biarlah sikit atau banyak, yang lebih penting ialah isi dan manfaat daripadanya. Letaklah sesuatu di tempat yang sepatutnya. Begitu cara kita melawan mereka, jangan pasif!

28. Kata Saidina Ali, “Kebenaran yang tidak tersusun (terancang) akan kalah oleh kebatilan yang tersusun.” Renung-renungkanlah. Kejayaan tidak datang dengan mudah.

29. Wahai muslimah solehah yang memberikanku inspirasi, ku bertasbih kepada Allah (alamak, pengaruh KCB? =p) atas kewujudanmu di muka bumi ini. Ku hanya mampu berharap, tetapi Allah lebih tahu apa yang terbaik untukku dan juga untukmu. Semoga engkau kekal begitu, malah insya Allah bertambah baik lagi.

30. “Cinta itu,” kata Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim Abu Syuqqah dalam Tahrirul Ma’rah fi ‘Ashrir Risalah, “Adalah perasaan yang baik dengan kebaikan tujuan, jika tujuannya adalah menikah.”

Wallahuaklam. Ibnu Hanaffi mengundur diri. (^_^)V
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Atrium- An Issue

Assalamualaikum all.

1. This post is to explain what is the real situation we are in now for especially those in the committee of Malay Cultural Week 2010, in response to your dissatisfaction over what had happened.

2. First of all, apart from this post, below are two other things. Number one, is the copy of letter I already passed to May Kuan at IMU Student Service Department. Second, is a poem I wrote just for the sake of doing it, nothing else, entitled 'Bila Atrium Mengaum'- which in English is translated as 'When Atrium Roars.'

3. There is nothing much that we can do after all. The Executive Dean has made a final decision, and even if we ask for grace period (so that the unexpected policy will not be effective too soon) it was never my expectation that actually the 'grace period' has long been granted and they had tolerated too much with noises students made at atrium in the past.

4. The climax was a quick knee-jerk reaction from the higher administrators in response to the terrible noise created on Friday until all that is left for us now is only the choice we already took this morning for MCW Opening Ceremony. No more events with musical performance at atrium, of any kind, for who ever and what ever society, and the best alternative, right after that is the IMU Driveway, with some kind of smaller makeshift stage. 

5. We can never run away from the fact that IMU is itself a very small place with limited spaces and cramp it all-kinda building. To make matter worse, as time passes, IMU is having more students, and therefore lecturers and staffs, leading to a more cramped timetable which, according to May Kuan, results in more classes and lectures, with many of them taking place even during lunch break!  She concluded that the reason for not letting any cars or transports into IMU Driveway is merely because it has been the ultimate aim of IMU President himself that IMU Driveway should be made a place for students to have musical performances or any similar events instead.

6. At first I was thinking of continuing several events which not at all involve any musics at atrium so that I can prove the worth of fighting over this issue. Things changed though. Based on my observation just now, I bet it is never that bad to have an event at such a place. On one hand, the turnouts were surprisingly satisfactory and somehow I felt that the place was a lot more comfortable in the sense that people who were there, they were there for the performance, and not for SSD or even CSU plus Dental clinics. Arguably though, I'd say we continue with this change and adjust accordingly- it is good to get out of comfort zone at times- hence my take to 'clash' with atrium and 'befriend' IMU Driveway ;-)

7. Maybe it's too long to dwell on further on this topic. I leave it for you guys to discuss and I am at all time ready to listen and speak out if it needs be, for the sake of doing the right thing, and for the sake of learning.

Thank you all for reading, may Allah bless us all ameen~

The Committee
Malay Cultural Week 2010
International Medical University (IMU)

Prof Victor Lim
Executive Dean
Faculty of Medicine and Health
International Medical University (IMU)                               27 September 2010

Dear Sir,


The above matter is referred.

2. The Malay Cultural Week (MCW) 2010, like the IMU Cup, is a huge annual celebration conducted by Malay Cultural Society (MCS) that involves many daunting tasks, hard works and time-consuming preparations. However, due to problems caused by some other programs previously, we are now tremendously affected by the new IMU policy of not allowing any musical performance at atrium.

3. We whole-heartedly respect the decision made by the administration but here are the reasons why we request for reconsideration. First, our program was approved many weeks before this new IMU policy came into effect. We therefore sincerely believe that we deserve some tolerance from your side to continue with performance at atrium or otherwise the whole preparation we made will be futile and worth not the time spent because this performance is a significant part of the event. We hence suggest that only event proposal made afterwards should then be entitled to the new IMU policy.

4. Apart from that, we were informed that the problem arose before because too many noises were made and to make matter worse, it was even before lunch break. We on the other hand, already consider this right from the moment we start planning for MCW, so our musical performances will not only be taking place during lunch hour, they also do not involve any loud and hard noises because we only promote traditional and cultural songs, which by right are all soft songs and which is why we believe the Chinese Singing Competition that took place at atrium last time was never an issue.  

5. We on behalf of all students however still feel obligated to apologize for the troubles made though it was not ours and we do understand the kind of inconvenience people especially from CSU and SSD had faced. But we rather consider this unexpected result as a knee-jerk reaction towards us thus we really feel that it is more than just and fair if we are given the chance to continue with our initial plan instead.

6. It is also worth noting that we received the news about the new policy on last Friday, despite our beginning of event on Monday the week after (today) which by any logical thinking, left us with not much of a choice. Therefore again, we really hope you would reconsider, maybe only for this time.
Thank you very much for your time and we appreciate them all with sincerest gratitude on behalf of the committee and all MCW participants.

Yours Sincerely,

Assistant Project Director
Malay Cultural Week 2010

Matahari terbit manakan berdentum,
Tapi zarah cahayanya yang bercantum,
Lalu gelap jadi cerah,
Mata pun dah merah,
Satu malam tak beradu pun,
Bila fikirkan atrium tak lagi mengaum,

Biar bukan mudah,
Mudah biar terbiar,
Kerana hanya susah,
Bagi aura mengaum,
Dan susah daripada mudah,
Bikin atrium mengaum,
Kerana tiada apa sudah,
Selain tekad berubah,

Pelan asal jadi sejarah,
Tapi itu yang buat gah,
Kerana lemah jadi gagah,
Walaupun atrium tak mengaum,
Akhirannya semua habis pulun,
Untuk melihat biji buah
Semua masak dan habis ranum,

Biar sejarah mengajar santun,
Dalam susah ada untung,
Boleh belajar nilai agung,
Tanpa marah atau lompong,
Walau pasrah tapi kekal ‘strong,’
Akhirnya semua kata disulami santun,
Tamat dengan kalimah assalamualaikum 

Bila Atrium Mengaum
Ibnu Hanaffi 
(5. 33pm, 27 September 2010)

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The Colours of Life

The Colours of Life
Picture taken on Syawal 1, 2009

THE BELOVED FAMILY-Hey, do the maths!

Dad: Mohd Hanaffi bin Hassin
Mom: Noorma bte Mamat


Mohd Ridzwan
Nurul Shuhada
Mohd Amirul Asyraf (blog owner)
Fatihah Sakinah
Nurul Ain Afifah
Ilyana Nazlin
Nur Amira Mawaddah
Mohd Aizat Aiman
Nur Anis
Mohd Amri Afiq