Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Muharram Special (New Year: We Are Better)


Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. We are not Christians. Neither do we celebrate Christmas.

2. And this entry has nothing to do with either of the above.  

3. But our new year, like many other aspects and elements in Islam, is very different from those of others.

4. One of the differences is certainly the way we celebrate it. The Western culture, which refers to free mixing between two opposite genders, in occasions where limits seem irrelevant, has somehow become the norm of our young modern Easterners, so to speak.

5. The sign is very clear. About 9 months after new year, we begin to have many new unmarried mothers, and therefore also their 'baby martyrs' who fought for life in either dustbins, dumping sites, drains or even in places like mosques.

6. It all started during the night of new year and you knew what happened.

7. This is merely something to reflect upon. The point I want to make is this. Do we do things because we just follow others and forced by current trend or are we really knowledgeable in things we practise and celebrate? Therefore, to grab this lesson (of the importance of knowledge) and strive to become a Muslim by choice instead of by chance, let us go through one of the major differences between Islam and other faiths and beliefs.

8. Islam, unlike most other major religions, is a name that is not derived from the names of people, places or even titles of individuals.

9. Let's go through some good examples for this.

10. Christianity, is derived from the word Christ, an English version of the Greek word, Khristos, which means the anointed one. In the original language of bible, Hebrew, this word is translated as Masiah and pronounced as Messiah in English. In Arabic (thus also in Quran), it is pronounced as Al-Masih.

11. Christ refers to prophet Isa AS whom is regarded as God or Son of God in Christianity.

12. One valid question therefore arises, that if Christianity is a true religion where Jesus is God, then what happened to people before Jesus Christ was born? If a religion is a true religion, it should be the one that exists since the lifetime of the first man in history, Adam AS.

13. Similarly, Buddhism is derived from Buddha, a Sanskrit word that means the awakened one, and is a title for its founder, Siddharta Gautama. Considering that Siddharta Gautama was also not the first person living on earth, then the question above is valid.

14. Thirdly, Hinduism is derived from a Sanskrit word, Sindhu, which is a title given to Indus River, located somewhere in Indian Subcontinent. In other words, this name is derived from a name of a place.

15. Often, Hinduism is regarded as the oldest religion in this world and for that matter, may be the closest to be a true religion, but we will refute this fact after understanding what Islam means.

16. First, our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW who was also our final messenger was not the founder of Islam.

17. Secondly, Mecca was not a place where Islam was found or originated from. Neither is Islam only for the Arabs, just because Muhammad SAW was an Arab.

18. Rather, Islam is a beautiful name, which is an Arabic word that is derived from 3 Arabic letters i.e sin, lam and mim. In a simplified way, sin, lam and mim can be properly understood as counterparts to the letter S, L and M respectively.

19. So, with this sin, lam and mim, the word Islam can come in many other forms (in Arabic) that carry other complementary meanings. One of examples is salam, which means peace.

20. Other than that, Islam also refers to submission, and authentic or original. So, one of the good complete meanings of Islam is to be submissive (by total surrender and loyalty) to Allah SWT through authentic ways (according to Quran and Sunnah) to attain peace (salam) in life now and in Hereafter.

21. Putting that definition into context, whomsoever that submits to Allah's will and act according to what He wants in authentic ways and to achieve peace, is indeed a Muslim!

22. So, when we say that Muhammad SAW was not the founder of Islam, it simply means that it was the same teaching of Islam that was revealed to all earlier messengers since Adam AS, the father of mankind. And this teaching refers to the fact that our God is One and Only, He is Allah SWT and we worship none but Him. All messengers brought this same message (21:25) to their people or ummah.

23. The difference is only basically in the language the teaching was revealed and the syariah (rulings) which suited the people of that particular messenger during their time. Muhammad SAW, however was sent to all mankind till the end of time.

24. Many proofs about the Muslim identity of other messengers can be found in the Quran. Please read the following:

"Abraham (Ibrahim) AS was not a Jew nor yet a Christian; but he was true in Faith, and bowed his will to Allah SWT (which is Islam) and he joined not gods with Allah."
Surah Ali-'Imran (3:67)

25. Prophet Noah said to his people this:

"But if ye turn back, (consider): no reward have I asked for you: my reward is only due from Allah, and I have been commanded to be of those who submit to Allah SWT's will (in Islam)."
Surah Yunus (10:72)

26. And 3 more here:

Prophet Abraham and Ishmael AS recited this prayer:

"Our Lord! Make of us Muslims, bowing to Thy (will), and of our progeny a people Muslim, bowing to Thy (will); and show us our place for the celebration of (due) rites; and turn unto us (in mercy); for Thou art the Oft-Returning, Most Merciful."
Surah Al-Baqarah (2:128)

Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) AS declared in his prayer:

"O my Lord! Thou hast indeed bestowed on me some power, and taught me something of the interpretation of dreams and events, O Thou Creator of the heavens and the earth! Thou art my Protector in this world and in the Hereafter. Take Thou my soul (at death) as one submitting to Thy will (as a Muslim), and unite me with the righteous."
Surah Yusuf (12:101)

Prophet Moses AS:

"Moses said: "O my people! If ye do (really) believe in Allah, then in Him put your trust if ye submit (your will to His).""
Surah Yunus (10:84)

27. Simply put, our most beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW was the final messenger (33:40) whom was sent for the whole humanity (21:107) and Allah has perfected this religion (5:3) which was revealed since Adam AS to Muhammad SAW because there will be no more messenger after him.

28. This perfect religion is also guaranteed to be preserved until the end of time (15:9) through the miracles (mukjizat) of Quran, our main reference in Islam, subhanallah!

29. Just shortly before we end, let me throw this question to you. I always wonder, and I believe many of us too, about why do we need to remember the names of other prophets though emphasis has somehow be put to Muhammad SAW and few other prophets only?

30. But the answer is simple. By understanding Islam more, everything we have in our mind starts to make more sense, because actually all other prophets were Muslims too, and we are just one of the many people whom submit themselves to Allah SWT.

31. That is precisely the reason why we do not make any unjust distinction between all prophets of Allah SWT but love and believe in them all. This is stated in the Quran, in Surah Al-Baqarah (2:285).

32.  I really hope that this writing will add more to our knowledge about Islam, and more importantly increase our faith in Him SWT and eventually make us better Muslims insya Allah.

Take care. Wassalam.

P/S: This entry is authored for IMU Muslim Society (MSOC) whose blog can be visited here.
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Saturday, November 19, 2011



Assalamualaikum wbt and peace be upon all of you.

1. When I was young, my wonderful mom told me about beautiful stories of names. Back then, my mom was a smart girl from a small village in Terengganu. One day, one of his Malay friends, Saidi, was asked by their English teacher to read a sentence in the textbook- and there was an Indian name, Nathan in the sentence. 

2. But Saidi didn't know how to pronounce that name. So the whole class broke into a huge laughter when he hilariously mentioned "Natt-tang!"- which in standard Malay language means binatang or haiwan- translated as 'animal' in English.

3. The second story was about parents (not my parents of course) who went to register a name for their newly-born son. When asked by the registration officer, the father uttered, "Mat pun jadilah," which in English means, 'Mat would suffice'- suggesting that he wanted a short name for his son, only Mat.

4. However the simple-minded officer mistakenly took the whole thing he heard and yes, he wrote down the entire sentence (on the birth certificate). So the world now welcomes a new boy living with one of the most unique Malay names ever exists- Mat Punjadilah!

5. In this article, I will have three parts, and you can choose to read all or any one part that you like. They are a) Choosing good names in Islam, b) New names for new Muslims? and c) Using Allah as a name for non-Muslims.

a) Choosing good names in Islam
6. Before I begin, let me share a nice quote by Benjamin Franklin. He says,

"I wake up every morning at nine and grab for the morning paper. Then I look at the obituary (notice of death) page. If my name is not on it, I get up.LOL

7. Right. Let's get started. It is important especially for parents when it comes to choosing good names for their children or newborns, because they will carry those names until they die. Em, but dead people also carry the same name, don't they?

8. Now let's review some of beautiful Islamic guidelines for choice of names.

9. Firstly, of course, names are not restricted to any language, but so long as it has a good and beautiful meaning, then that's OK.

10. In Islam, the best names are Abdurrahman and Abdullah which mean the servant of Allah most gracious (Ar-rahman), and the servant of Allah respectively. The name 'abd' or 'abdul' which means a servant can be combined with the names of Allah such as Abdul Malik and Abdul 'Aziz.

11. Also, the names of Prophets or righteous (Soleh) people can also be used such as Muhammad, Ibrahim, Musa, Umar and Luqman.

12. Attention (Forbidden names): We have to be very careful because there are indeed names that are forbidden (haraam) to use. For instance, specific names of Allah such as Ar-Rahman or Al-Khaliq. Take note that Rahman or Abdul Rahman are however different and therefore they are good names and permissible in Islam.

13. Similarly, names that have 'abd' or 'abdul' but combined with other than Allah are also forbidden. Examples are Abdul Syams, Abdul Qamar and Abdul Nabi, which simply mean the servant of sun, the servant of moon and the servant of prophet respectively, because the truth is, we are all only servants of Allah SWT, not others. Names of angels (Malaikat) are not allowed too.

14. In addition, 3 more types are the names of idols (berhala) such as Al-Laat, Al-'Uzza and Isaaf, names of Satans (syaitan) such as Al-Walhan, Al-A'war and Al-Ajda', plus names that carry titles that we don't deserve like Malikul Amlak (King of all kings) or Sayyid Al-Naas (King of all mankind). All these are impermissible in Islam.

15. Lastly, there are names which are not recommended for they carry unpleasant or negative meanings. These names are such as Harb (war), Suham (disease of camel), Dumal (mute), Bakhil (miser or cheapskate) and Sariq (thief).

16. Not to forget names of animals such as Himar (donkey) and Al-Kalb (dog). Quite basically, all these names don't give a good impression to a creation called mankind.

Note: The list of names mentioned are just examples, not exhaustive.

17. To conclude on this part, let me reiterate that good names are not necessarily those in Arabic. In Malaysia, we have non-Malay Muslims with unique names such as Brother Shah Kirit Kakulal Govindji and also Lim Jooi Soon. They are both well-known local da'ies especially in comparative religion.

18. Do you know that Malay Muslims also don't necessarily use Arabic names though most of us do? According to National Department of Registration, about 30% names registered are not Arabic, but Malay names. One good example is Awang. Do you know what it means?

19. According to the 4th edition of Kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (the most reliable Malay language dictionary and book of vocabulary in Malaysia), Awang is a Malay traditional nickname given to young men (especially to the eldest in family).

20. So, please don't wrongly accuse a Muslim friend as non-Muslim, just because they don't use Arabic names!
b) New names for new Muslims (mualaf)? 

21. When a person just embraced Islam, it is not compulsory for them to change their names or their fathers' to Arabic names such as Abdullah or Abdur Rahman. This, as far as I am concern, has nowhere been done except in Malaysia. However, the good news (for the reverts especially) is that it is no longer so in places like Selangor, Malacca, Perlis, Wilayah Persekutuan (Federal Territory) and Kelantan.

22. The issue of names is so important because non-Malays especially, often find it an excuse not to be interested in Islam because of the misconception that Islam takes away their family names, and therefore ruin the whole relationship with their families.

23.  Before we comment further though, it is good to firstly consider the fact that maintaining the names of father, with regard to descendant and lineage is in line with Quran. It says:

"Call them by (the names of) their fathers: that is juster in the sight of Allah. But if you know not their father's (names, call them) your Brothers in faith, or your Mawlas. But there is no blame on you if you make a mistake therein: (what counts is) the intention of your hearts: and Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful."  
Surah Al-Ahzab, (33:5)

24. Also, in a hadith narrated by Bukhari, Rasulullah SAW says that those who claim to be a son to someone who is not his own father, then Paradise is forbidden upon him. Also in another hadith narrated by Bukhari, he SAW declares that amongst the biggest lie is a person claiming to be the son of someone who is not his own father.

25. If today a non-Muslim reverts to Islam, but his father is still a non-Muslim, he is not at all entitled to syirk just because his dad's name is not in Arabic! Great companions of him SAW like Umar Al-Khattab, Uthman Ibn Affan and many more didn't change their fathers' names after embracing Islam.

26. There are many more interesting examples and explanation about this but I would recommend that you visit reference number (2) and (4) below for some enlightening and awesome articles (both in Malay Language). Seriously, if you intend to really get a deep insight into these subject, both articles are must-read!

27. Before I end this second part though, I would personally take the position that choosing names for mualaf and their fathers should be an option, so long as it is within what is permissible in our deen, Islam.

c) Using Allah as a name for non-Muslims

28. This last part will be the most special one because I am not going to write anything except that I intend to share with all of you a paperwork by an expert in comparative religion, who is also a Professor Madya in the Department of Aqidah and Islamic Thought in Academy of Islamic Teaching, University Malaya, Dr. Khadijah Khambali.

29. His paperwork is in Malay Language, translated in title as 'The Analysis of the Word Allah According to Ahl Sunnah Wal Jamaah'. You can download and read this paperwork here. Below is the screenshot of its cover page.



30. You can also visit his 'newly born' blog here. Insya Allah, I am also trying to help her update her blog for the benefit of her students in UM, and also everyone of us here, not to forget all Muslims and non-Muslims alike in the public. Insya Allah, do make prayers for these efforts ya?

31. To end this, I thank you for your time. For your information, Ibnu Hanaffi is basically only my nom de plume. It means pseudonym, and pseudonym means a false name, or a nickname, not a real name used by an author or writer.

32. My real name is Mohd Amirul Asyraf Mohd Hanaffi. People call me with many names, like Amir, Amirul, Am, Asyraf, Aleng, Mamat (lol) and so on. I personally love Asyraf the most though. And well, I shall end here now I think. Just in case you want to know why I chose Ibnu Hanaffi as my pen name in my writing, you can read it here.

Wallahuaklam, wassalamualaikum wbt.

P/S: Some wonderful friends of mine call me Ibnu! LOL =p


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Sunday, November 13, 2011

I stand corrected


Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. I have been producing back-to-back articles in Malay language lately, and now I start missing writing in English again.

2. The 2 most recent ones revolve around my thoughts on the issue of banning Seksualiti Merdeka Festival here and here before I stumbled upon a well-written composition by Ustaz Dr Zaharuddin Abd Rahman, which due to his sort of moderation and wasatiyyah in approach, cleared up my mind and gave a very refreshing feeling. Thanks Dr! 

My self-authored all time favorites (Malay Language)

2. Honestly though, most of my articles on this blog are in English, not because I am 'a nut forgetting its skin' (kacang lupakan kulit) but because I am a humble student of language whom intends to learn more about other languages, for the benefit of myself, and also my people (in case my service of translating is needed some day).

3. In fact, I personally in strong opinion that the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English or PPSMI (Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris) should be gradually withdrawn from our education system, and replaced with the national language (Bahasa Malaysia).

4. I was in the first batch to experience the implementation of PPSMI when it was integrated into the system in 2003 (I was in Form 1 then) and I have no objection that it gave me some advantages in learning the same subjects in English in the later stage of my education.

5. However, that was because being in boarding school, most of us were already fairly well-versed in English, and that means that PPSMI did not teach us English! In fact, English is taught best as a subject, not a medium of communicating other subjects! (at least this is what I believe) ;-)

6. I have to agree that acquiring knowledge (of Science, Maths, etc) is best done in the mother language of the knowledge seekers. What matters is not the language we speak, but the understanding, and therefore the practice of the knowledge. This is precisely why we have people whom may not be a good speaker, but very good at what he does. 

7. While English as a universal language of communication is pertinent nowadays, that it is something we can hardly live without, I still think that the job of local translators is never less important.

8. People like the Japanese for instance, are able to develop and survive with their own mother language. Does that imply that we can totally forget about English and do everything in our mother language too? My answer to that question is both yes and no.

9. Yes, because most of us still speak our mother language and we don't need to change this fact although we could. Knowledge will circulate and be communicated better in the mother language and more importantly, it benefits the majority, not the select few, whom are only a small bunch of people from the whole nation.

10. No, because there are things we can learn from others too. In this globalised world, it is always good to open our eyes and mind and therefore benefit something from others. Al-Quran also mentions that Allah created different tribes and nations so that we may know each other, which in a way also means to learn about one another.

11. So, what we need to be clear about now is on what roles do we play. My conclusion is simple. We need people whom have expertise and knowledge in other language such as English, but it is also their job to become translators and therefore to bridge or pass the knowledge to the majority of people in our localities.

12. This to me is the solution. Every educated mind would agree with me that we learn language of others not so that we can be them, but so that we can be the better us, with the knowledge of us and them. As simple as that.

13. Haha actually, I don't really plan to talk about PPSMI but never mind.

14. I just want to take this opportunity to make a confession... that I am a guy (not gay)! Hehe, ok that's a joke. Actually I want to make a confession and declaration that I am an ordinary person, who is fallible and err at times.

15. This is by right the 118th posts of mine and for those who have been following me since 2009, you should see some changes in the way I think, the way I write, language I use, my conviction and ideas about certain issues etc etc. Although majority of my writings are quite academic and factual (in my own limited capacity) but I do personally share about myself, my family and my once upon a time love story haha ok, don't search for it.

16. So, as the title reads, I honestly stand corrected. This means, that I, as humble as I hope I could be, do welcome any suggestions and corrections lest I make any mistakes, small or big that require your response and attention. Please do. I am learning, like everybody else too ;-)

17. As to what extent do I know the limit of my efforts in inviting people to do good (which is also known as dakwah-oh please don't be terrified with this word) I keep praying that I know my place and stay low and down to earth, for only Allah knows everything, powerful over all things.

18. I strongly hate egotism and arrogance, and I seek Allah's refuge from them both ameen. I did write an article about egotism sometime ago here.

19. As a Muslim, I believe that the best and the first step to do dakwah is to be a good Muslim ourselves.

20. If you intend to read more about my pledge and hope with my works here, I have also written another important entry on Facebook Sheikh for Eidulfitri this year. Check it out.

21. Thank you so much to all of you, whom have been loyal and supportive as readers or friends, and also as brothers and sisters in Islam. I hope that you can always make prayers for me and my family, and for that I pray to Allah SWT The Most High that your prayers will return back to you, and may Allah grant you His Paradise for your goodness.

Wassalamualaikum and take care.

P/S: I do have a plethora of wonderful e-books (pdf format) to share, insya Allah will regularly do so here, or you can drop me an email at if you wish ;-)

My little dakwah page on Facebook
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nak Jadi Gay? (Versi 2.0)


Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. Berikut ialah sedikit sambungan dan perkembangan semasa tentang penganjuran Festival Seksualiti Merdeka. Artikel saya yang memulakan perbincangan tajuk ini boleh dibaca di sini.

2. Pertama, pihak polis telah mengeluarkan arahan agar festival ini dihentikan dan alhamdulillah, pihak penganjur bersetuju untuk membatalkan (walaupun festival ini sudah dijalankan dengan 'jayanya' sejak tahun 2008)!

3. Kedua, isu ini menjadi salah satu topik perbincangan hangat rakyat negara sehingga pelbagai pihak menyatakan rasa tidak setuju dalam pelbagai bentuk dan alasan. Saya kumpulkan sebahagian daripadanya (dan sudah saya khatamkan). Anda boleh merujuk pautan-pautan yang disediakan di bawah.

4. Pada kesempatan ini, saya cuma ingin menghurai dengan lebih lanjut tentang isu ini di samping memberi respon balas terhadap kenyataan-kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh pihak tertentu yang menyokong penganjuran festival ini.

5. Pertama, kita sedia maklum bahawa mana-mana agama terutamanya yang terbesar seperti Islam sendiri, Kristian, Hindu dan Buddha melarang homoseksualiti dan sebarang bentuk orientasi seksual yang songsang yang lain. Maka, logiknya orang yang tak beragama saja yang sepatutnya menyokong aktiviti sebegini.

6. Pun begitu, kita mesti ingat, bahawa Malaysia negara berperlembagaan dengan Islam sebagai agama rasmi dan penganut agama lain bebas mengamalkan agama masing-masing, maka mereka yang tidak mempunyai agama seharusnya mencari tempat lain selain Malaysia. 

7. Bagi orang Islam pula, ketahuilah yang bumi ini milik Allah dan Dia telah mengharamkan homoseksualiti, maka jika ingin melanggar arahan-Nya, carilah tempat lain yang bukan milik Allah. Ada ke tempat lain? Perhatian: Planet Marikh pun milik Allah SWT.

8. Baik. Kalau menggunakan agama sebagai hujah tidak cukup, apa kata kita lihat dari sudut Sains pula?  

9. Walaupun sebenarnya bila bercakap tentang Sains, kita bercakap tentang agama kerana Sains itu ciptaan Tuhan, tapi oleh sebab ada yang hanya mahu melihat isu ini hanya dalam kaca mata Sains dan menidakkan terus agama, kita sama-sama sahut cabaran itu, jom!


10. Pusat Pencegahan dan Kawalan Penyakit atau CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) di negara Amerika Syarikat telah mengeluarkan laporan kontemporari yang cukup mengejutkan.

11. Dalam satu statistik tahun 2006, walaupun golongan gay, biseksual dan sebagainya hanyalah kira-kira 2% daripada jumlah penduduk, lebih 53% jangkitan HIV berlaku dalam kalangan mereka ini yang melakukan hubungan sejenis! 

12. Satu lagi laporan juga dikeluarkan CDC pada September 2010 menyatakan bahawa daripada jumlah yang dijangkiti ini, separuh daripada mereka tidak sedar bahawa mereka dijangkiti HIV! Tidakkah ini satu fakta yang jelas dan menakutkan? Dan di sana juga, HIV dikenali sebagai 'Gay Disease'!

Sumber: (1), (2)

13. Tak cukup dengan itu, Organisasi Kesihatan Sedunia atau WHO (World Health Organisation) pula dalam satu laporan pada tahun 2009 mendedahkan bahawa seks sejenis oleh golongan homoseksual ini telah menjadi faktor penyumbang besar ke arah penyebaran HIV/AIDS di Asia. Penyataan ini dikeluarkan dalam satu bentuk amaran!

14. Di negara China, HIV/AIDS telah diisytiharkan menjadi penyebab kematian nombor satu dalam kategori penyakit berjangkit. Mengetahui bahaya penyakit ini, dan kaitan langsungnya yang kuat dengan amalan homoseksualiti, di mana letaknya logik untuk membiarkan budaya begini berleluasa?

Sumber: (3)

15. Justeru, soalan yang kita lontarkan kepada orang yang tidak mahu  mengikut ajaran agama sekarang ialah, adakah sekarang anda juga ingin menafikan fakta dan Sains (dari aspek kesihatan)? 

16. Menjawab persoalan hak asasi manusia pula, pertamanya kita seharusnya membezakan individualisme dan hak asasi manusia! Tidak ada manusia yang boleh hidup berseorangan, bahkan haiwan pun hidup berkumpulan dan kelompok. 

17. Maka hak asasi manusia tak sepatutnya terhad kepada hak individu tetapi mesti mengambil kira hubungan mereka dengan manusia yang lain. Mana ada manusia yang boleh tinggal berseorangan. Golongan homoseksual pun mencari pasangan!

18. Dengan kata lain, individualisme adalah sikap pentingkan diri yang melampau dan tidak boleh sama sekali disamakan dengan hak asasi manusia. Dengan itu, jika orang-orang Seksualiti Merdeka berjuang atas kapasiti hak asasi manusia, mereka seharusnya membubarkan Seksualiti Merdeka!

19. Dalam artikel yang lalu, saya telah berikan contoh realiti bagaimana homoseksualiti menjadi punca rumah tangga kacau bilau. 

20. Sebagai sambungan, fakta mengenai HIV juga menunjukkan bahawa masalah sebegini tidak sama sekali melibatkan seorang individu sahaja kerana penyebaran penyakit mestilah merujuk kepada jangkitan kepada orang lain.

21. Selain itu, kita sudah bincangkan sebelum ini, bagaimana homoseksualiti adalah amalan yang mencantas proses pembiakan dan kesinambungan spesis Homo Sapien (manusia)! Adakah semua ini layak dipanggil hak individu sedangkan ia jelas mengganggu hak masyarakat yang juga merupakan manusia secara umumnya? Jadi apakah makna hak yang sebenarnya ingin dimaksudkan?

Sekadar alasan

22. Ada pihak yang membuat kenyataan bahawa festival ini hanyalah untuk mendidik masyarakat agar tidak mendiskriminasikan golongan minoriti ini, itu sahaja, bukannya untuk menggalakkan mahupun mempromosikan homoseksualiti dan sebagainya. Kemudian, disebut juga bahawa setiap orang berhak untuk tidak hidup dalam ketakutan.

23. Walaupun saya mengakui tidak ada orang yang patut didiskriminasikan, dicemuh, dihina malah diancam bunuh, namun soalan ini sepatutnya berbalik kepada mereka, iaitu jika mereka takut, mengapa mereka tidak terus tinggalkan amalan songsang sebegini?

24. Adakah layak kita membiarkan pembunuh dan perompak SELESA dan TENANG melakukan 'tugas' mereka hanya kerana tidak mahu mereka hidup dalam ketakutan? Saya tak menyamakan pembunuhan atau perompakan dengan homoseksualiti, tapi ideanya di sini ialah, bukankah ketakutan itu sebenarnya hadir daripada perbuatan yang salah?

25. Hanya yang bersalah akan hidup dalam ketakutan, dan homoseksualiti itu satu kesalahan dan satu penyakit yang mesti dirawat!

26. Persoalan perjuangan menidakkan diskriminasi pula tidak praktikal dan rasional. Kita mesti berpijak di bumi yang nyata. Penjelasannya cukup mudah. Walaupun festival ini mungkin tidak mempromosikan homoseksualiti secara terbuka dan rancak, namun membenarkannya bererti memberi pengiktirafan, sekaligus dengan kata lain menggalakkan ia terus berlaku kerana tiada tentangan! Adakah perkara logik mudah begini pun sukar untuk difikirkan?

27. Jika seorang anak kecil ingin bermain api, adakah kita akan sekadar membiarkan? Padahal membiarkan bererti kita mengiktirafnya maka kita bersetuju anak kecil ini bakar diri sendiri hidup-hidup?

28. Soalan saya mudah sahaja. Saya setuju bahawa kita perlu mengajak masyarakat bertimbang rasa terhadap orang lain. Tetapi persoalan pertama ialah, adakah homoseksualiti, biseksualiti dan sebagainya harus diterima? Jawapannya semestinya tidak!

29. Oleh itu, memang kita perlu elakkan diskriminasi dan sebagainya, tetapi dalam masa yang sama kita juga perlu berusaha menyediakan jalan kepada mereka ini untuk berubah dan 'sembuh'. Dengan kata lain, kita tolak sebarang kekasaran, tapi kita mesti tolak juga penyakit ini dan bukan membiarkannya berterusan!

30. Saya faham bahawa faktor seperti genetik, ketidakseimbangan hormon, mahupun trauma seksual boleh menjadi penyumbang kepada kecenderungan songsang ini. Namun, sekali lagi, faktor-faktor ini sendiri adalah bukti jelas bahawa ia satu penyakit yang seharusnya dirawat, dan bukannya dibiarkan!

31. Jawab soalan saya. Berapa ramai dalam kalangan golongan minoriti ini mempunyai kecenderungan sedemikian kerana memang sudah tiada pilihan? Saya yakin, majoriti mereka mempunyai pilihan dan bukannya dilahirkan begitu, tetapi mereka sebenarnya dikelilingi persekitaran yang mengiktiraf ketidaknormalan mereka. Menyalahkan Tuhan atau fitrah adalah alasan yang lembik semata-mata.

32. Akhir sekali, saya juga ingin bertanya kepada golongan ini, jika diberi pilihan, adakah anda mahu anak-anak anda menjadi gay, lesbian dan sebagainya? Sebenarnya anda tak perlu menjawab persoalan ini, sebab homoseksualiti untuk pengetahuan anda, tak boleh 'menghasilkan' anak maka adakah anda akan mempunyai anak?

33. Baik, soalan yang lebih wajar ditanya sebenarnya ialah begini. Bayangkan, jika ibu atau ayah anda gay atau lesbian, adakah anda fikir anda akan wujud di dunia ini? Fikir-fikirkanlah.

Latar Belakang Seksualiti Merdeka

34. Melalui penjelasan di atas, saya telah cuba jelaskan bahawa membenarkan bererti mengiktiraf. Melalui kajian saya, di negara Amerika Syarikat terdapat satu program yang dinamakan Itgetsbetter.

35. Saya tidak tahu jika Seksualiti Merdeka mendapat ilham dan motivasi daripada program begini tetapi saya merasakan ya. Program It gets better antara lainnya membolehkan golongan gay, lesbian dan sebagainya menghantar video mereka mendedahkan kepada umum tentang orientasi seksual mereka.

36. Dengan pendedahan sebegini kepada umum (internet boleh dicapai oleh masyarakat sedunia), maka mereka akan berasa lebih lega dan lebih baik (It gets better). Saya juga yakin usaha yang sama pernah dilakukan oleh Seksualiti Merdeka yang mengundang kemarahan umat Islam suatu ketika dahulu apabila seorang Muslim mendedahkan bahawa dia seorang Muslim yang gay di You Tube!

37. Harapan saya, hentikanlah semua ini. Apa lagi alasan yang mahu dikemukakan selepas ini?

38. Saya hanya mahu kita sepakat bahawa situasi ini satu penyakit. Maka kita bersama-sama selesaikannya, mencari jalan dan penawar. Saya juga bersetuju bahawa diskriminasi, cemuhan dan sebagainya harus dihentikan. Tetapi amalan songsang juga harus dihentikan. Win win situation, setuju?

39. Nasihat terakhir saya kepada golongan normal dan straight di luar sana, marilah sama-sama kita lebih berhikmah, bukannya pemarah. Kita mesti mendidik, bukan mengherdik. Saya amat kesal dan malu apabila mendapat tahu bahawa kita bertindak balas dengan bahasa-bahasa kasar, mencarut di sana-sini. Kita menghentam dosa dengan cara membuat dosa! Tak pelikkah?

40. Suka saya petik kata-kata Ustaz Hasrizal apabila beliau menyebut tentang soal ini katanya:

"Mereka memindakan penis dan vagina, kita mem'penis' dan men'vagina' kan minda."

41. Cukup tepat dan padat. Saya kongsikan apa yang saya faham, namun jika bukan ini yang beliau maksudkan, saya harap anda dapat perbetulkan saya.

42. Golongan Seksualiti Merdeka ini cuba merasionalkan orientasi seksual mereka melalui hujah dan pemikiran yang logik dan boleh diterima minda, maka mereka memindakan penis dan vagina. Malangnya, sesetengah daripada kita pula mengotori dan mengkuningkan minda kita dengan perkataan dan pemikiran-pemikiran lucah. Dengan kata lain, kenapa kita mem'penis' dan men'vagina' kan minda kita?

43. Wallahuaklam, Allah lebih tahu dan moga Dia terus membimbing kita ke jalan yang benar. Seribu kemaafan atas sebarang kekurangan. Moga bermanfaat! 


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Ustaz Hasrizal Saiful Islam (1)(2)(3)
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Istimewa Aidiladha 1432 Hijrah

Salam Aidiladha buat semua. Saya sajikan anda semua dengan satu vlog pendek sebagai penutup. Selamat menonton =)

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Nak jadi Gay?


Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. Jika anda baca surat khabar Harian Metro bertarikh 2 November 2011 (saya tak beli, tengok sepintas lalu je di kedai), terdapat satu tajuk besar di muka depan bertajuk Suamiku Luar Tabi'i. Anda boleh baca versi online di sini. Arakian, bermulalah kisah di bawah..

2. Sedar atau tidak, dari tarikh 1-13 November tahun ini, akan diadakan satu program tahunan yang diberi nama Seksualiti Merdeka 2011: Queer Without Fear di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

3. Program ini diusahakan oleh satu badan yang bernama Seksualiti Merdeka yang kononnya memperjuangkan hak asasi manusia dan hak asasi ini merujuk kepada hak menjadi seorang gay, lesbian, transgender dan biseksual. Dengan kata lain, semua ini adalah orientasi seksual yang luar daripada kebiasaan.

4. Sebagai rakyat yang prihatin, kita wajar mengambil serius hal ini. Perjuangan atas dasar dan prinsip hak asasi ini sungguh cacat dan tidak rasional. Mereka mahukan kebebasan total lantas menyokong golongan yang merasa diri mereka cenderung untuk memilih jantina mereka sendiri mahupun cenderung untuk minat pada kaum sejenis.

5. Ada beberapa hujah mereka yang perlu dibidas. Contohnya, jika benar kecenderungan pelik yang dirasai ini adalah 'anugerah Tuhan' dan perkara fitrah atau semulajadi, maka kita lontarkan soalan yang cukup mudah kepada mereka, jika mereka lahir dengan penyakit genetik, dan ada kecanggihan teknologi perubatan yang boleh merawatnya, adakah mereka akan menolak rawatan kerana menggunakan prinsip menerima fitrah?

6. Allah SWT pasti mencipta makhluknya dengan sempurna dan yang sempurna ini seharusnya dijadikan rujukan. Namun, kita semua pasti menerima sedikit ujian (kurang sempurna) dalam apa jua bentuk sekalipun, seperti kecacatan mahupun kekurangan harta benda. Adakah dengan hanya menganggap ujian itu satu perkara yang normal, maka kita perlu terus hidup dengannya tanpa sebarang usaha dan tawakkal untuk memperbaik keadaan dan mencari penyelesaian?

"Demi sesungguhnya! Kami akan menguji kamu dengan sedikit perasaan takut (kepada musuh) dan (dengan merasai) kelaparan, dan (dengan berlakunya) kekurangan dari harta benda dan jiwa serta hasil tanaman. Dan berilah khabar gembira kepada orang-orang yang sabar."
Surah Al Baqarah (2:155)

7. Manusia tidak layak untuk menilai apakah fitrah asal kejadian. Allah SWT yang telah mencipta kita maka Dia lebih berhak mengeluarkan manual penciptaannya. Manual ini tidak lain melainkan Al-Quran dan juga contoh serta perinciannya yang disampaikan melalui insan mulia rasul terakhir, Muhammad SAW.

8. Jika benarlah kecenderungan menyukai jantina sama ialah satu fitrah yang suci, maka sudah tentu hal ini bercanggah dengan kisah Al-Quran yang telah merakamkan bagaimana Kaum Nabi Lut telah menerima bala bencana yang cukup dahsyat akibat dosa homoseksual mereka.

9. Tahukah kita, tidak ada kaum selain kaum Nabi Lut yang telah dibinasakan sebegitu teruk akibat keingkaran mereka kepada mesej Rasul. Mereka telah diangkat bersama-sama tanah dari bumi, kemudian diterbalikkan lantas dicampak semula ke atas bumi, sehingga mereka lenyap dalam kehancuran!

"Maka Kami jadikan negeri kaum Lut itu tunggang-balik (tertimbus segala yang ada di muka buminya), dan kami hujani atasnya dengan batu dari tanah yang dibakar."
Surah Al-Hijr (15:74)

10. Maka sesiapa jua yang mengaku Muslim tidak harus menyebut soal hak asasi manusia sedangkan sebarang usaha menerima dan menjadi homoseksual secara tak langsung telah mencabar dan menghina hak Al-Quran dan hak Allah!

11. Melihat dari sudut logik pula, (kerana logik adalah melalui anugerah akal daripada Pencipta) perasaan mahu menukar jantina sedia ada tidak mungkin lahir melainkan jika persekitaran telah membentuk seseorang agar menjadi begitu. Saya tidak pernah dengar seorang kanak-kanak membesar dengan memperjuangkan hak mereka untuk memilih jantina melainkan jika mereka dibesarkan dalam persekitaran yang salah.

12. Maka ingin saya ambil kesempatan di sini untuk  menyebut satu perkara. Ibu bapa memainkan peranan cukup penting dalam menyediakan persekitaran yang baik dalam proses pembesaran anak-anak. Kadang-kadang masyarakat kita suka menggayakan anak lelaki mereka yang comel dengan pakaian kanak-kanak perempuan, malah sesetengahnya sampai letak make-up dan gincu!

13. Ya, memang mereka masih kanak-kanak dan ia mungkin sekadar hiburan. Tetapi pada usia yang mentah, psikologi kanak-kanak cukup rapuh, sehinggakan apa yang kita suka mereka lakukan atau yang kita lakukan pada mereka dianggap sebagai benar dan satu pengiktirafan. Akibatnya, minat ini akan bercambah sehingga ke usia remaja apabila kanak-kanak ini perlu mencari identiti sebenar mereka. Maka, janganlah disiksa jiwa mereka.

14. Layanlah anak lelaki sebagai seorang lelaki dan begitu juga sebaliknya. Iktiraf kejantanan dan keperkasaan mereka secara terkawal sejak dari kecil dan juga raikan ciri-ciri kejelitaan kanak-kanak perempuan semenjak kecil mereka. Jangan berdolak dalih membenarkan kanak-kanak perempuan menjadi Tomboy dengan harapan bila besar dia akan matang dan berubah?

Gambar Hiasan: Ibu Bapa berperanan besar dalam membantu anak-anak membentuk identiti mereka.
15. Penghujahan yang lebih kuat ialah, penciptaan makhluk di muka bumi ini juga disertai dengan mekanisme kesinambungan spesis masing-masing. Sebab itulah, bukan setakat manusia, bahkan haiwan dan tumbuhan juga membiak. Pihak yang masih degil dengan menggunakan prinsip fitrah serta kecenderungan semula jadi sekali lagi harus menjawab soalan ini, jika semua orang seperti mereka, bukankah akan pupus manusia di muka bumi? Bukankah ini berlawanan dengan fitrah kesinambungan spesis (species perpetuation)?

16. Pendirian saya di sini mudah. Perasaan ingin menukar jantina atau menyukai orang yang sama jantina adalah emosi yang terbantut dan perlu dirawat! Selagi mana ada kumpulan yang mengiktiraf perasaan mereka yang songsang ini, selagi itu mereka akan rasakan seolah-olah ia lahir secara semula jadi. Sebab itulah perkara pertama yang dilakukan adalah dengan bertegas terhadap hakikat sebenar diri anda bahawa tarikan semula jadi hanya berlaku antara jantina yang bertentangan dan juga jantina seseorang seharusnya sudah ditentukan oleh organ fizikal pembiakannya. Selain daripada itu adalah penyakit maka memerlukan rawatan.

17. Sebagai penutup untuk bab ini, elok kita semak kisah benar yang berlaku sebagaimana laporan dalam akhbar di atas. Bayangkan betapa menderitanya seorang isteri yang sudah beranak pinak apabila mengetahui yang lelakinya sudah songsang! Maka siapa kata menjadi gay dan sebagainya hak individu? Bukankah ini satu bukti yang wujud dalam realiti masyarakat kita, bahawa homoseksualiti dan orientasi seksual songsang yang lain adalah melanggar hak orang lain (isteri) serta hak masyarakat?

18. Bukankah juga ia melanggar fitrah kesinambungan alam dan spesis homo sapiens? Berlapang dadalah wahai yang sudah terjatuh ke dalam gaung. Dan berwaspadalah dengan bala bencana daripada Allah SWT.

19. Jika ada ahli keluarga anda hari ini yang mahu membunuh diri atas dasar kebebasan dia membuat pilihan (hak asasinya), maka anda menipu diri sendiri jika anda menghalang dia, sedangkan anda melakukan perkara yang sama bila anda ingin terus menjadi homoseksual.

20. Saya cabar anda semua, cari ajaran mana-mana agama yang membenarkan homoseksual, ada? Jika ada, maka itu agama palsu dan jika tidak ada, dan saya pasti tidak ada, itulah bukti bahawa Tuhan tidak mungkin suka akan perbuatan songsang yang melanggar fitrah ciptaan agung-Nya.

Wallahuaklam. Wassalamualaikum wbt.

21. Sebelum terlupa, saya juga berharap agar kita mengambil pendekatan yang berhemah dan bijaksana dalam menangani hal ini. Kita mesti rasional, jangan emosional! Tugas kita mendidik, bukan mengherdik. Saya ada nukilkan satu artikel tentang Allahyarham Ashraf dari Terengganu yang heboh menukar jantina di Thailand sebelum dia akhirnya ditakdirkan menemui sang Pencipta. Semoga bermanfaat!

P/S: Sambungan kepada artikel ini boleh dibaca di sini. (dikemaskini pada 9 November 2011)

Laman Muka Buku saya
Sekadar selingan. Montaj muzikal comel khas untuk sahabat-sahabat Melayu dan bukan Melayu ;-)

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The Colours of Life

The Colours of Life
Picture taken on Syawal 1, 2009

THE BELOVED FAMILY-Hey, do the maths!

Dad: Mohd Hanaffi bin Hassin
Mom: Noorma bte Mamat


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