Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Islamic Renaissance- Emerging With Ease?

Remember about the mass extermination of human population planned by the elite group? This new post you are about to read has something to do with it. In a video clip I have watched about the changing world demography, I have come across something that might be the reason why are we being depopulated. Want to know why? Keep on reading..

Dear all,
Islam has long been attacked and hated by many enemies ever since the first civilisation began. And now, they are trying to cull the Muslim population because we are having a very rapid population growth rate! While this is a good news to us, the evil elite group were taken aback by many statistics that are now speaking the truth! Aha, want to know what's the statistics and what's so interesting about them? Let me begin with this explanation first.

In the study of changing numbers in community over a period of time (also known as demography), fertility rate (FR)* is used. So, in reality, for a culture to maintain itself for more than 25 years, a FR of 2.11 children per family is required. A FR of 1.3 or lower would suggest that a population is declining and there is no possibility for it to reverse. This means, over time, that particular population may reach a point of extinction! This is historically correct and even if it were to reverse, it would take approximately 80-100 years! Considering this, let's take a quick look at the FR of these countries:

France : 1.8
England : 1.6
Greece : 1.3
Germany : 1.3
Italy : 1.2
Spain : 1.1

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) of 31 countries has an FR of 1.38. So, by looking at the above data, and consider the aforementioned explanation I have made about FR in the previous paragraph, would you be able to make your own deductions? Yes, exactly. They are all supposed to have something in common-a declining population! However, the question now is, there is indeed no decline in the current overall population of those countries! Why is that? Was I lying about the FR? Absolutely not. So? Would like to guess? Please read through..

The answer to this is very simple-It's immigration. Although native people in all countries mentioned have very low FR, people who migrate from outside into their countries are contributing to an increase in the overall population! And you know what, 90% of them are Islamic immigrations! The government of Germany, who's shocked by what's happening, has publicly declared a call for action. The following statement might explain what are they afraid of:

“The fall in the (Germany) population can no longer be stopped. Its downward spiral is no longer reversible. It will be a Muslim State by the year 2050.”

-Germany Federal Statistics Office-

Well, that's mere an introduction. :) I would like to disclose more. Let's go by country now. Moving on with the first country, France. Do you know that while its (native people) FR is only 1.8, the Muslim community who live in this country has an FR of 8.1 instead! Isn't that a big difference? That may explain why 30% children aged 20 years old or below in France are Islamic! Also, it is estimated that by 2027, 1/5 of the population will be Muslims and within 39 years, France will turn into an Islamic Republic! Cool, isn't it?

Next, the Great Britain. Over the last 30 years, the Muslim population has significantly increased from 82 000 to 2.5 millions-and that's a 30-fold increase! Netherlands, with the current 50% newborns being the Muslims, is expected to have more Muslims by half of the overall population in the next 15 years! Now, Russia is not excluded from the growing Muslim population. To date, it has 23 millions Muslim people which makes up 1/5 of the overall number of people in the country. And in just a few years, 40% of Russian Army will be Islamic! How about Belgium? Well, not bad. With 25% of the overall population being the Muslims and 50% of newborns are also Muslims, anyone would correctly predict what will it achieve in the coming decades. As a matter of fact, by 2025, one third of all European will be born to Muslim families. Plus, the German government has already forecast that the current 52 millions of Muslim population in Europe will double to 104 millions within only 20 years! Wouldn't it be a very good thing to know that Islam will be a dominant religion again? Will this indicate the coming of another great Islamic Kingdom? Be prepared for it dudes. It really is coming. And.. with ease? Take a look at this statement uttered by Muammar Al-Gaddafi of Libya which reads as follows:

“There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homicide bombers. The 50 + millions Muslims (in Europe) will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades”

-Muammar Al-Gaddafi-

All in all, I really hope that we seek for His ultimate protection and help against our enemies. Please always bear in mind that while the future may seem favorable for us the Muslims, Allah will never assist us in anything unless we make ourselves responsible for every victory we aim to have. May Allah bless us all. Stay tuned for more interesting and uplifting posts I want to share! :P

* Fertility rate (FR) can be mathematically calculated in its own way. It is a tedious job and if you wish to know more on how is it done, please feel free to do some research ya? :)

The following is the world map with the FR of respective countries (or regions) sourced from Abortion Policies: A Global Policy by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division published in the year 2001. Have a look! :)

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So You Think You Can Smile? The Sequel :P

As a continuation to the previous post, please kindly take a look at this one..

So you think you can smile? hehe.. soO cute, aren't they? :)

Video: Say No To Vaccines
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Monday, July 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Smile?

Sigh~please kindly read the following excerpt I took from a website..

The British government has announced that people should no longer see a doctor if they have flu symptoms and instead a system of diagnosis over the phone has been introduced without laboratory confirmation. How convenient for fixing the figures:

"Hello, I've got a cold, doc.."

"I think it's swine flu. I will tick you off.."

Do you notice the phrase in bold? For fixing the figures? Yes, they have been fixing the figures. Statistics of people infected with H1N1 virus. They want more people in the statistics. The more the 'merrier?' But...Why?

Look, we are living in a world full of threats-ones that are not obvious. Ones that seem favorable but are actually harmful! Let me make it short. What do we do when we are scared of swine flu? We look for vaccine, of course. But wait a minute, what if I tell you that it's not the flu, but the vaccine that will kill us? Aha.. sounds weird? Let me explain..

Whether we realize this or not, the evil group of elite people has long been prepared for any strategies they come up with to vanish their enemy off the earth! This thing about mass vaccination program is, believe it or not, part of the plan! They have been planning for a (if not too much to call it so) mass murder or mass-culling of the human populations.

Do not ask me why. It's a common sense. You would do anything and by any means to kill your enemies and this evil-hearted bunch of people have their own strategies-and we are their opponents. First, who on earth are involved in this agenda? Don't be surprised. This is not only about FBI, a Rockefeller, a Rothschild, Barack Obama and his fellow comrades, but man, we are also traited by WHO (World 'Hell' Organisation) and United Nations! Do not blame the name they possess. Blame those who conquer and run the organisations. Do you know what they do? By establishing all these world organisations which not to forget, is inclusive of the WTO and World Bank, they are centralising their power so that they can rule with a dictatorship that is not seen by many. European Union (EU) is a good example. They dictate by creating policies that must be complied with by the union members. And if we are part of them, we are one of their victims. Hey, they are preying upon us without us knowing! Would we just let it be? Let me continue with the issue now.

Everyone, if you are still unclear about this agenda let me make it simpler for you. I am talking about new biological weapon and strategies used to destroy human population. How? They produced the virus (Swine flu virus, H1N1) in laboratories and spread them off! Why? Will they kill us with the flu virus? No, not so fast dudes. It's even more tricky. Flu is only an initiator. It's the vaccine that kill. They create the flu so that people are demanding for something that will kill themselves-the vaccine! From the article that I have read, it's stated that even HIV and the previous bird flu virus (H5N1) were created in laboratories. Is it true? Hey, I am not the one who should decide. I am asking everyone here to investigate. On our own. And now, moving on, let's go deeper into the issue.

No doubt, this agenda will not materialise without the help from important parties like pharmaceutical industry and health centers. And yup, the leading pharmaceutical products providers are in the team. They are Baxter International and Novartis. Not to forget, the internationally well known CDC, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which is based in United States is also featuring. And this is the way they dictate. They control and dominate the medicine and pharmaceutical areas, and not surprising, the health policies worldwide-through WHO absolutely. Note: Baxter and Novartis produce and provide much of flu vaccines worldwide. So, can't we see that we are blatantly being made as victims and servants by these group of deceptive stupidiots (stupid and idiotic)?

Swine flu pandemic is not new. It is indeed, the re-run of the plan. Earlier in 1976, they have already had a trial. At that particular year in New Jersey, an army recruit was confirmed died of Swine flu. And do you want to know what happened next? The guy was the only one killed by the flu but after a massive vaccination program by the government, 25 more people were reported to die of the vaccine injected to them! Plus, hundreds of others were badly injured. And of course, they gave their many excuses to protect the hidden agenda. Oh ya, why Americans? Don't be surprise and don't get it wrong. These elite group do not work for Americans or even the country. They work for their very few who are in the groups!

One more thing, and this is very interesting. Do you know when was the flu vaccine (which is now being distributed worldwide) officially patented? August 26, 2008, seven months before the first Swine flu outbreak in Mexico in April! Look, what do we conclude from this. They have been prepared with the 'killer' vaccine in advance before they let the virus do the rest of the jobs for them. They just can't wait, can they? And do we know why vaccines are taken NOT only once? haha they think they are smart. This is why. Taking vaccines a few times is part of the planned strategy. It is called a three-vaccine system. The first injection is to turn off the white blood cells-our primary soldiers for immune system. The second is to introduce the killing virus into the body (the body will not react with the virus as immune system is already turned off). Then here we go. The third injection will turn the system on again. And can you expect what will happen next? Of course, our body will produce great amount of antibodies which do not only target the virus (antigen) but also our own body! Hey, how would it feel to be killed by our own immune system? Murdered from inside? I guess it tickles, doesn't it?

I think I have been elaborating long on this satanic agenda. It's again very not rightful to speculate anything but I am just doing my part to disseminate things and informations which I think is very important. I do not want anyone to take this rawly without any intention to check and confirm by yourselves. This is just a warning to me and all beloved readers and blog followers so that we are not easily fooled and victimised. Please feel free to drop some comments.

Through policy, the government (I am not referring to Malaysian government) is making it compulsory for parents to get their babies and children injected with vaccines. The question is, do the vaccines protect or do they kill?

Run, kids, run!! And save your life from being the victims at an early age. Doesn't mean that oldfolks should not mind trying! :P Everyone must protect yourselves and families.. :) Cheers!!

Wallahuaklam.. (Allah surely knows better)

P/S: As it seems that the world is no longer a safe place to live in, so you think you can smile? Of course you can. And please do. Though I shuddered the moment I knew about this. I am not paranoid, ain't I? By the way, let's fight for our rights~

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

To everyone who has been following my blog. Currenty, I am doing a serious reading and own research on the greatest conspiracy perpetrated by the evil world elite. I am compelled to share this in my blog after watching a series of 50-episode-video clips entitled 'The Arrival' -thanks to Faris Anis. Basically, it is about a plan called 'the New World Order' which has been planned by the current dominating world powers which are helped by the satanic powers and assistance. They have been delivering deceptive propagandas which has made most mankind fooled by nothing but bullshits. The September 11, the Holocaust and many others are terrible historical events that were man-made to satisfy their own interests! They were planned though seem as if they weren't. The world is expected to end with a war between two sides of two distinct bloodlines. It is too early to speculate, though. What matters now is to prepare ourselves so that we don't trust anyone blindly and plunge into their demonic enticing traps. Stay tuned! :)

William Guy Carr, a Canadian who authored a book that reveals the greatest secret of worldly agenda


Saturday, July 25, 2009

My dad-Will I feel the same way you did?

It was July 11 and the whole family were going to Nilai, and then Malacca to give my younger sister a company on her registration day at UniKL university. And the night before, we went to a Giant Mall and the thing that I was thinking of at that night almost made me cry.

My dad is not a man from a well-to-do family. Neither is my mom. But having 10 children in the family is perhaps what that makes them strong and happy. In the mall, while waiting for my sisters and mom to buy some stuffs, I don't know how but it so happened that I saw him far from somewhere-while keeping an eye on adik-adik whom was playing around at a mini playground. From the gesture, the way he acted himself, the face expression and kind of stares he gave-I know, he must be having something in his mind.

My dad has never had the same life I am enjoying right now. A big happy family plus caring and loving parents like him and my mom-he never had-And I am 90% sure about this. He seemed to feel as if he is in an environment which is strange to him. No, not that he has never been to any malls or superhypermarket all his life. But because perhaps he never had the opportunity to experience how it feels to be a rich dad-to have millions of money and buy anything he wants around him-and that's what he might have thought of-a different kind of life. However I know, he as a strong dad who always denies to buy new clothes even during Eid-Fitri (just to make sure that we have enough money to buy ours), is a dad whom we in the family respect and love the most. He always tells us that it's not money but success in life that he wants from all of us.

Dearest beloved dad, what ever you felt at that moment you must know that i was crying for you. And let me promise with all my might (with Allah willing) I will make you proud and make sure that all your sacrifice all this while paid-off. We love you daddy-mom's too.. :)

Because they said this is the only relationship that will last forever-your family..

The moments spent with family were the ones most precious in my life..

At least I can fly for seconds coz I'm not as heavy la along! ha3 :P

I know Ayah Pin is from Terengganu but me and Along (left) were doing no ritual here.. :P

Living in a big simple family has taught me a lot about the true meaning of love..
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What begins during the beginning?

Fi amanillah~ (under the supreme protection of Allah)

Finally I started a blog to have a well-documented journey of my life because it seems like my brain alone does not have the capacity to hold too much memories. Especially when in life, most remembered memories are the bad ones-which, easily sweep away those that can make me chuckle and laugh. As time passes and many truth unfolds, I thank Allah for allowing me to understand things I never did, before.

Firstly, let me rush not to really make these blog beautifully perfect and regularly updated. Beautiful and perfect are both semantic and subjective, though. Perhaps this is only a trial. An ordinary move. Aiming for extra ordinary outcome. Though this is just to get used to blogging-something that has become part of most people's lives nowadays-be it the readers or the bloggers-well I do not want to challenge anyone I am still way too new and novice in this stuff.

Finally, I have to always remind myself not to fear what I don't possess because if they are what I really need, I will have to look for them. What I already have are what that fear me most as they may be ones that I don't need. It is to me, easier to scavenge for what I want, then to let go what's with me that i don't like.

But first, let me also shower with my sincerest thanks and gratitude to everyone I know-those who have helped a lot in order to make this publishing of the very first personal blog page of mine possible, and anyone whom might read my words and find no barriers to share your own thoughts. Thank you everyone!

And indeed, first and final are words that should not only mean to start and to end respectively. I used both in an alternate manner in the above post to simply suggest how I perceive life in general. I have had many great losses in the past. And when some may take it as the end and describe them as final, I think every loss will let me begin to find new ones-new hopes and inspirations at least. It's in fact a new beginning and a renewed journey that follow an end to something that I love so much. To those who know me well, let me tell you that this inspiration I have, etched on my heart, is because I learn not to love and leave, but to love and live instead. Friends, strangers or even anyone, let's make everyday new and fresh as the end always precedes the beginning, the way it is expected to end something that begins.. :)

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The Colours of Life

The Colours of Life
Picture taken on Syawal 1, 2009

THE BELOVED FAMILY-Hey, do the maths!

Dad: Mohd Hanaffi bin Hassin
Mom: Noorma bte Mamat


Mohd Ridzwan
Nurul Shuhada
Mohd Amirul Asyraf (blog owner)
Fatihah Sakinah
Nurul Ain Afifah
Ilyana Nazlin
Nur Amira Mawaddah
Mohd Aizat Aiman
Nur Anis
Mohd Amri Afiq