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Dajjal The Anti Christ

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I always thought that it was easy to maintain my blog's KPI i.e to post at least 4 entries per month, but no, it's not easy. Nevertheless, to end this month of January, I am now authoring the fourth one here. As a continuity to the previous one entitled feminist revolution, this post will be about Dajjal The Anti Christ. However, it can't be perfectly comprehensive as this subject is only one of the very broad ones- so I am only providing an insight into it, at least from one angle. Open your mind and enjoy reading ;-)

Dajjal The Anti Christ (Part 1)


1. Allah says in the Quran, Surah An-Nahlu, (16:89) that, ".....We have sent down to you the Book explaining all things, a Guide, a Mercy and Glad Tidings to Muslims."

2. We Muslims believe in 2 primary sources of reference namely the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah (Hadith). They are Allah's mercy that help us understand Him, ourselves and every other thing including many strange events that are continuously unfolding in this world that we live in today.

3. To begin with, let us briefly go through a famous description of Dajjal according to our beloved Prophet, Muhammad S.A.W when he mentioned, that Dajjal The Anti Christ is blind in his right eye. On his forehead is written the word 'Kafir' which means the disbeliever. It is only the true Mu'min (The believers) whom can read and recognise the word.

4. It is therefore again important to take note that the blind eye refers to the internal eye- so Dajjal only sees with his left eye, the external eye instead. The believers, on the other hand, are able to see with their internal eyes, the eyes of the heart, which can only see when there is light (guidance) from Allah, as stated in the Quran.

5. Hence, please bear in mind that when we discuss about the subject of Dajjal, it can never be separated from religious symbolism, which therefore requires interpretation- Interpretations from the people whose hearts can see because their hearts are entered by light (Nur) from Allah insya Allah.

6. The story starts here today. A divine promise was communicated to the Israelite people that Allah will send a prophet to them, whose name is Al-Masih (Messiah) and he will rule the world with justice. This divine promise was also confirmed by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

7. The Al-Masih must rule the world from Jerusalem. However, at that time, the Israelites were at Babylon and the Holy Land of Jerusalem was occupied. So, whoever is the prophet and the Al-Masih must liberate the Holy Land first before he rules the world from there. Dajjal the impostor took this chance (to impersonate the true Messiah) and  planned the following:

                     1) Liberate the Holy Land (from the Ottoman Islamic Empire)
                     2) Bring back the Jews to the Holy Land and claim it as theirs
                     3) Establish the State of Israel
                     4) Become the ruling state of the world

8. Jesus (Prophet Isa a.s), the son of Mary (Maryam) was rejected as their prophet at the time he was sent by Allah due to several false beliefs held by the Jews. First, they accused that Jesus was a bastard as he had no father. No one knew the truth until 600 years later when Al-Quran was revealed and explains the chastity of Mary. They were also deceived by the misleading crucifixion of Jesus although once again Al-Quran answers this by confirming that Jesus was not murdered, but he was raised by Allah instead. Because the Jews believed that Jesus was dead and never ruled the world, he couldn't be the prophet.

9. So the story continues until our time now, that the Jews are still waiting for the promised prophet, and Dajjal will successfully deceive mankind and the Jews by claiming that he is the Messiah and impersonating the true Al-Masih. The first 3 events listed above had already taken place. We are indeed in the final phase of the Dajjal's mission until one day, he achieves the fourth one and declares that he is the Messiah.

10. Let us now get more serious and factual about events after events that have taken place in recent years.

But before that, Rasulullah S.A.W once in his lifetime had suspected that a Jewish boy in Medina (Madinah) was Dajjal. So he, accompanied by his companion Umar r.a went to see the boy to ask him about it. However, the boy's answer was very disrespectful. Umar was very angry at him and asked for Rasulullah's permission to cut off his head. But prophet Muhammad refused and said to Umar, that if the boy is the dajjal, Umar could not kill him, but if he is not the dajjal, then Umar will be sinful if he kills him.

11. The story above implies something very important- that implicitly, it suggests the possibility that Dajjal was released during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W because if he wasn't, Rasulullah S.A.W may not have the thought that any living being during his lifetime could be the Dajjal.

12. Here's another very interesting hadith from Sahih Muslim. It was reported that a Christian man whom turned Muslim once came to see Rasulullah S.A.W and narrated to him his story. The name of this man was Tamim Dari.

13. He narrated that one day, when he was sailing with 30 people, his ship was tossed by the ocean until they finally landed on an island where they saw a beast by the name Al-Jassasa. This beast told them that somebody wanted to see them at the monastery on the island, so Tamim Dari and others went to see the man, who was actually the Dajjal.

14. It was reported that the dajjal was a well-built person with his hands tied to his neck and having iron shackles between his two legs up to the ankles. A conversation then took place between them. Among all, the Dajjal told them that he will soon be permitted to get out and by then, he will travel in the land and will not spare any town where he would stay for 40 nights except Mecca (Mekah) and Medina (Madinah).

15. This is because both Mecca and Medina are prohibited for him. There will be an angel with sword in his hands to bar him from entering these 2 places.

16. Again, this is another sahih hadith that confirms the existence of Dajjal as early as during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. One intriguing question however arises, if Tamim Dari has met dajjal at an island, what and where is that island today? Keep reading for the answer.

17. According to Maulana Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein, dajjal will be released at that island and will launch his mission from there. Therefore, to find out where the island is, we must understand the mission of dajjal and see where it all started.

18. Consider this other hadith, also from Sahih Muslim- it says that when the Anti Christ is released, he will live on earth for 40 days. 1 day is like a year. 1 day is like a month. 1 day is like a week. And all his days (the rest) will be like our days.

19. When his day is like our day, he is in our dimension of time, and that means at that moment we can see him. The first day of dajjal which is like a year is the longest phase, followed by the second like a month and the third like a week before dajjal enters into our dimension of time. The period may not be exactly one year or one month or one week, but mere a relative comparison to suggest that the first is the longest and the last is shorter, but truly Allah always knows best.

20. We have to understand the significance of this hadith to see how it represents the history of the world we are living in today and therefore get to the answer we are looking for about the island just now. Do you remember that dajjal will launch his mission from the island? And that the first mission is to liberate the Holy Land? So what is the island? Again according to Maulana Imran, the island is what we all know today as Britain! But why? Because history perfectly fits in when it comes to a place where all strange events occurred and were initiated.

Dajjal The Anti Christ (Part 2)

21. Let us now study history. First, go make some tea or coffee ;-)

22. When dajjal was released, he was at that island and launched his mission from there. And as we already accept that Britain is the island, we shall now see how has Britain paved the way towards the completion of the first 3 events aforementioned above.

23. Liberation of the Holy Land, Jerusalem (Palestine): As I study this topic, my interest in world history immensely grows, knowing that many events that took place were actually not co-incidence, but according to 'plan'! Truly, there is a hidden hand that shapes the history of the world we are living in today (by permission of Allah of course).

24. Let us recall the summer of 1914, when at that time, they were 6 major powers on earth namely the Britain, France, Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary. Those are only 5 aren't they? What's the sixth then? Don't be surprised, we were deliberately made blind! I can't recall studying this during my secondary school but the sixth was the Ottoman Islamic Empire! It's important to know this because the Holy Land up to that year was under the control of the Ottoman Islamic Empire.

25. In this particular year, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir apparent to the Austrio-Hungarian throne was assassinated in Sarajevo. It was made as if Russia was behind this assassination (just like September 11 was plotted as if it was the work of the Muslim Arabs) and because of that, Austria-Hungary declared a war with Russia, and the World War I then began.

26. Britain joined the war in defence of Russia while Germany favoured Austria-Hungary. Ottoman Islamic Empire was forced to be on the side of Germany. Now the big war took place and guess what? Britain and allies were losing because Germany unveiled a new weapon at that time namely the submarine. As Britain was about to face her defeat, it was the German Jews who came to see the British Government and made a deal. 

27. The Jews promised to bring United Stated into the war on the side of Britain provided that if they won the battle, they (the Jews) wanted the Holy Land to be theirs. So Britain agreed, United State was brought in, and Britain won the war. In the process, the Ottoman Islamic Empire was dismembered, and the Holy Land was liberated to the Jews. Now, the first mission was accomplished. Thanks to Britain.

28. Next, bring back Jews to the Holy Land and claim it as theirs. In the period of 1918-1948, the Island of Britain ruled over Palestine through the mandate conferred by the League of Nations. Within this period, Britain opened the door for European Jews to return to the Holy Land. And Adolf Hitler then came into picture as an interlude. The Holocaust sped up the migration of the Jews as they were convinced that Jews were not safe unless they have their own homeland, which was why they all returned to Palestine to claim it as theirs. Again, what a beautiful story. Thanks to Britain, now the second mission was accomplished.

29. Establish the State of Israel: Before I continue, I hope you get the point we had discussed above- that every dajjal's mission was completed, one after another through this one island called Britain, the island where Tamim Dari met dajjal during the lifetime of Rasulullah S.A.W. Let me repeat again that when dajjal was released, he will launch his mission from the island.

30. In 1948, Britain has committed many strange things. Why? Because Britain is the prince of secular state. And being secular means that Britain would have taken religion out of politics- completely. But when British army liberated the Holy Land, their General proclaimed that Crusades are over! That was strange because Crusades belong to the Christians, but why now a secular state i.e Britain seemed to represent something religious i.e Crusades?

31. Also, earlier in 1917, Britain through the intention of her majesty government wanted to work for the establishment of a Jewish national home (state) in the Holy Land, one that we now know as Israel. And for this, they issued the Balfour Declaration. A secular state that favors an establishment of a religious state, how  does that not sound peculiar?

32. That's not all. Here's the strangest ever. It was again in 1948. Britain is well-known as a state with tremendous commitment to the rule of law. So, every time it decolonized a state, there would be a system of legal transfer of power. Even in our country Malaysia, we had one. At midnight of on August 30, 1957, amidst a crowd of tens of thousands, British soldiers finally lowered down the Union Jack for the last time in front of Selangor Club and independent Federation of Malaya was established.

33. This didn't happen to Israel though. In fact, Britain left like a thief in the dark. It was the first and the only time when there was no legal transfer of power from Britain to the successor state i.e Israel. Having said that, we now have completed the third mission and the Jews have restored their homeland, Israel.

34. I know, this of course leads us to the question of when will the fourth and last mission be accomplished and how would it take place. I can't give you the answer, and I believe no one can, but what is certain is that it will not be too long from now. Not too long can mean a few years, or even decades but again, Allah knows best.

35. But this article doesn't end here. Let me quote my another favourite hadith with regard to the subject of dajjal. Rasulullah S.A.W has narrated that dajjal will ride on a donkey which can travel as fast as clouds and it (the donkey) would have its ears stretched out wide. Religious symbolism, remember that. We must not take the description literally. By interpretation, the description given by Rasulullah above, refers to the modern aircraft we have nowadays, suggesting that it is the advancement in technology we should now focus on.

36. If we study the history of Britain, then we will realize that Britain for so long has led every single step in technological and scientific revolution we have nowadays. It was also reported that the earth will release its resources to the dajjal and we can see how crucial therefore Britain is in the making of our modern world today. Factual records are never a co-incidence, but they are possible only because it is the work of dajjal.

37. It was not easy to explain how, a little obscure island of the coast of Europe had once become the ruling state of the world, when this Island of Britain controlled and commanded every strategic naval ports in the whole world. But it is now comprehensible, knowing that again it was the work of the dajjal.

Dajjal The Anti Christ (Part 3)

38. This is the final part of the article. Our Prophet S.A.W once also narrated that the last people to come out to dajjal will be woman. A man has to return home to tie down their sisters and daughters to protect and preserve them from dajjal.

39. This hadith indicates that when dajjal's mission is reaching its climax, the world of women will be challenged by the great deception of dajjal the Anti Christ. This is what we now know as the feminist revolution and the struggle for women liberation and no one can deny that this is also taking place in our community and all around the world these days.

40. I remember a statement I heard from my TV at home about how people especially women themselves now work on the women's financial independence.  It is a good thing of course. But it is destructive when people take away Islam from their life. Ultimately, I see this as an effort to favor the competition between men and women which will certainly promote further complications in our already broken social structure nowadays and I have no doubt that many of these efforts have further worsened even the marriage structure of our society, not only in Malaysia but also all around the world.

41. I may not have the statistics now but I dare to say that many and more modern women are not getting married these days because they no longer need men and they are very financially stable, some even more financially strong than men themselves! No doubt that women in a way may have lost trust in men, and that can be another factor. But the trust is mainly broken because men and women do not play their roles as men and women because they forget that they are functionally different! I have elaborated at length about this subject in my previous entry entitled the feminist revolution here.

42. As we talk about dajjal and his enormous influence to this world, we can never leave the issue of money especially about riba (usury). It is the age of riba that creates the world to be what it is today (hardcore poverty and destitution), and it is riba that dajjal uses as weapon not only to victimise mankind, but also to successfully create dependence upon materials (a materialistic world) even amongst the Muslims!

43. However, it will take another lengthy article to further discuss about the subject of money and riba alone, which is the reason why I am now working on some amateur studies and research as an alternative so that I can deliver a talk at IMU in this topic perhaps in the next few months, and insya Allah will also provide the script, if not article here on my blog. Please pray that Allah will ease my way and help me go on with this mission I have always longed for.

44. Let's get back to this very briefly though. The age of riba was again initiated by Britain through its Bank of England which was established at the end of the 17th century. They were the one that began using paper money and also spearheaded the use of it, and became the money lender of the world. It is as simple as lending money on interest, and they benefit a lot from this practice of riba and not to forget, this is again the work of dajjal. All of these will eventually pave the way for dajjal to one day declare to the whole world that he is the Al-Masih and demand loyalty.

45. It is important to mention here that when the Britain was the ruling state of the world, it was the time when dajjal's one day is like a year. But now, we are at a time when a day is like a month, a period of time when United States of America is the ruling state of the world instead, not Britain anymore, and a time when American Dollar had replaced the Pound Sterling as the international currency. Interestingly enough though, the whole world is now witnessing that the current international monetary system, featuring mainly the American Dollar, is about to collapse. And when it collapses, it will bring the United States together with it- and that's the end of this period of a day which is like a month, and therefore a beginning of a period when a day is like a week.

46. We can now see how United States through the United Nations as a puppet has been mysteriously protecting Israel from any threats around the world. At the same time, United States was the first country that acknowledged Israel as a legal state. United States has also waged war against Afghanistan, Iraq and many more, just so that they can clear all the threats to Israel until one day, Israel becomes the ruling state of the world. They are working to conquer the Suez Canal and to take control of the oil of the Gulf- which will happen soon and therefore fulfil the prophecy. By then, the last mission of dajjal will be almost fully accomplished.

47. It is during this period, when a day is like a week (which means a shorter period), that Israel as the ruling state of the world will freely wage war on Islam. I now personally understand, why the kalimah (word) Lailahaillallah (there is no God but Allah) is of utmost importance because it will be during this period that we may choose to live and worship the dajjal or die in the path of Allah, submitting that He is the only God, no one but Him and only Him. Subhanallah..

48. And it is also during this time, that dajjal will take control of the ruling state and rule the world from Jerusalem (just like Bush ruled over the world from Washington) and then declared that he is the Messiah. At that time, the Jews will then accept him as the Al-Masih and dajjal has now fully completed his mission.

49. Only by then, Jesus the son of Mary will come down to earth and he will kill the dajjal. Then Allah will destroy the Gog and Magog (Ya'jud and Ma'jud).

50. To end this article, let us ponder this hadith by our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W that he said, when you see the black flag coming from the direction of Khurasan (Afghanistan is part of Khurasan), go and join that army even if you have to crawl over ice, because there is no one can stop that army until they reach Jerusalem.

51. This is when Prophet Muhammad S.A.W assured us that Islam will finally become victorious and liberate the Holy Land from the Jews. The Holy Land then will be an Islamic State and Jesus will rule the world from there with a rule that is eternal and a rule that is based on the true religion of Abraham (Prophet Ibrahim a.s), a religion which was brought and communicated by our beloved Muhammad S.A.W, the final messenger of Allah.


I hope that this very long article inspire us not only to fear Allah more and have stronger faith in him, but also so that we are prepared to face today and the future. It is therefore our responsibility to spread the message and teach people around us and assure them that one day, Islam will prevail, but only those who are strong at heart and ready to preserve Islam as their only true religion will be saved from dajjal and therefore die as a mujahidin in the path of Allah or live in the Islamic state under the rule of Jesus a.s with a rule that has justice, like none other before, insya Allah.

What next then?
In Islam, to protect ourselves from being led astray by dajjal, and also so that we are granted nur (light) by Allah S.W.T insya Allah, we are encouraged to recite Surah Al-Kahf, chapter 18 of the Quran every Friday. If not the whole surah, then recite the first and the last 10 verses from this surah.

Insya Allah, my prayers, may Allah bless us all. Allow me to end this part by quoting these few verses from Al-Quran, Surah At-Tariq, Chapter 86:

"As for them, they are but plotting a scheme. And I am planning a scheme. Therefore grant a delay to the Unbelievers: give respite to them gently (for a while)." (86:15-17)

Wallahua'lam wassalamualaikum w.b.t

P/S: Pardon me as this should be posted yesterday, the last day of January but I am 1 day late because my laptop crashed. Jazakumullah ;-)


Anonymous said...

are u saying that dajjal is now presence physically? what i mean is can we see dajjal physically right now??

down_driller said...

Let me begin with the kalimah (word) Allahua'lam, which means Allah knows best.

Dear friend, my writing above is based on a lecture, and it does not come from me myself, except that I deliver it in my own style of writing and language.

About your question above, NO I didn't say so.

Let me therefore reiterate my thought about this again so that I can clarify.

First, the above writing is an interpretation, it may be right, or it may be wrong. But we have to appreciate the fact that these interpretations are not made at random, but from careful research and observation, which also involve reference from the Quranic verses and hadiths. Any misinterpretation is due to the weakness of us as we are fallible creation, compared to Allah SWT, who is All perfect.

Secondly, in the hadith about "40 days after Dajjal was released" above, it is mentioned that during the later day when Dajjal's day is like our days, Dajjal will by then be in our dimension of time and we can see him physically.

However, again Allah knows best, and our present time now is said to be when his one day is like a month, not yet like our days.

I personally believe though, that Dajjal was already here and he has already started his mission (whether or not he has been released). But we never know if anyone can see him now.

Before I finish, let me stress it again here that what matters the most is not the Dajjal, but our preparation to face him and our faith in Allah insya Allah. Let us pray a lot.

Let me end this response again by saying Allahua'lam, truly Allah is the One who knows best, He is All-knowing ;-)

Thank you for dropping by. Wassalam alayk

Anonymous said...

I have a question.
If Britain is the land of dajjal, will it be right for us, muslims to go there to obtain knowledge?

down_driller said...

I am not in the best position to answer this. However, this is my opinion.

Britain does not belong to British. Nor does it belong to the Dajjal. In fact, we have many Muslim brothers and sisters there.

The whole universe, not only in the sky but also on earth, they ALL belong to Allah instead.

In fact, Allah orders us to travel through the earth and take lessons from it. Seeking knowledge is therefore, very much encouraged in Islam.

Allah mentions about this in Surah Al-An'am, (6:12) that means: "Say: Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those who rejected Truth."

So, you can refer back to Quran and check. It's our supreme guidance. All answers are there, but please, also refer to the knowledgeable (ulama') amongst us.

By the way my dear friend, do you mind introducing yourself?

And you can contact/YM me at anyway. That could be more instant and convenient.

Allahua'lam. (Truly Allah knows best) ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Dear friend, my writing above is based on a lecture, and it does not come from me myself, except that I deliver it in my own style of writing and language."

I believe you're referring to Sheikh Imran Hosein's lecture.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa alaikum.

JazakaAllah for the blog, I have bookmarked it. Amazing to read this stuff. I really appreciate the other Anonymous reviewer who added the link for Sheikh Imran. Coming from Britain myself, it was a shock to the system to imagine that this where Dajjal may have been seen so many years ago by the travelers.

SubhanaAllah, the sheikh presented his ideas so logically, that I find myself in agreement and unable to really refute the logic. Of course Allah (Al zawwajal) knows all, and inshaAllah all will be revealed on the day of doom.

May Allah bless you with Jannah. Ameen.

PS. Keep up the blog inshaAllah!

Ibnu Hanaffi said...

Anonymous 1:

Yes, it was from his another lecture, but the same topic with what you shared. Thanks my dear friend =)

Anonymous 2:

Waalaikumussalam wbt. True indeed, Allah always knows best. Thank you dropping by. May Allah bless you and the whole family blessings in life now and Paradise in the Hereafter.

(You can contact me personally at amirulasyrafhanaffi(at)

amuslim said...

MasyaAllah. Thanks for actually writing this down. It might have been so long since when u wrote it.
Truly, this is the first LONGEST blog post that i ever finish reading in a go throughout my life as a 'blog reader' (if that term ever exist).

Anyway, i really hope ur mission of delivering a talk on this matter at IMU will come true soon. :)

May Allah ease your journey.

Amirul Asyraf said...

Innalhamda lillah. All praise is due to Allah, He is the only One ought to be praised.

Thanks very much for dropping by my dear friend.

Will take your thanks as a doa for my well-being and guidance from Allah SWT insya Allah.

May Allah SWT reward you with the best of reward ameen..

Err, about the talk, it may no longer be one of the plans, I am sorry. I believe you understand how in life, after some time our priority lists change. ;-)

Nevertheless, it's good to know that you have the interest to know more about this issue.

My advice to myself is always this- while we dwell on this topic at great length, always remember that the main purpose is always to have increase in imaan and be closer to Allah, which insya Allah leads us to always be prepared for whatever challenges out there and whomever the enemies are, with a faith and conscience in mind that Allah is always with us, He is the Best of all Protecter, Sustainer.

Take care my dear friend ;-)

Jazakillah khair and wassalam wbt

Anonymous said...

Salam my dear friend. I read your whole posting, and found it fascinating. Although not Muslim myself, I can somehow sense you will be making (with God's help) a positively difference in this world; enjoining others to do good, and forbidding what is evil. I pray the Creator (blessed be He) grants you a strong and enduring faith. Peace be with you!
- An anonymous old Jewish friend of Islam

Amirul Asyraf said...

Waalaikumussalam wbt.

Peace be unto you too my dear friend.

Ameen (May God accept) to all your prayers. I really appreciate that.

It's great if we can occasionally exchange emails too at jako_imp[at]

Take care ya? Have a wonderful day =)

Anonymous said...

As-salaam 'alaikum brother...
thank you for your article, i've been watching some of sheikh imran hosein's lectures on youtube... i like how he explain things about akhirul zaman...

but in his lecture sometime i found that he doesn't mention the detail of the hadith... it's important for the one like me, who doesn't know all hadith and also have a lack in english... because i want to learn, not just to listen.

for example, when he tell us about hadith
"the last people to come out to dajjal will be woman. A man has to return home to tie down their sisters and daughters to protect and preserve them from dajjal."

i need to know the detail of hadith, narated by who? or from which book ? so i can learn more about it... and when sometime i need explain it to others, i can tell em the detail of hadith...

so, maybe you can give me a hand here brother :)... maybe for just one hadith i mention above, thanks though... jazakallahu khairan...

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