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Assalamualaikum wbt.

This article features in the As-Shifa' Magazine in Global Section

I was having a short break with some colleagues after a Dikir Barat practice for IMU’s beloved Registrar’s retirement when something caught my attention.

It was this free daily tabloid, The Sun (Monday, March 7, 2011) which featured some very short articles in a section called Health Briefs.

Here’s the exact excerpt from there:

RICH TASTE FOR SMOKING: Millions of women in developing countries risk disease and early death in the coming decades as their rising economic and political status leads them to smoke more, researchers said. An analysis in 74 countries found that men are 5 times more likely to smoke than women in countries with lower rates of female empowerment such as in China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Uganda.

Read the last sentence very carefully. Put it in another way, what it says is that in countries where women are strongly empowered like in politics and leadership, they smoke as much as men do, 5 times more likely than in other countries, to be exact.

This fact just struck my mind and it reminded me back of one article on Feminist Revolution I wrote on my blog at (about the harmful implications of women’s struggle for their so-called liberation). Clearly, it paved the road to further prove on the subject of women empowerment I elaborated in the writing, thus inspired me to write on this article entitled Superwomen.

Anyone who ardently studied history will start to realize how the perception and treatment towards women changed over the ages, from a total suppression and absolute disregard upon women, to the equality of women and men, and to the fight for liberation of women in the modern world, which is what and where we are now.

Surprisingly, with regard to status of women, it is only Islam alone that until today remains with its stance about women the way it was since it first appeared and introduced by beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW nearly 15 hundred years ago.

“We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption).”

Surah Al-Hijr, (15:9)

Consequently, in the past, Islam was greatly championed by especially women because through the teaching of Islam, women tasted their rights they could hardly find in any civilizations including that of Rome and Greek.

I’d like to mention one very famous book by John Gray about the uniqueness of men and women whose title reads, ‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.’ I’ve not completed reading the book but honestly, after only reading the very early part of it, I fell in love with the way the narration is done.

However, that is beside the point. I would like to take your attention to the word Venus now. I am not speaking of conspiracy here but rather an opinion to reflect upon. Venus is actually a name of the morning star, which in Latin is translated as Lucifer. Lucifer, just in case you do not know, refers to the Satans!

So here’s my interpretation. You may disagree as you wish but what matters now is the elaboration I will make later on. By saying that women are from Venus, it is not merely a random choice so that it seems like a symbolic phrase representing difference in origin or characteristics of men and women, but to me, it is more than that, that is, women are likened to Satan or Lucifer!

Elaboration: In the past, there were a meeting held by some Christians and they were discussing on a topic, ‘Does women have a soul?’

Just like us, they all knew about the story of Adam and Eve, and how they both were deceived by Satan until they were sent down to live on earth. It was through this story that women were regarded as evil, devilish, satanic and possessed no soul, hence why they were not treated just like another living human being!

It was this belief that partly, if not totally, became a significant reference on how they perceived women in the past. And it was also because of this again, when Islam came, it totally got away with all this false beliefs and held women high up in both values and pride.

The circumstance is nevertheless not the same now. Our enemies will never give up. As they already lost the battle when Islam protected women instead of manipulating them, they now turn the table and accuse Islam of becoming too strict, demanding and illiberal towards women. They induce provocation amongst women that Islam condones gender bias and look up upon men more than women, and is therefore unjust to women.

These days, we can see how many women fell into this trap and struggle hard to prove Islam wrong and therefore compete with men. They lose their understanding and identity as women, but they never care, because all they aspire is to show to the whole world that women are better than men. I’d recommend you to read more on Feminist Revolution I have written and also make some extra reading if you wish to understand this better.

Let me just end this article by putting forward an important advice to especially women, that Allah never looks up upon mankind because they are men, or they are women. Instead, He looks up upon those whom are most pious amongst us. The Feminist Revolution is a real threat and is a plan by our enemies so that we tread on a misguided path. I shall close with one hadith for us to ponder that Prophet SAW once said (with regard to threat and deception upon women), 

“The last people to follow dajjal would be women.. (and a man would have to return home and tie down his wife, sister and daughter to protect them from being seduced by Dajjal).” 

Wallahua’lam wassalamualaikum.

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