Friday, June 29, 2012

If I Am A Gay

Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. Five years in a single sex school (Malay College Kuala Kangsar) was enough to make me a man so frightened of a girl.

2. I mean, I am shy. 

This guy is shy, but obviously this is not me ;-)
3. But here's my story.

4. Because of my fear and shyness towards girls, I always resort to selective smiles.

5. I mean, I believe (as taught in Islam) that smile is a form of charity (sodaqoh in Arabic).

6. So I make it a habit to smile when I see people in the public. But not all people. That's why I call it a selective smile.

7. Hence, selectively, I only smile to men, because again, I don't dare to flirt, most of the time thinking that if I smile at girls randomly- they would've thought that I can beat Justin Bieber and they'll collapse! Err, I mean they would have thought that I am interested in them. =p

8. So I generally seldom smile to a girl. Girls like to smile at me instead! (errr...)

9. But here's a bigger issue. Things change. So do the way we think and the way we do things. They all change.

10. Nowadays, even to guys in the public I hesitate to smile! I mean, seriously. I hesitate many times!

11. You know why? Because they may also have thought that I am interested in them! 

12. This is what we nowadays call gayism.

13. First thing first- I am not gay. In fact, I want to marry a girl and I want to wait until that right time comes so that I can meet the parents of that 'someone'- a girl of course (I mean, someone old like me la, not a 5 year old girl). ;-)

14. It's this thing that I want to highlight in this post actually.

15. Few generations in the past, people of the same gender, had no problems to hold hands when they were in school. In fact, that was exactly what their teachers told them to do- to queue before entering class, and hold hands- for that is the true form of love and friendship.

16. On the contrary, nowadays, I doubt that even young people at school can do that as comfortably as people at their age used to do before!

17. Put it simply, people in the past may have not even heard of the word gay or lesbian, let alone to think of being one!

18. This is what I would have termed as the "benefit of ignorance".

19. It means, there are certain things in life that we'd better not know, because all they do is things like what I've just mentioned above. Knowing about gayism and lesbianism give the thought of becoming one- to some of us! Nauzubillah! May Allah safeguard us!

20. But a bigger point is this. Ignorance, despite the benefit that it has, like what I propose above, is a benefit that is definitely transitory. I mean, it lasts only for a short period of time.

21. It is the benefit of knowledge that will in the end, last forever.

22. What I am saying is that, when it comes to the issue of gayism and lesbianism, it only benefits us (in terms of not thinking to be one of them) when people do not even know what they mean. But when people start to know what gayism or lesbianism is, the benefits just fly away- giving rise to a growing number of gays and lesbians in the community- O Allah protect us! Ameen ameen ameen.

23. However, the people of knowledge, are able to reap the benefit of that knowledge even since the time of previous prophets such as prophet Luth AS.

24. And the knowledge that I refer to now is the knowledge that homosexuality is not good, against out innate nature and most important of all, forbidden by God the Creator!

25. So no matter in what age we are living, including until the last age we are in right now, with knowledge, we shall enjoy the benefit of keeping ourselves away from such a social and psychological 'defect'- homosexuality.

26. Which brings me to the conclusion of my sharing this time- that I will quote a real story of the past, the story of our prophets.

27. We all know full well that the first three prophets sent down to earth was Prophet Adam, Idris and Noah, may peace be upon them all.

28. Since the time of prophet Adam until Prophet Idris AS, there was no such thing called shirk which means associating partner with Allah SWT- the greatest form of sin in Islam.

29. However, quite interestingly, the first sin of shirk was committed by the people who lived few generations after the lifetime of Prophet Idris AS. And it has something to do with ignorance!

30. After Prophet Idris passed away, he had among his people, a group of 5 very pious followers.

31. To cut this short, after some time, these 5 pious followers passed away too.

32. So people were very sad, and they wanted to make something to remind them of these pious people.

33. Therefore they created an idol (for each of the followers) that resembled all these 5 pious people, not to worship them, but only as a memory of them- which was not wrong, because no problem arised yet during this time.

34. Until the next generation came, these people started to do something more, such as they made sacrifice for the idols.

35. And then that generation ended too, while a new generation came. Unfortunately, out of ignorance, these new generation of people, without any knowledge of why their parents and grandparents built the idols in the first place, made the idols as an object of worship instead!

35. Hence, history has now been made, that for the first time ever, the sin of shirk took place on earth.

36. And it is for this reason that Prophet Noah (who came after Prophet Idris AS), was the first Messenger given the task to fight against shirk.

37. Two quick points here. First, from this story, it simply opens our eyes of how detrimental ignorance can be to our life and faith.

38. Secondly is that, we have to always make some reflection or muhasabah, that we are now Muslims not because we blindly follow our family or the majority of people we are living with around us.

39. Instead, we are all Muslims, because we chose to become one- out of knowledge, not ignorance.

40. To conclude, let us love 'ilm (knowledge) more and be a very true knowledge-seeker, also a person who have high respect upon the ulama' (the people with great knowledge).

41. Allahuaklam and thanks very much for your visit. You see, as knowledge literally means to know about something, please know that I am not gay ok? It's a true knowledge, really ;-)

Alhamdulillah, time to take some rest ;-)
1. Alhamdulillah, please do not forget your Al-Kahfi recitation today, in case you are reading this on Friday insya Allah.

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Qistina Sumaiya...(^_^) said...

haish, tajuk yang menyeramkan.. =.=

petite girl said...

I watched one video by Halaqah on TV9.

very interesting that covers the topic. Have a look Am:)

Dont be surprised of what type of schools lead the list. haha. what type of job?:p

Thumbs up for the post!

Amirul Asyraf said...

Qist: "Hook" je tu sebenarnya ;-)

Dr Farah: Thanks very much. Visiting the link now hehe =D

Anonymous said...

wow~nice article..mohon share

Amirul Asyraf said...

Alhamdulillah. Please go ahead and kindly pray for me and family. May Allah grant His redha and rahmat upon us all ameen ;-)

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