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Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. We often have many questions in life. Or... about life, rather.

2. Sometimes we question God.

3. "Why did you do this to me?"

4. Or at some other times, "Do you even exist?"

5. A Muslim speaker and debater, a wonderful orator by the name Hamza Andreas Tzortzis says, "Denying  the existence of God is tantamount to denying the existence of oneself!"

6. No scientist or philosophers on earth can possibly deny the principle of causality when it comes to origin of the universe. This principle explains a logic even a small child can understand, that an effect must have come from (or as a result of) a cause.

7. Truth is, something could not have come from nothing! It's radically absurd!

8. Now say, if you have a paper, and are asked to convert it into a plastic piece, can you do that? No you can't!

9. What the above simply suggests is that in many circumstances, something can not even come from some other things, let alone to come from NOTHING!

10. The fact that universe exists, and that we are part of the universe, automatically tells us that there is a cause to this existence, meaning, someone must have created this universe- and He created us too!

11. So first thing first, God does exist. Period. 

12. We have many other questions. Some people deny God due to the sufferings that we have on earth.

13. So we question, "Is God not merciful?"

14. You may have completely missed the point. The mercy of God is that He makes people suffer from bad things that they do.

15. If today a man kills your mother and your mother laughs because it is both funny and ticklish when she dies, you are most probably happy that someone kills your mom!

16. Suffering exists because it is meant to be avoided! In the case where we are not the cause of the suffering, it is meant to make us strong and be patient.

17. The fact that suffering exists does not in any way deny that God is merciful. It is just a matter of putting things at their appropriate places.

18. Let me give you this other example.

19. What if God make heat cold? You will definitely question it!

20. Why? Because without the hot nature of heat or fire, you can't cook your food. And you can't even warm your body, and for that you will die out of extreme low temperature.

21. But what about in the event of buildings caught on fire?

22. Do you now blame God for making fire hot and able to turn to ashes the entire buildings?

23. In other words, God creates laws which are embedded in the nature around us, and also within ourselves. But it is up to us to submit to this law or not (some of which we can't choose not to submit). Attributing our weakness to the ungodly nature of God is so very unfair (excuse my over expression there).

24. The difference is only that He grants us this faculty of intellect that allows us the free will to choose what we want to choose.

25. All other things submit to what God asks them to do.

26. If the sun does not submit, then it will derail from its orbit and cause the whole solar system to perish, through an unimaginable destruction. Life is no longer possible.

27. And what about ourselves?

28. Had our heart refused to submit, and want to take some rest and stop pumping, don't you think we will die?

29. There is a medical condition, in which the bearer has to breathe consciously.

30. Do you notice that while you are reading this, you involuntarily breathe in and out? Do you know that the lungs and friends are working hard for you because they submit to God?

31. By the way, Islam itself literally means to submit or to surrender.

32. Let me continue about the medical condition I talked about a moment ago. 

33. This bearer of the medical condition, he has to be awake and conscious at all time, to VOLUNTARILY breathe in and out, so that he is not running out of oxygen!

34. For that, he may not even want to sleep!

35. Let me ask you now, do you then want to ask God, that you want to control your respiratory system?

36. Or your heart machinery? And all other things including the most tiny yet extremely sophisticated warehouse or factory in your body called a cell? Grab a calculator now. Tell me now, how many cells you have in your body my dear?

37. Then why is then, that when we are receiving this great mercy from God, to only have a control of our free will, we choose not to submit to Him?

38. What makes us so arrogant?

39. If you read the Quran, then you will see how people keep questioning God, looking for excuses not to submit to what He wants us to do.

40. This is despite the fact that God is in need of nothing, but everything is need of Him. Do you think He needs us? Like the King or President of a country that rule the world but still need someone to tailor his clothes, or cook his food?

41. Nay, my dear, we submit to God, because in submission we benefit life. If even the whole creation do not submit, He on the other hand, will not be affected even at a size of an atom.

42. To those who have many questions regarding God, and question on why God asks you to do this and that, you definitely have a problem.

43. You want to see the problem? Go find a mirror and look up straight- that is your problem- YOU!

44. And do you know why are you the problem? Because all this while, all you did was to ask people around you, ask God and put him on blame and question many things outside of you.

45. Why not today you start looking inward, and start asking yourself instead?

46. Did you ever ask or question yourself about anything? Have you ever asked yourself, why are you here on earth? Have you ever asked yourself, who created you?

47. Then maybe through this self-reflection, you will not only find God, but finally find yourself. My friend please, ask questions!

"Do they not reflect within themselves?..............."
(Surah Ar-Rum: Verse 8)


ninja0509 said...

just to add. The actual term is singularity. a dimensionless thing but contains all the matter and energy in the universe. The weird thing now is why? why did it suddenly expand?

P/s: and its still expanding, and according to some scientists, the expansion is accelerating

Amirul Asyraf said...

True brother. Thanks for your additional information.

I was speaking in a more general sense on causality.

Singularity is an extrapolation. Because universe is expanding, scientists assume that if we work backward, then the universe must have come from a single point- hence singularity.

Even that is not the end of the story.

The question is how this singularity exist? Beyond this is the concept of cause and effect. There's a hand that causes that singularity to come to existence in the first place ;-)

Thanks again brother, I just add to what you add so that the readers can understand few terms we mention here ;-)

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