Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why I Left KDU

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Many people know why I left (or 'forced' to leave) IMU. But why did I leave KDU?

1. To answer that question, you firstly have to understand the accounting program I am currently taking (I'll make it very brief).

2. It is called Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) and is administered by a professional accounting body based in UK called ACCA, which is short for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

3. Those doing a diploma or degree in accounting may have heard of ACCA anyway.

4. So in this program (CAT) I will have to pass 9 papers before I can proceed to the next level- a professional level which is called ACCA, a level that even people with a degree in accounting will pursue (as a qualification) to have a higher recognition as a practicing accountant.

5. So this is my story. It was March (2012) and it was too late to enrol into UiTM (the first intake for the year I suppose was in January)- which was the initial plan after I decided not to do medicine (which was a tough decision of course). 

6. In short, I decided to do CAT. So rather than to wait for June (UiTM's second intake) and do nothing for a couple of months, I went to KDU and managed to finish 3 papers there- one of which I just passed today (June 23rd, 2012) alhamdulillah. 

7. CAT is an external program, hence institutions like KDU, UiTM or whatever colleges and unis out there are just the 'providers of knowledge' (as I would term it) or providers of lectures and lecturers.

8. This is how flexible the program is, apart from being a tough yet the fastest route for those pursuing a profession in business, accounting or management.

9. So that's about it, with 3 papers done, I have 6 more to go, of which despite having an option to finish them by June next year, I am planning to complete everything by end of this year insya Allah.

10. Please make prayers for me and thanks very much in advance for that.

11. Before I end, I want to do 2 things here. Firstly- to acknowledge this: what I have gone through for the past 3 months would not be possible without (by Allah's Will and Grace alhamdulillah) the support of people like Abg Raf and wife, Kak Ana (KDU) plus many supportive friends out there, and also awesome lecturers in new place here in UiTM.

12. As for parents and family, their support and presence are 'supermeaningful' to me that they can't possibly be described by words alone here- hence why I'd rather keep it to myself. Nothing greater than the past 3 months have made me love them even much more- how grateful alhamdulillah I feel towards Allah, for what he had me to face, for the great hikmah and greater goods that I gained from it all- even at this early phase of my 'recovery'.

13. Second, is just a wonderful experience and lesson I would like to share with all of you my dearest readers, which I would relate to what I heard from Ustaz Ismat Nazirin Mat Isa, a wonderful man who tirelessly spends his time to communicate the message of Prophet SAW to us, the Muslim students in IMU.

14. I had to travel from Shah Alam this morning to Damansara Utama for my final subject (computer-based exam) in KDU. So as usual it's a RapidKL Bus (U80) to KL Central and then LRT to Taman Bahagia LRT station and then a RapidKL Bus (T626) again to KDU (I mention this just in case anyone finds it useful for their future travel) ;-)

15. And the route back to Shah Alam was of course the same.

16. To cut it short, after I finished the exam at around 4pm, I made my way back to Shah Alam, and now would like to highlight what happened when I was waiting for U80 at KL Central.

17. It was near a busy road and yes, the day was still hot, so I looked for a nice shelter- which of course was under a tree.

18. And a bird (possibly just had its tea or something) dropped a 'bomb' on my head!

19. And thank God it was near a petrol station so it was not really a big deal (there's always a washroom there).

20. But it really reminded me of a story by Al-Fadhil Ustaz.

21. On how do we respond when such thing happens to us.

22. One who is impatient will most probably 'recite' many nice spells and magical words. In Malay Language, it's called mencarut. For instance.. (seriously? No! I won't give an example here =p)

23. Ok if you insist, allow me to say one.

24. What the heaven!

25. But a truly thankful person will rationally think of an excuse to be patient.

26. For instance, we should thank Allah that He doesn't make a cow fly!

27. Because you see, if the same thing I just had, occurred to you, but it was a cow rather than a bird. Can you imagine? (nice right? =p)

28. In other words, there are always ways to see the good or positive sides of something we hate in life.

29. Al-Fadhil Ustaz also always complements with another example i.e when we accidentally step on, (say), cat's dung?

30. Although we may be angered by that, it is an indisputable fact that our sense of touch (that we feel what we step on) and our sense of smell (that we detect the foul smell) and sense of sight (that we see the dung with our own eyes) and all other senses are still intact.

31. Meaning, we always have many reasons to be thankful, despite whatever tests that befall upon us, and hopefully no matter how serious they are. Alright, the end!

Oh Allah, from You we come and to You we shall return! Wallahuaklam. ;-)


Qien19 said...

All the best where ever you are. May Allah's bless will always be with you!

Amirul Asyraf said...

Thanks very much my friend. May Allah accept your prayers and make you and family as the beneficiary of the prayers too ameen ameen ameen.

Wassalam wbt ;-)

fatmah hj khalid said...

bersyukur dengan apa yg kita miliki sekarang...
berusaha untuk yg lebih baik...

Amirul Asyraf said...

Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih cikgu. Moga Allah kurniakan yang terbaik untuk cikgu sekeluarga juga, di dunia dan akhirat ameen ameen ameen =)

Qistina Sumaiya...(^_^) said...

Allah knows better, Mirul..

Perkara yang sama qist rasa masa dapat tahu qist tak layak nak jadi lawyer...

qist pegang kata2 ini..

Allah menguji lagi?
Setiap peristiwa ada hikmahnya.
satu hari kita pasti akan malu kerana tidak bersabar,
padahal gantiannya selalu dijanjikan LEBIH BAIK... LEBIH BAIK.. LEBIH BAIK........

semoga tabah menjalani kehidupan...

Dulu sangkakan saya bakal lawyer, bila apa yang dapat tak memihak dengan kehendak diri..
just proceed dengan apa yang Dia tentukan..

Allah lebih tahu yang terbaik untuk kita semua... selamat maju jaya mirul.. =)

Amirul Asyraf said...

Jazakillah khair ya ukhti fillah ;-)

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