Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Laila, My Queen

Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. Rejab is here, Ramadhan is near.

2. Sya'aban comes in the middle, making the two perfect couple.

3. If we observe the 5 pillars of Islam, there are shahadah, prayers, fasting, charity and pilgrimage.

4. Out of this, fasting (in the month of Ramadhan) is quite unique and special.

5. How so?

6. When all other 4 are about doing, fasting is about 'not doing'.

7. One who fasts, will NOT eat, will NOT drink, and more importantly, will get rid of as many sins as possible- although sins are to avoid even when one is not fasting- but fasting helps facilitate this form of mujahadah or fight against sins.

8. That's how I view my Laila.

9. She is a master in her fasting.

10. She may not be a queen in other thing, but she is definitely a queen in fasting, as she does not do many things.

11. Her uniqueness is found in her 'not doing'.

12. She doesn't show off.

13. She doesn't seek attention.

14. She knows her limits.

15. To Allah she submits.

16. And that- is my lovely Laila.

17. I have never asked any woman including my own mother, but I think to a certain extent, fasting is in its own way a bit more challenging than prayers itself.

18. If a woman is impure (due to menstruation) for a week, then it is not obligatory upon her to substitute her prayers.

19. Fasting however, is the opposite. One has to substitute the number of days she did not fast when she was impure during Ramadhan. That's how 'heavy' the responsibility of fasting could be, as a form of submission towards Allah SWT.

20. In my imagination, this is parallel to the challenge of not doing i.e what one should not do during fasting.

21. Given the different environment we live in nowadays, women are especially spiritually challenged not to be a source of fitnah in this world, and for that, she will have to RESTRAIN from doing a lot of things, that are beyond necessity or obligation.

Allahuaklam. Wassalamualaikum wbt.

If Allah wills you are my Laila
And He wills I am your Majnun
Then don't ask me 'Bila?'
When He wills kun fayakun..


petite girl said...

You're looking for a perfect one Am!:)

Amirul Asyraf said...

hehe more like perfectly complementary to the imperfect me.

Like give and take.

But this one is meant partly to be general in its meaning, partly personal.

Pointing to the fact that I always see women as pearl protected safely behind veil of taqwa and decency.

You'll make a perfect doctor too, don't forget that Farah!

Take care and thanks for dropping by ;-)

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