Friday, November 30, 2012

Process Vs Result

Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. One of the companions of Nabi SAW, Abdullah Ibn Umar, took 14 years to memorize Surah Al-Baqarah. 

(Take note that Arabic language, the language of the Quran, is also the language of him, may Allah be pleased with him. But how could he take so long?)

2. By comparison, we have many non-Arabs nowadays who can take less than that long period, yet not only memorize Surah Al-Baqarah but the entire Quran?

3. Subhanallah, this is the emphasis of today's article. 

4. Abdullah Ibn Umar took so long because he lived with what he memorized.

5. He would not proceed to the next ayat (verse) until he made sure that Al-Quran became alive to him and in fact, his second nature!

6. Like the method of other companions (sahabah), he would take only 10 ayaat at a time.

7. Then he would study the eeman, the ilm (knowledge), the halal and haram in these ayaat.

8. May Allah make all of us the knowledge seekers who have the same characteristic like him ameen.

9. In life today, we have many people around us that we look up upon.

10. We want to be like them. They are our inspirations.

11. But many times, we miss one important point.

12. We only look at what these people have achieved, but not what they had to go through before they attained the results!

13. We are impressed with the result, but forget the process.

14. Take the story of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih for instance, and let's put this in a very brief manner.

15. It is not suffice to only be proud of how he took back Constantinople.

16. Instead, we should learn from what he constantly did in his lifetime, most notably the night prayers (qiyammullail).

17. This is the process. Result comes next.

18. Not to forget, he was young when he led his victorious team of warriors into Constantinople.

19. To young men, this means that we have to start early. To aged people, you have your children to groom and take care of.

20. Before I end, let me relate this with what we have now.

21. Again and again, I would take a stand of giving my full support to people who have this noble effort to boycott the notorious Zionists economically, in what ever way possible.

22. But the destruction of Zionist is not a process. It is a result.

23. And that result is only achieved through a relevant process.

24. The process is to build back the strength of ummah through knowledge.

25. Arguably, the most important knowledge in this era where globalization has made all data and information accessible from anywhere at anytime, is the knowledge of akhlak.

26. Let us begin by boycotting the inner self that promotes disunity and hatred amongst us.

27. Let us not bring the issue of people lining up to Mc Donald, but give our best to help people line up to mosque, to academic events and many other things we deem useful for the building of a knowledgeable ummah.

28. Like I once mentioned in my previous article, let us cheer, not jeer.

29. To end, after all, it is always the same, that what ever we go through on earth, it is only a means, a process, because the result is not here, it is in the Hereafter.

Wallahuaklam. Wassalamualaikum wbt.


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