Sunday, November 13, 2011

I stand corrected


Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. I have been producing back-to-back articles in Malay language lately, and now I start missing writing in English again.

2. The 2 most recent ones revolve around my thoughts on the issue of banning Seksualiti Merdeka Festival here and here before I stumbled upon a well-written composition by Ustaz Dr Zaharuddin Abd Rahman, which due to his sort of moderation and wasatiyyah in approach, cleared up my mind and gave a very refreshing feeling. Thanks Dr! 

My self-authored all time favorites (Malay Language)

2. Honestly though, most of my articles on this blog are in English, not because I am 'a nut forgetting its skin' (kacang lupakan kulit) but because I am a humble student of language whom intends to learn more about other languages, for the benefit of myself, and also my people (in case my service of translating is needed some day).

3. In fact, I personally in strong opinion that the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English or PPSMI (Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris) should be gradually withdrawn from our education system, and replaced with the national language (Bahasa Malaysia).

4. I was in the first batch to experience the implementation of PPSMI when it was integrated into the system in 2003 (I was in Form 1 then) and I have no objection that it gave me some advantages in learning the same subjects in English in the later stage of my education.

5. However, that was because being in boarding school, most of us were already fairly well-versed in English, and that means that PPSMI did not teach us English! In fact, English is taught best as a subject, not a medium of communicating other subjects! (at least this is what I believe) ;-)

6. I have to agree that acquiring knowledge (of Science, Maths, etc) is best done in the mother language of the knowledge seekers. What matters is not the language we speak, but the understanding, and therefore the practice of the knowledge. This is precisely why we have people whom may not be a good speaker, but very good at what he does. 

7. While English as a universal language of communication is pertinent nowadays, that it is something we can hardly live without, I still think that the job of local translators is never less important.

8. People like the Japanese for instance, are able to develop and survive with their own mother language. Does that imply that we can totally forget about English and do everything in our mother language too? My answer to that question is both yes and no.

9. Yes, because most of us still speak our mother language and we don't need to change this fact although we could. Knowledge will circulate and be communicated better in the mother language and more importantly, it benefits the majority, not the select few, whom are only a small bunch of people from the whole nation.

10. No, because there are things we can learn from others too. In this globalised world, it is always good to open our eyes and mind and therefore benefit something from others. Al-Quran also mentions that Allah created different tribes and nations so that we may know each other, which in a way also means to learn about one another.

11. So, what we need to be clear about now is on what roles do we play. My conclusion is simple. We need people whom have expertise and knowledge in other language such as English, but it is also their job to become translators and therefore to bridge or pass the knowledge to the majority of people in our localities.

12. This to me is the solution. Every educated mind would agree with me that we learn language of others not so that we can be them, but so that we can be the better us, with the knowledge of us and them. As simple as that.

13. Haha actually, I don't really plan to talk about PPSMI but never mind.

14. I just want to take this opportunity to make a confession... that I am a guy (not gay)! Hehe, ok that's a joke. Actually I want to make a confession and declaration that I am an ordinary person, who is fallible and err at times.

15. This is by right the 118th posts of mine and for those who have been following me since 2009, you should see some changes in the way I think, the way I write, language I use, my conviction and ideas about certain issues etc etc. Although majority of my writings are quite academic and factual (in my own limited capacity) but I do personally share about myself, my family and my once upon a time love story haha ok, don't search for it.

16. So, as the title reads, I honestly stand corrected. This means, that I, as humble as I hope I could be, do welcome any suggestions and corrections lest I make any mistakes, small or big that require your response and attention. Please do. I am learning, like everybody else too ;-)

17. As to what extent do I know the limit of my efforts in inviting people to do good (which is also known as dakwah-oh please don't be terrified with this word) I keep praying that I know my place and stay low and down to earth, for only Allah knows everything, powerful over all things.

18. I strongly hate egotism and arrogance, and I seek Allah's refuge from them both ameen. I did write an article about egotism sometime ago here.

19. As a Muslim, I believe that the best and the first step to do dakwah is to be a good Muslim ourselves.

20. If you intend to read more about my pledge and hope with my works here, I have also written another important entry on Facebook Sheikh for Eidulfitri this year. Check it out.

21. Thank you so much to all of you, whom have been loyal and supportive as readers or friends, and also as brothers and sisters in Islam. I hope that you can always make prayers for me and my family, and for that I pray to Allah SWT The Most High that your prayers will return back to you, and may Allah grant you His Paradise for your goodness.

Wassalamualaikum and take care.

P/S: I do have a plethora of wonderful e-books (pdf format) to share, insya Allah will regularly do so here, or you can drop me an email at if you wish ;-)

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