Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Defeat the Zionists

Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. That guy above has a beard. But that's besides the point. He is Theodor Herzl, a Jew, and the father of modern political Zionism.

2. And he is dead. So if we want to be afraid, let's be afraid of his ghost instead. After all, many ghosts had just been released on Syawal 1st recently.

3. Do you know what is more ghostly?

4. A ghost with no fingers. No, I mean, pointing fingers. Meaning, putting the blame always on others.

5. Back to case in point. We are surely interested in the same question: How do we defeat the Zionists?

6. Asking such question, in and of itself, may be a sign of defeat already. 

7. Why do we want to defeat the Zionists in the first place?

8. Is winning (read:victory) always about defeating others?

9. Wrong. The true victor is one who wins over his own self!

10. And Islam teaches us that jihad, which means to strive or struggle, begins from overcoming the inner self of us. And this may be the biggest enemy (hence challenge) we have to face.

11. The real freedom (independence) therefore is the freedom from this greatest enemy, known in Arabic as the nafs which simply means 'self'. To exaggerate it in an image of enemy, nafs would rather be understood or defined as EGO.

12. My message here is simple. It is so naive on our part to expect that people won't make use of our weaknesses (assuming that weakness here refers to our subversion or surrender to our nafs).

13. Why? Because it is almost natural (though not permissible, from moral and religious point of view) for people who have advantage  against others to use that advantage as a tool to victimize.

14. So, the fact that Muslims and the whole humanity are suffering are not primarily because there exist the number one world criminals like Zionists and armies of Dajjal, but because we are too weak to fight them, to a point that we lose even before the battle begins.

15. They don't have any advantage over us, except that that advantage come from our weaknesses. Getting rid of our own weaknesses will therefore mean that we also get rid of their advantage, hence cruelty, manipulation and evil control over us.

16. In other words, let's not strive to shout and spit out voices of anger merely in the air (with no eventual desired result), but let the heart shout instead because genuine change would start from WITHIN, and then action follows.

17. My second message to bring forward here is rather simpler. Let's come back to Islam. Let's come back to the Quran and Sunnah and take them seriously.

18. Rendering them as absent in our life is the biggest mistake and the most enormous weakness we could ever have.

19. Muhammad SAW, our beloved prophet made it very clear when he said that we are not going to be astray in any way so long as we hold on to two things aforementioned i.e the Quran and Sunnah (prophetic traditions).

20. It doesn't simply mean go and read books about them. Rather, it very importantly includes our interaction with Allah SWT and the prophets and the people who tread on the same path (the companions and the ulama').

21. In the Quran, it mentions that the disbelievers will laugh at us. 

"The wicked used to laugh at the believers."
(Surah Al-Muthoffifin, ayah number 29)

22. And in the Hereafter they will be the ones we will laugh at.

"So today the believers are laughing at the disbelievers."
(Surah Al-Muthoffifin, ayah number 34)

23. We unfortunately are unaware of their plot to make us follow them in whatever way they want.

24. Let me illustrate one simple example.

25. Most people nowadays can hardly live without Facebook. At least to communicate instantly.

26. Hence we have put too much reliance upon it, to an extent that we let it controls us.

27. Remember when Facebook changed its layout to timeline format? Many Facebook users complained and made noise about it.

28. However at the end of the day, there's nothing can be done except to just live with it (the change).

29. We are not Mark Zuckerberg are we? 

30. The message is simple. Take money for instance. This is why we have to be careful not to invest our whole life into it.

31. There may come a time when we shall do something that we should not do, and do not want to do, but are forced to do, because we can't live without money. This, is the false servitude that we should be very careful at.

32. The choice (hence solution) is none other than shifting the servitude to Allah SWT the most High, who is the best of Protector, the best of Provider and Sustainer.

33. Think about it. Ask questions. Why are we here on earth? What is the purpose of living here while we see more and more people leaving and dying, if not as a sign that our turn will soon come too?

34. Are we prepared?

35. Happy independence day everyone. Remember, the true freedom is by subscribing ourselves to Allah SWT and being His true servant. Rely on Allah SWT, as He is indeed free of all defects, free of all needs.

Allahuaklam. Wassalamualaikum wbt =D


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