Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just Push the Button!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. I am here to address the issue of Muslim outrage around the globe in response to the filming and screening of a controversial short film entitled 'Innocence of Muslims'.

2. And for that, I'll create an analogy for you my dear.

3. Let's say I have a button, which will give me a million of money every time I push it once.

4. I'll surely push the button more and more.

5. Now the act of pushing the button is likened to the insult other people make towards our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.

6. And the millions of money is likened to our outrage, anger and all other form of emotional extremism.

7. The message is rather straight forward. The more we show our anger for being insulted, the more these people will insult us because they really 'enjoy' looking at us being put 'on fire'.

8. The solution? Let them strain their fingers and regret for pushing the button. They'll get sick of waiting for the money to come out, just like how they'll get sick of waiting for us to get angry.

9. We don't have to struggle to remove or destroy the button. Instead, all we need to do is not to be the button, which dispenses money when it is pressed.

"So be patient (O Muhammad) over WHATEVER they say, and exalt (Allah) with praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting."
(Surah Qaf, ayah number 39)

10. Muslims' greatest weapon in this circumstance is our great patience showing how we are not at all affected by whatever they say about our prophet SAW.

11. The dignity and greatness of beloved Muhammad SAW are from Allah, and nobody can take them away from him SAW, not even their ridicule or insults. Never!

12. Instead, we take a more proactive means to double our work of dakwah and communicate more with non-Muslims, distributing the words and message of Islam such as by distributing more free copies of the Quran in the public.

13. Also as found in the above verse, let's just increase our remembrance towards Allah by saying subhanallah (exalted is He) and alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah SWT).

14. In other words, we have alternative in ways we could respond to such incident.

15. Lastly, let me quote Boonaa Mohammed who beautifully says the following:

"They insult our prophet with the things they say, we do it (insult our prophet) by not following his way (sunnah)."

16. It's always necessary to look inwardly in our life, the fact that maybe the trouble that we see around us comes from our own weaknesses and mistakes.

17. We have to uphold justice even if that means that we have to go against ourselves (please read Surah An-Nisa', ayah number 135).

18. We as Muslims should always begin from inside when we react. Always look at problems around us as a mirror, because what it appears (on the mirror) could be a reflection of what we are.

19. Really, with this in mind, pushing the button will never have any impact on Islam. We shall respond, but in a better way, and let them do it; just push the button!

20. Allahuaklam. Please enjoy the video below by Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan. 

21. Wassalamualaikum wbt.. 


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