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This is a true story. There was one man, a dad of a son, whom always came to watch his son playing sports at school. More interestingly, he was blind. People always wondered why and finally had the courage to ask the poor old man. Why did you come if you can't even see your son playing? The humble old man simply told them that to him, what matters above everything is not the fact that you can see your son, but when your son realized your presence, he will therefore felt motivated, supported and encouraged- hence do better in his whatever doings. People were equally shocked and inspired by the sincere answer from the noble blind old man.

Sometimes we do not know how much people around us try their best to help protect us, motivate us, make us happy and do everything they can to cherish us and enhance our life. Have we ever appreciated them all. Are we aware of them in the first place? Take some little time to ponder about people around us especially the family and friends, we may then be surprised by how much they have done their best just for us. Do we then take them for granted? Going deeper and rather on a larger perspective, these people and their kind acts, who granted them all to us?- Allah the Almighty God, the sole creator of the whole universe including time, space and distance we are bound to. Have we ever thanked Him? Are the five daily prayers just enough? Or more than enough? Think and think again.

We experience life to ponder and understand. We eat to live and not live to eat. But in love's case it is fantastically different. Because it is best if we love to live and also live to love both.

With love,
Amirul (Ibnu Hanaffi) :)


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The Colours of Life

The Colours of Life
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