Sunday, May 2, 2010

Under Hot Sun

Assalamualaikum and good day to all- even if you read this at night, don't care :p

Today I followed my dad to fetch some stuff he uses for his landscaping work. It was around 1 pm and therefore very boiling hot. I bet it reached 42 degree Celcius already (err how do I write symbol in blogger :P). The thing is, this is what he always does to earn money for the family. Hard, exhausting labour work. My dad is aging faster because of this and he quite always complains about chest pain- which makes the whole family worried. More worrisome, hospital is what he is most anti at, all the time. Sigh~ Wana wait until I become a doctor? That is more or less 5 years down the road my dear. Nevertheless, we try our best to always care about what he eats and make sure he has enough rest and other necessary things that healthy lifestyle constitutes. It is not easy though, but it is what that makes us feel closer in the family. I, as among the eldest after my Along and elder sister, am aware of my role and responsibility as part of them. It takes time though, to really walk the talk. I want to do more for the family, because my 20 years so far has less to do with them. I want to become a better son. A hot son, if you will (as in hot artistes and rockstars :P) The way I shall put it, I want to be a hot son, for a dad under the hot sun. 

Love the same blood! :)

MCKK (Malay College Kuala Kangsar)

The  boys are now busy with exams. They are about to embark on another battle of the year, PPM or Piala Perdana Menteri, a debate tournament among SBPs (boarding schools) in Malaysia. Earlier this year, in the UIA Interschool Debate Championship, BM team lost at quarter final and English team was not bad to end their journey at Octo final. They could have done more, and as part of the coaching team, I always know and make myself aware that I hold big responsibility to achieve the goals, of helping them win and more importantly still, of proper upbringing of MCKK debaters- whom should never be devoid of values as a leader and a true human being- with courtesy and high competence in life. I train myself to be that first before I want them to. :) Perhaps, as part of KPI (Key Performance Index haha now everyone wants to have KPI :P) for blog after this, I shall write more stories about the boys, and not forgetting the fellow respected coaches.

It ends here today. Keep in touch all! And yeah, take care ^_^

Wassalam.. :)


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The Colours of Life
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