Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My housemates

Alhamdulillah so far everything is fine. IMU is a great place and I have yet to explore greater things. Will be pushing myself to the wall. INTEC's life is now only a thing of the past and it has been a virtually empty unproductive time and worst of all, I wasted two years. They went down the drain. Just like that.

Promise myself that I am gonna make this all up. And for the sake of doing it, I am ready for anything! Will have to be more organized and it is time to show people what I have got in me. I have been too slow at my pace of progressing-it must be that way no more.

The time has come dear! I have everything I want now, and insya Allah with His help and blessings, everything is gonna show up as planned. Slowly, but God willing, steadily will I make my way to the top again. It is a waste to not make full use of this opportunity. May I be the best me, coz only by choosing to be that way, the best is unleashed. I am waking up, from a sleep I myself have no clue about. And the dreams were the nightmare, and the days ahead are real. I am gonna face and wallop them all.

Housemates here at Vista Komanwel C are great! Love them all and hey, I barely get started with cooking! What? haha thanks mom, will become an expert when the time comes and will show you what I could do.

I wanted to have greater love to everyone, my family and friends especially and I want to do more. It is either now, or NEVER.. :)



spark acap said...

thats the spirit! :)

Anonymous said...

thank u........................................

Anonymous said...

Good Job housemate!~ ingat turn masak ko. aku suke ayam masak merah!

down_driller said...

spark acap: thanks dude!

119 and anonymous: Thanks to you guys too-I wish I know whom are both of you actually hehe :P

najla said...

lme xdgr cite..
all da best in da new place.. =D

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