Saturday, February 27, 2010

Valentine-The Follow-up

Let me break it down for you,

From the previous post, I meant to deliver the fact about how wrong it is for Muslims to celebrate Valentine's Day, taking its history into account. But then again, my intention was rather not to be too specific. I was referring to knowledge in general, and not only Valentine-it is only a timely example. There are two situations here.

First, how do we risk ourself to be sinned for doing things we have no knowledge about.
Secondly, how do we avoid doing prohibited things without any knowledge for its prohibition by Islam.

Nobody's perfect. I believe, many would just take Valentine's Day as an awaited special day of the year to show their true love to their loved ones, similar to other special days like anniversary, birthday etc. But that is the danger of being too sure, as I described in another post.earlier. Turn the pessimistic thought into curiosity for the sake of seeking the truth and so that we do things because we have good reasons for it. This explains the first situation, which we should avoid so that we will not waste time regretting the past, only because we follow, rather than know.

However, my emphasis in this post is for the other one. I have to admit that sometimes, I am myself very optimistic to Islam that I tend to follow everything it says. It is not wrong, I suppose. But still, there's a defect in this. We are encouraged to find knowledge about things we should avoid doing, but as many might not realize, we are also in the same way, encouraged to seek knowledge about things we are instructed to do. An easy example would be the prayers (Solat). Do we know why is it made compulsory? And do we know the meanings of all (or at least most) of the things we recite when we pray? Think about it.. and I would hope and strive to make learning my top most priority as life is a continuous process of learning..

indeed... :)



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