Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have started rolling with two weeks already behind me. Never satisfied at the pace I am speeding, but it will take time before it all flourishes. As for now, I am prepared for more things to come. Lecture starts tomorrow on Monday so have to get used to the new timetable (or rather new life routine). Sorting out things is a sure matter. At the same time I am gradually tracing back my old friends from the Alma Mater and catching up on most of them, as far as I could reach. These three months, February, March and April will be a period of time when some of us are making their ways overseas, so break a leg dudes! We have gone our separate ways but there are many media and platforms that can keep us in touch and not falling apart. I believe that in the long run, the brotherhood ties will bring us all back together. There are indeed many things to make up with especially by me. Somehow I wonder what have I done and ended up with so many regrets that I think I always could have done more. Talking about us, there are both good and bad news. Nevertheless, life must go on, and there is no dot in this journey till the moment we breathe our last.

My family is of utmost important. Two sisters of mine are going to sit for important big exams this year-SPM and PMR. This is another issue indeed. Or rather a task to mind and give attention to. What is my part in making them successful? I am their brother, so I must really figure out fast on how to contribute. There are of course many constraints but surely not inevitable excuses that I can not handle. Being as far as I am from them (who are at home-8 hours if you take a bus), I must think of doing something useful and fruitful. Time is a real challenge. But no matter what, fuh, that's what makes me better and stronger of course.

Till this point, I will keep on going, clearing the path from the bushy days ahead, and Allah knows best what He has in store for me. Insya Allah I am praying that everything will be fine and at the moment, anatomy and physiology books really get me hooked. 

Wassalam.. :) 


spark acap said...

takpe aleng, nak tny pasal any contct juz ask :)

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