Thursday, March 11, 2010

2Ds: Dancing or Debating?

haha sometimes it is not easy to realize that life is so fun, intertwined with moments of boredom and uncertainties. But I kinda, like the life I have now. Way to go though, I have greater aims and much bigger things to achieve and I really wanted to fulfill them.

What could have I done to take the plunge, and get myself out of this slow moving easy going environment? What could have made me feel more powerful and forced to jump to my limits? Alright, I have to make decisions, the tough ones, breaking more walls, and perhaps (sometimes) hearts, and move on to get to the next levels. By the end of this weekend, will come up with a 3-month plan and will work out on it. See if I could have done more and will let the time decide.

Was invited to join a dance, Zapin dance, traditionally originates from Johor, a type of dance I find quite masculine (the steps and movement etc) relative to most other classic Malay dances, so I took the offer, and of course the challenge and went for the first practice just now. Well, obviously, chicken dance and Poco-Poco are the only 'prior experience' or talent (if you swish) that I have so far, then what about a new one huh? Let's give it a try, certainly not a problem.

By the way, being new I am, I just sat there and watched them do their movements first, well maybe next time sooner after, my turn comes. Something, in the middle of the boring mood, caught my eye by the way. This one guy, a senior, who has been making a number of announcements when we have short breaks between two lectures, and he is a debater. An IMU debater, ex, in INTEC's case. He was having sort of discussion with I don't know whom, at this one side at the corner on the fourth floor. I assumed they were preparing for a debate or something. So, I can't help myself, but wonder, oh God, do I really have to do this?Like, dancing? Seriously? haha How about debating? I know quite sometime later, I will have to make a decision. Something to do with my life in the long run. I always look ahead and wanted to take the most and best out of everything. I really do. And debating, is the real life I was in. I look forward to get to that again, insya Allah. Seriously, I miss those times, when we fight, and when we talk, then we fight because we talk, and we talk because we want to give a fight! We debate, we discuss and we share ideas, it was really fun back then at school. Hopefully, that kind of moments would come again in my life, though maybe much more diffferent from what I expect it to be. Oh no, really, I am debataholic!! Wana go for it! :P

I have been doing good with books, because I like to read and make friends with books and 'socialize' with them. But as we go along, new things come in the way and you learn new lessons. Books are, yeah, books. I have to (unfortunately) finally accept that things are different in real life. Like, you know, they are real, so when you consider that, you need to account for how dynamic many things can be. The people, the circumstances, everything is like a whole different world. Instead of shifting from this other dimension of life though, I prefer to stay in between, and see if I could overstep to the other dimension, one at a time, but seriously world of words on printed books and eye straining laptop screens is much different from the world you are realistically in. Still, though like two sides of a coin, they are different. I am getting used to this and on my way to understand life better. I must now equip myself with as much knowledge as I possibly could, stretch my limit to its very max and make more successes. They said, if you wanted change, be the change!

Yes, I certainly will.. :)



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