Friday, October 23, 2009


Yeah I know, apology is an uncountable noun. But at least, it, in what ever way, implies how much wrong have I done to people around me. So, apologies from me.

Exam is really around the corner.
Love you all. Who ever you are. Forgive me please ya? I really wana go to Aussie. And become a doctor.
Ya Allah, my only God, guide me through all these puzzles of life..

Assalamualaikum all.... :)


petite girl said...

omg~am~~~~nice blog!=)so high-tech=)jealoooousss.

Of course you will be there Am,just wait ya=)

All the best.Take care.Jaga kesihatan ok=)

miss ya.xoxo

down_driller said...

ha3 miss ya too...

nah.. my blog's biasa2 jer.. :)

it cud've been more 'high-tech' if got french words like that of yours!

he3 tq farah.. please take care too... ;)

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