Monday, October 19, 2009

SACE Exam here I come!!

Scary though. I don't feel like feeling it. Sigh~ Instead of struggling to prepare for the grave crucial final exam I am battling hard to find the study mood now.Within merely two weeks left, what drives me now is only the family. Love you Ma, Abah, Along, Kakda, Sa, Ipas, Alin, Mawaddah, Aiman, Anis and Afiq!! Can't wait to go back to Terengganu. Will conduct an English class for all of you liitle bros and sis.. ! mmuah!! :P

P/S: SACE Exam 2009 (November 2-17)


arelong said...

Gud luck bro for the tough exam, but we r confidently believing u can,surely able to do it. We r always here backing and supporting you from nothing to everything. Prove urself and bring along success + pride to our family esp to ma n abah coz we have to end up their hard lives feeding and sacrifing for us since childhood till where n who we r now. Family luv u more than everything and do best, as usual beat the rest!! Chayok! =P

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