Saturday, July 25, 2009

What begins during the beginning?

Fi amanillah~ (under the supreme protection of Allah)

Finally I started a blog to have a well-documented journey of my life because it seems like my brain alone does not have the capacity to hold too much memories. Especially when in life, most remembered memories are the bad ones-which, easily sweep away those that can make me chuckle and laugh. As time passes and many truth unfolds, I thank Allah for allowing me to understand things I never did, before.

Firstly, let me rush not to really make these blog beautifully perfect and regularly updated. Beautiful and perfect are both semantic and subjective, though. Perhaps this is only a trial. An ordinary move. Aiming for extra ordinary outcome. Though this is just to get used to blogging-something that has become part of most people's lives nowadays-be it the readers or the bloggers-well I do not want to challenge anyone I am still way too new and novice in this stuff.

Finally, I have to always remind myself not to fear what I don't possess because if they are what I really need, I will have to look for them. What I already have are what that fear me most as they may be ones that I don't need. It is to me, easier to scavenge for what I want, then to let go what's with me that i don't like.

But first, let me also shower with my sincerest thanks and gratitude to everyone I know-those who have helped a lot in order to make this publishing of the very first personal blog page of mine possible, and anyone whom might read my words and find no barriers to share your own thoughts. Thank you everyone!

And indeed, first and final are words that should not only mean to start and to end respectively. I used both in an alternate manner in the above post to simply suggest how I perceive life in general. I have had many great losses in the past. And when some may take it as the end and describe them as final, I think every loss will let me begin to find new ones-new hopes and inspirations at least. It's in fact a new beginning and a renewed journey that follow an end to something that I love so much. To those who know me well, let me tell you that this inspiration I have, etched on my heart, is because I learn not to love and leave, but to love and live instead. Friends, strangers or even anyone, let's make everyday new and fresh as the end always precedes the beginning, the way it is expected to end something that begins.. :)


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tahniah pendatang bloggos terbaru :D

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