Sunday, July 26, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

To everyone who has been following my blog. Currenty, I am doing a serious reading and own research on the greatest conspiracy perpetrated by the evil world elite. I am compelled to share this in my blog after watching a series of 50-episode-video clips entitled 'The Arrival' -thanks to Faris Anis. Basically, it is about a plan called 'the New World Order' which has been planned by the current dominating world powers which are helped by the satanic powers and assistance. They have been delivering deceptive propagandas which has made most mankind fooled by nothing but bullshits. The September 11, the Holocaust and many others are terrible historical events that were man-made to satisfy their own interests! They were planned though seem as if they weren't. The world is expected to end with a war between two sides of two distinct bloodlines. It is too early to speculate, though. What matters now is to prepare ourselves so that we don't trust anyone blindly and plunge into their demonic enticing traps. Stay tuned! :)

William Guy Carr, a Canadian who authored a book that reveals the greatest secret of worldly agenda


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