Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Islamic Renaissance- Emerging With Ease?

Remember about the mass extermination of human population planned by the elite group? This new post you are about to read has something to do with it. In a video clip I have watched about the changing world demography, I have come across something that might be the reason why are we being depopulated. Want to know why? Keep on reading..

Dear all,
Islam has long been attacked and hated by many enemies ever since the first civilisation began. And now, they are trying to cull the Muslim population because we are having a very rapid population growth rate! While this is a good news to us, the evil elite group were taken aback by many statistics that are now speaking the truth! Aha, want to know what's the statistics and what's so interesting about them? Let me begin with this explanation first.

In the study of changing numbers in community over a period of time (also known as demography), fertility rate (FR)* is used. So, in reality, for a culture to maintain itself for more than 25 years, a FR of 2.11 children per family is required. A FR of 1.3 or lower would suggest that a population is declining and there is no possibility for it to reverse. This means, over time, that particular population may reach a point of extinction! This is historically correct and even if it were to reverse, it would take approximately 80-100 years! Considering this, let's take a quick look at the FR of these countries:

France : 1.8
England : 1.6
Greece : 1.3
Germany : 1.3
Italy : 1.2
Spain : 1.1

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) of 31 countries has an FR of 1.38. So, by looking at the above data, and consider the aforementioned explanation I have made about FR in the previous paragraph, would you be able to make your own deductions? Yes, exactly. They are all supposed to have something in common-a declining population! However, the question now is, there is indeed no decline in the current overall population of those countries! Why is that? Was I lying about the FR? Absolutely not. So? Would like to guess? Please read through..

The answer to this is very simple-It's immigration. Although native people in all countries mentioned have very low FR, people who migrate from outside into their countries are contributing to an increase in the overall population! And you know what, 90% of them are Islamic immigrations! The government of Germany, who's shocked by what's happening, has publicly declared a call for action. The following statement might explain what are they afraid of:

“The fall in the (Germany) population can no longer be stopped. Its downward spiral is no longer reversible. It will be a Muslim State by the year 2050.”

-Germany Federal Statistics Office-

Well, that's mere an introduction. :) I would like to disclose more. Let's go by country now. Moving on with the first country, France. Do you know that while its (native people) FR is only 1.8, the Muslim community who live in this country has an FR of 8.1 instead! Isn't that a big difference? That may explain why 30% children aged 20 years old or below in France are Islamic! Also, it is estimated that by 2027, 1/5 of the population will be Muslims and within 39 years, France will turn into an Islamic Republic! Cool, isn't it?

Next, the Great Britain. Over the last 30 years, the Muslim population has significantly increased from 82 000 to 2.5 millions-and that's a 30-fold increase! Netherlands, with the current 50% newborns being the Muslims, is expected to have more Muslims by half of the overall population in the next 15 years! Now, Russia is not excluded from the growing Muslim population. To date, it has 23 millions Muslim people which makes up 1/5 of the overall number of people in the country. And in just a few years, 40% of Russian Army will be Islamic! How about Belgium? Well, not bad. With 25% of the overall population being the Muslims and 50% of newborns are also Muslims, anyone would correctly predict what will it achieve in the coming decades. As a matter of fact, by 2025, one third of all European will be born to Muslim families. Plus, the German government has already forecast that the current 52 millions of Muslim population in Europe will double to 104 millions within only 20 years! Wouldn't it be a very good thing to know that Islam will be a dominant religion again? Will this indicate the coming of another great Islamic Kingdom? Be prepared for it dudes. It really is coming. And.. with ease? Take a look at this statement uttered by Muammar Al-Gaddafi of Libya which reads as follows:

“There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homicide bombers. The 50 + millions Muslims (in Europe) will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades”

-Muammar Al-Gaddafi-

All in all, I really hope that we seek for His ultimate protection and help against our enemies. Please always bear in mind that while the future may seem favorable for us the Muslims, Allah will never assist us in anything unless we make ourselves responsible for every victory we aim to have. May Allah bless us all. Stay tuned for more interesting and uplifting posts I want to share! :P

* Fertility rate (FR) can be mathematically calculated in its own way. It is a tedious job and if you wish to know more on how is it done, please feel free to do some research ya? :)

The following is the world map with the FR of respective countries (or regions) sourced from Abortion Policies: A Global Policy by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division published in the year 2001. Have a look! :)


down_driller said...

Hey, our (Malaysia) FR is 3.2! :)

Farah said... I know.So,Muslims make up the population?and we are increasing in number?Wow.Can't wait for that to happen.I want the glory!=)Anyway,I am happy for a peaceful life regardless of any indifference right ,Am?=)

nice post!=)

down_driller said...

You're totally right Farah. We do make up the biggest population and it's increasing. By being pro-Islam, I don't mean to be anti-non Muslim. It's not religion that should make us part. All religions promote only goodness. Instead, those who worship satans are true enemies. By the way, thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

i am planning to have 15 kids. how that sounds to you. God willing.

down_driller said...

ha3 so am I. or perhaps, 16? more than you? he2 Thank you Abg Alwi for dropping comment. God willing, everything's gonna b ok.. :)

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