Saturday, July 25, 2009

My dad-Will I feel the same way you did?

It was July 11 and the whole family were going to Nilai, and then Malacca to give my younger sister a company on her registration day at UniKL university. And the night before, we went to a Giant Mall and the thing that I was thinking of at that night almost made me cry.

My dad is not a man from a well-to-do family. Neither is my mom. But having 10 children in the family is perhaps what that makes them strong and happy. In the mall, while waiting for my sisters and mom to buy some stuffs, I don't know how but it so happened that I saw him far from somewhere-while keeping an eye on adik-adik whom was playing around at a mini playground. From the gesture, the way he acted himself, the face expression and kind of stares he gave-I know, he must be having something in his mind.

My dad has never had the same life I am enjoying right now. A big happy family plus caring and loving parents like him and my mom-he never had-And I am 90% sure about this. He seemed to feel as if he is in an environment which is strange to him. No, not that he has never been to any malls or superhypermarket all his life. But because perhaps he never had the opportunity to experience how it feels to be a rich dad-to have millions of money and buy anything he wants around him-and that's what he might have thought of-a different kind of life. However I know, he as a strong dad who always denies to buy new clothes even during Eid-Fitri (just to make sure that we have enough money to buy ours), is a dad whom we in the family respect and love the most. He always tells us that it's not money but success in life that he wants from all of us.

Dearest beloved dad, what ever you felt at that moment you must know that i was crying for you. And let me promise with all my might (with Allah willing) I will make you proud and make sure that all your sacrifice all this while paid-off. We love you daddy-mom's too.. :)

Because they said this is the only relationship that will last forever-your family..

The moments spent with family were the ones most precious in my life..

At least I can fly for seconds coz I'm not as heavy la along! ha3 :P

I know Ayah Pin is from Terengganu but me and Along (left) were doing no ritual here.. :P

Living in a big simple family has taught me a lot about the true meaning of love..


Anonymous said...

so touching plot of stories at the beginning n if abah catch a glimpse on this story,i believe he will be crying as well but when ever i reached the flying and ayah pin pics of us,i was chuckling,hahahaha...pinggan sgguh g taruk gambo tuh...anyway i give u a 4.29 out of 5.1 star rating for the first post,kehkeh..keep on blogging n sharing wuteva stories/articles which may deliver feelings to ur readers,life aint easy should we dont put efforts struggling towards our own pinnacle, i'll always pray for the happiness and jovial moments to always come aside with us as a family,kudos bro!!(^*)


Farah said...

I am so touched ,Am by this post!I know you will succeed in your life and make your parents proud,very proud!

Go Am!You can do it~

p/s yeah~am I the first commenter?=)

blooming tulips in garden said...

::amir..ur entry is so touching..someone might crying right now(referring to ur abang long :))gud luck::

down_driller said...

Thank you along you have been a very good brother who leads us all by being responsible at many things you do for the family. Thank you farah I appreciate life more having a wonderful friend like you and thank you my friend (blooming tulips~) for the comment may Allah bless us all.. :)

spark acap said...

aleng post ko wat aku rasa nak nanges :(

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