Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seeking Knowledge

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Sharing some little minute things hopefully beneficial to adik-adik at SMKA KL ;-)
1. It is our nature that we forget. In fact, the word 'insan' in Malay which means a man or mankind, is derived from Arabic language which suggests forgetfulness. We are indeed always forgetful.

2. Hence, Islam is always about reminding oneself and others.

3. Seeking knowledge is one of the ways to be reminded.

4. It is the responsibility of a teacher, I believe, to make his/her speech or teaching most beneficial, and most interesting.

5. However, it is important to emphasize that the main asset of a teacher is the knowledge; not so much whether he/she is a good in his/her presentation.

6. We as students and seekers of knowledge, may always complain about not understanding the speech of our teachers, and the boredom we have from his/her monotonous voice etc. etc.

7. Out of adab though, students should never do that.

8. It is never required for a teacher I believe, to entertain the students in the way the students want.

9. The students should not look for an entertainer (if we define entertainment as mere jokes and humors; most probably meaningless), neither should they look for only new things from their teachers.

10. The reason why is that because there's definitely so much merit in hearing the same thing all over again. Repetition, in Islam, is a well-accepted way of learning. Why? Because we forget, and because sincerity will lead us to acquiring new knowledge even from the same exact point that is shared by our teacher.

11. In short, I don't think it is wrong (in fact it's a bonus) for a teacher to make his/her presentation as interesting and entertaining as possible.

12. But it's not compulsory upon them. It is not the right of the students.

13. If the students are sincere and really thirsty for knowledge, they will definitely have better attitude; hence appreciate the teachers more.

14. Please do not make it a habit to condemn people or teachers who have their own ways in their presentation, most importantly when they may cater to different types of crowd/audience.

15. I believe, everybody, be it the teachers or the students, has some unique roles to play, and to help complement each other.

16. If we keep complaining, and then condemning others, nothing much can be reaped. This world is not only about us. It houses so many other different types of people and seekers of knowledge.

17. May Allah make us a great teacher with great students, and a great student with great teachers. May Allah increase in us beneficial knowledge. And may Allah make us all humble for all things He bestows upon us ameen.

Allahuaklam. Wassalamualaikum wbt.


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