Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reversing The Tape

Assalamualaikum wbt.

1. Entertainment is one of the ways through which foreign idea finds its way into the mind of Muslims.

2. Because we may regard it as an entertainment, we may not realize that it is forbidden in Islam, or that it can harmfully affect the way we think or perceive something.

3. One quick example is gambling and betting. It may be a form of very popular entertainment, but the fact that it entertains, doesn't make it automatically permissible in Islam.

4. Sports is another example that can be used as a disguise to manipulate our pure mind. 

5. For instance, the pole dancing, which is popular in strip clubs (and of course you'll have cheap naked or almost naked women performing- please don't imagine) is now disguised as a form of sports. Seriously I ain't kidding. Perhaps, acrobatic gymnastics sounds more 'scientific and sporting' and that's what pole dancing is now representing.

6. This is very dangerous. People forget, that Rose for instance, even if we call it Lily, it still smells like a Rose.

7. Let me give you one last very good example.

8. Are you gay?

9. Some decades ago, it is absolutely okay for a Muslim like me to say that I am gay. Because gay simply means 'happy' do you know that?

10. So now gay means to be homosexual (may Allah protect us), don't even dare to say that you are gay in the public! (not that you can be privately gay ok =p)

11. The point here is, our mind is being exploited in such pitiful ways.

12. Because we think that gay means happy, so it's ok to have homosexuals because they are happy! This is the way the brain works! We'll be inclined to accept something bad if it's dubbed with some kind of nice names! Beware!

13. I actually wanted to talk about something else hehe.

14. But still, this has everything to do with media and entertainment.

15. This is my personal opinion, my personal observation. With due respect, you may not agree. I accept that wholeheartedly insya Allah.

16. From my point of view, there is (as if) a 'wonderful' process of building a society in Malaysia with strong faith in ghost.

17. Not faith in God, but faith in ghost.

I hope I have carefully picked the least horror photo ;-)
18. Here is how I see it works.

19. First, there will be a story about love. A strong powerful love. Then comes jealousy and hatred, and then murder (a tragedy). Then the murdered becomes a ghost, searching revenge and haunt the murderer and other people. Typical. Yet effective to make one 'believes' in ghost.

20. Let's track the flow again. You have firstly love, then a tragedy and then puff! Comes a ghost.

21. Look, why don't we reverse the tape?

22. Alright, think of this very carefully now. This is the 'reversal'. The one we should have adopted.

23. Firstly, we can learn about God. Allah, the One and Only God. 

24. From there, we understand that life is a test and the 'examiner' is God. So any form of tragedy is no longer a tragedy, but a test instead! Rather than dealing with it with frustration, we will equip ourselves with contentment and patience (redha and sobr) because that is the purpose of a test in the first place!

25. This (contentment and patience) is a proof of eeman and love that we have towards Allah, which will eventually help us attain peace and serenity.

26. Can you see the backward flow now?

27. We are reversing the tape.

28. Earlier we have (1) Love -> (2) Tragedy -> (3) Ghost

29. Now reversing it backward, we eliminate ghost and bring in God (Allah) to create a better story line!

(3) Peace  <- (2) Test (Contentment) <- (1) God

30. And that's all for now.

31. Thank you for your time. Let's learn about God, not ghost. Fear the former, not the latter.

Wallahuaklam. Wassalamualaikum wbt.

P/S: By the way, seriously I am not gay.

Let's reverse the tape..


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