Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Power of Touch

Assalamualaikum wbt.

"Have heard of Morse Code? Well, touching is the Morse Code for love."

1. A baby grows healthier with frequent touch (or massage, if you like) from a mother or caregiver [1].

2. The same resource states that its positive effects are also gained by the mother or parents whom give the massage.

3. Trust me. Touches are not only for babies. Even strong and aggressive sportsmen need touch. That's why they have a game called Touch Rugby.

I told ya! =p
4. But the world has recently changed. Many times, we seem to be keeping in touch in an absolutely different way.

5. We do keep in touch virtually, but very less physically. And this is possible through a means called social media. If you do not know what that means, go delete your Facebook, Twitter (or many more) accounts now.

6. And yes, do it by not even TOUCHING your keypad! If you can do that, give me a Hi-5 (touch)! lol

7. Look. Let me ask you this. Can mankind live alone (without feeling lonely)? And there are many answers to this question.

8. A classic answer is by quoting the story of Adam AS (from Islamic perspective) which certainly would argue that a man needs a partner even since the creation of the first mankind. This is portrayed in a man-woman relationship, but of course then develops into familial, societal and a mutual relationship in a bigger community.

9. However, these days, a person can be locked up in a small room, alone, and communicate with the outside world only via internet, which is true but arguably not a solid testimony that men can now live alone and be completely independent (in my opinion).

10. In other words, is individualism possible? I would say that it's not (unless one loses his sanity).

11. The fact that we can connect with others via social media from the most distant and hidden spot on this planet is still a proof that we need someone else in our life to live with (otherwise we won't connect).

12. In other words, what ever those in favor of individualism and human rights (which gets me confused as to whether it means personal human rights or collective human rights or which one is more important) want to fight for, they should be silenced by their own nature to think that men can live to choose what ever is it that they PERSONALLY like without referring to the One that creates and knows best the affairs of all mankind and other creatures, the One God, or Allah SWT.

13. Let me ask a second question though. How do we respond to the need of being dependent to each other? Facebook? The fact that mankind has lived for more than 20 centuries without Facebook (which if it hasn't, we are not here now) is a simple yet strong proof that we can live without Facebook!

14. I am not suggesting that though. I am saying, living without Facebook is a lot better (and proven to be realistic for more than 20 centuries) than to be living with Facebook but in a more disintegrated society where we meet up, talk, or touch much less than before with the ones that we love the most.

15. In other words, it's a good reminder to myself and all of you beloved readers (whomever you are, I hope to meet you face-to-face one day) that when we are intensively engaged in a social-media-driven relationship, we should not forget that this modern communication tool is nothing but merely an alternative, or secondary when in fact real physical relationship (which has limitations of course) is much more meaningful and unforgettable. Watch the powerful message from the video below.

Disconnect to Connect

16. For the final part of this entry, I would make some recommendations so that we are aware of this worldwide phenomenon and take some necessary steps to avoid being its victims. I would suggest that you also read reference no [4] below. It's quite interesting and a good read I must say.

17. First, understand that when it comes to sharing, we MUST know the difference between 'many things' and 'everything!'

18. Secondly, try to designate a specific time per day, per week or what ever instead of going online at random or at all time. Time is one element that is most badly affected when it comes to social media. Do be more selective.
19. Last, but never less important, make sure that we follow the guidelines provided in Islam and minimize the chance of committing 'sins of publicity' which can mean 2 things. First, publicizing inappropriate photos, or good photos of us but with ill intentions (show-off etc). Second, promoting our mistakes or weaknesses in public on Facebook to receive the Most Honest Man/Woman Award, which again, doesn't make any sense, unless we know not how to differentiate between fame and notoriety.
20. To conclude, let me put it this way.

21. As I place a greater emphasis on Facebook (because it's what I use the most), which to date has about 800 millions active users worldwide, with 70 languages available on the site and integrated with more than 7 million applications and websites [5], it is our responsibility not to be just another user, but a wise one. It's time (if we haven't) to be MORE AWARE and make choices, make decisions.

22. Remember to use social media only as a tool to further strengthen our relationship with others while attempting to preserve our physical interaction with people around us as much as possible.

23. Also remember that there are limitations especially when it comes to opposite gender relationship though. When there's chance of committing sins, avoid it and always look for legal and acknowledged relationships. Don't betray anyone as much as you don't want others to cheat on you. Like what they nicely put it, Nikah: Connecting People.

Nikah is an the Arabic word for 'marriage.'
24. With especially our parents, children, spouses, family, relatives and friends we are indeed in need of more touches and loves. If they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, I would rephrase it in this context and put it as 'a touch is worth a thousand good feelings.'

25. Thanks very much for your time reading and I shall end this post by sharing with you the most wonderful quote I found on the net this year (below). 

"When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you're smiling and everyone around you is crying."

26. I'm very sincerely sorry for any mistakes you may find in this article. May Allah bless us all. Wallahuaklam, He surely knows best.

*This article is authored for Ibnu Hanaffi's Dakwah Efforts and Archive (IH.DE.NA) ;-)
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P/S: Maybe now it makes more sense to improve our praying line (saf) during Solah (prayer) don't you think? Shoulder to shoulder, everyone. You do not need to renew your wudhu' (ablution) should you touch me in a praying saf, do you? lol..

*lol means lots of laughter




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