Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today I Cried. Yes Today.

Yes Today.

I had it all out. All released. It was life-changing. And it happened to me. Why is this heart touched very rarely? Perhaps because that's what that makes it special. It seldom looms. It is seasonal.

I tried my best to treat him well, not so much because I was benefiting from him, but perhaps because we are somehow like-minded. Today he spilt it all out (or maybe not all) and I was touched. I looked at his eyes and I knew he held back tears.

I was stronger. I know I should not let go. Maybe not until I am alone.

Dear brother, I sometimes question, when will you pay back all my kindness towards you? Today I realized, that it's not about me, it's you. You have done so much more than I ever thought you did.

I cried and I won't stop praying for you. Because when I cry, I know I should not complain of small eyes while I know they are people who are blind. I cried knowing that I did mistakes and friendship and fraternity make me know whom I am and where I come from. They make me know you!

You may not be in my family. We may not share the same blood. But we share the same aspirations. I never knew you were alone, because you always smiled and that disguised everything. All your sufferings and challenges. All of which I would cry upon if I ever knew.

I will not stop praying and praying for you. You make me know, and you make me thankful.

I love you brother, and my prayers will always be with you. You make me cry and the tears give my heart eyes to see and it makes me smile. And I will always do.

Take care, don't want to lose you..

Today I cried and yes, today.


nabihah farhana ismail said...

wahhhh who's the lucky 'he'? :)

down_driller said...

sigh Biha. entahla. Girls understand feelings better I bet. Thanks dropping by =)

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