Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My political affiliation

Assalamualaikum wbt

"When comes the Help of Allah, and Victory (1), And you do see the people enter Allah's Religion in crowds (2), Celebrate the Praises of your Lord, and pray for His Forgiveness: for He is Oft-Returning (in Grace and Mercy) (3)." Surah An-Nasr, (110:1-3)

1. Political affiliation refers to any official connection with politics in general, or political party to be specific. Me? No, I don't have any political affiliation. But the correct word is 'not yet' instead of just 'not.' ;-)

2. Anyhow, I am a medical student. Hence, I am pursuing a profession in a medical field. And I want to become a good doctor. Yes, a doctor. But not just a doctor. Ooo.. a politician too then? Like Tun Mahathir? 

My answer: Nope

3. =_=' *sweating* Then? My answer: Like Rasulullah SAW. ;-) Ah, wait. Before you let those voltage or ohm or whatever travel through your brain wires, I have to clarify.

4. When we answer Rasulullah SAW to many questions i.e who is your role model etc, it sounds so cliche to us. I feel the same way too, frankly. Or, if we ask about one's hobby, and then he answers to read Al-Quran, owh, we will feel like vomitting. "Alamak, this is so nauseating and things like that."

Me: Up to you lah, I am not here to give a long comment on that

5. That's why today, I am not going to tell you why we should not feel that way, because obviously, you will only get the answer once you really study about this man, Muhammad bin Abdullah, may peace and blessings be upon him. While I myself won't answer 'to recite Al-Quran' as a hobby (because to me it's more than just a hobby), I am not asking you to have doubt in those saying so, unless you yourself study Al-Quran too ;-)

6. Instead, I am here to speak on this subject from a larger perspective i.e what is my opinion when it comes to politics from Islamic point of view. This is how I am affiliated to politics, hence my political affiliation.

So from here, I will address a number of statements.

a) Politics is dirty. We must get rid of it
b) In Malaysia, government and opposition are equally bad, or equally good, if they have any good at all
c) You students go study only lah, don't talk about politics
d) I am only interested in Islam, not politics

7. Let's get started yo!

a) Politics is dirty. We must get rid of it

8. If today you play rugby and your jersey gets dirty, do you wash it or do you burn it in fire? You know what I mean. I have 2 points here. First, we have to distinguish between politics and politicians. Do you know there are bad doctors out there? It's them, not medicine that is 'dirty.' Second, many people change when they enter politics. That means, don't tell me you can guarantee that you are as good and honest as you are before and after you become a politician- mind you I use the word 'guarantee.'

I say: Politics is not dirty but a significant part of life. If we want to totally get away from it, we allow great threat upon Islam. Politics is like a glass that has to be filled. You either put good juice into it, or other people will put sewage instead. Yummy huh? So, I remind myself and you to be a responsible voter and don't run away. We should make a difference.

Also, politics is about power. So it is a test. A great one. Only a true believer can endure this test. Don't hate politics because of the politicians. Instead, vote for a just leader, or be a good leader if you enter politics- don't just complain and falsely believe that this test is easy.

b) In Malaysia, government and opposition are equally bad, or equally good, if they have any good at all

9. Have heard of Timbaktu? Ok, pack your clothes and go there now, don't ever return here ok? Are you a Malaysian in the first place? (Ok, if you are not, then you are forgiven). But still, equally bad/good? *somebody's holding my hand now, otherwise it will come off your screen and land on your blushing cheek* No, I'm kidding. (Oit, don't show me that huh-not-funnylah-bored face)

I say: It is unfair to make such a statement. Unfair, unless you really know what is happening. Unfair if you keep living in a world of one-sided media. Unfair unless you really make honest judgement through proper research and investigation into the world of politics.

I don't believe that it is that difficult to distinguish between which is which. It is so only if we take an easy way out. And that is what we call laziness- a road to failure. Again, we are all voters, because we are people with dignity living in a sovereign country. So we have to make a decision. A good and just decision, of course. Do we?

c) You students go study only lah, don't talk about politics

10. Ok I go study.... politics.

I say: You see, you are precisely right. It is because we are students that we are more educated. It is because we are students that we are not easily fooled. It is because of that that we want to exercise our freedom of rights and voice out our opinion and stand by our choice.

If you try to blind us with money and academic-only life, I want to let you know that I wear glasses. Huh? I know, I don't understand what I am saying too. =p No, What I mean is that we are now more aware and concerned about our rights and we will fight for it. Here I give you a take home message.

"You can fool some of us all the time, and you can fool all of us some of the time, but you can never fool all of us all the time!"

d) I am only interested in Islam, not politics  

11. In a restaurant: "Mamak, nasi goreng satu, tak nak sayur ok?" In English it means, "Sir, I'd like (to order) one (plate of) fried rice, no vegetables please!" 

12. If suppose you are there and hear the above, though it sounds unhealthy to you (the food ordered), it does still make sense to you, doesn't it? Now, what if you hear this: "Mamak, bagi air Milo segelas, tak nak letak air ok?" English: "Sir, give me a glass of Milo ice, without water please?" 

13. Yes, that guy will be a target of stare and possibly everyone will become like David Beckham now, so he'd better run. You know what I mean. It is ridiculous isn't it? No Milo ice is Milo ice (as a drink) unless it has water in it.

I say: Islam is perfect and Allah has perfected it for us (5:3). It comprises all aspects of life and it will not be able to be altered or matched, no matter how hard you try, even if you have to combine with the whole mankind and jinn (17:88). So, not to be interested in politics means not to be interested in Islam, because Islam also provides guidance and examples in politics.

That's why, the best example of Islamic politics is the one under the leadership of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, and if there's one word to aptly describe the situation under his rule, I would personally pick 'justice.'

Having said that, Islam is a deen of justice. It is for the whole mankind, not only the Arabs. The same way, it is not only for Malays, but for all races in Malaysia. 

I had a casual conversation with my friend and we agreed on one thing, that yes, politics should not be what we aim for. We should aim for Allah's blessings instead. But that still doesn't mean that we have to abandon politics. We should seek political power of course. But with a slightly different perspective. That politics and power is not our aim, but our means of achieving the aim. Let me repeat, MEANS to achive the aim!

We should not let politics to be in the hands of the unjust. We should fight for justice and yes, we therefore have to restore the rule with an ultimate justice that is guided by Him, Allah the Most Exalted. It's either we do it, or we fail all along, in life now and in that to come.

14. Allah has reminded us in Surah Ar-Ra'd, (13:11), "...Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)..."

15. I shall end this by briefly commenting on politics in Malaysia today, specifically about the sodomy scandal of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto leader of the opposition (because it features as headlines in newspapers today).

16. I personally feel that somehow we have gone too far. The power of politics, if it's misused, could only be overcome with the power of people. Needless to elaborate further, just look at what had happened in Egypt. May Allah bless them all.

17. We the public have the responsibility not to trust any bad things the first time we hear about it unless until we are presented with solid evidence. Otherwise, we are just like an accomplice in favor of injustice and nauzubillah, may Allah protect us from that or otherwise great disaster will be inflicted upon us and the whole community.

18. Islam really stresses on individual's dignity and pride, that it never allows such thing that we have now ('publicity' of crime). Not only the sodomy case, even the sex video brings tears to those afraid of Allah. As though adultery is only haram (forbidden) to a well-known public figure. What about prostitution masya Allah. Even in television program like 999 they blur the image of the accused and the crime-doers.

19.  I hope we at least reflect upon this. To me, everyone is innocent unless proven otherwise. Datuk Seri Anwar is innocent unless he is proven guilty (through just and impartial judgement of course). Similarly, Datuk Najib is free of Atlantuya's case unless proven otherwise.

20. It should not be a battle that requires us to prove who is worse, but a battle to prove who is better, in terms of justice and serving the people.

21. Therefore, I hope we can be more vigilant and careful instead of to blindly believe and follow what we assume to be true.We should seek refuge from Allah, that He may protect us from this great age of trials, whether we are the ones accused, or the ones that have to decide whether to believe in any accusation. Big NO NO to fanatism!

"And say:Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish." Surah Al-Isra', (17:81)

Wallahua'lam. Truly Allah knows best. May he save us in this age of fitan (great trials, tribulations and calamities).

P/S: I love you Rasulullah.... (may peace and blessings be upon him)


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Anonymous said...

thumps up !!
Jgn lupa daftar sbg pengundi bos =]

down_driller said...

dah daftar. jgn lupa vote for me haha no I'm kidding. long way to go.

Thanks for dropping by. I'm sure u r one of our politically aware young individuals. We need more ;-)

muhammad fakhruddin said...

Voice out our honest opinion should not be consider as our participation with any political side. But in our lovely Malaysia Boleh land, there is a lot of political zombies in our blogosphere. For instance, the first comment in this post

Love to read your opinion =)

down_driller said...

@Bro Muhammad Fakhruddin:

Alhamdulillah, jazakallah khair.

Biasalah tu saudara. Sebab itu saya tegaskan perkataan fanatism di atas.

Pandangan saya secara umum (tak menuju mana-mana pihak spesifik)ialah:
Apabila memberi pandangan, kita tidak boleh bersikap atas pagar, iaitu kononnya neutral dan tak sokong mana2 pihak.

Besar bezanya antara menjadi orang yang neutral atau orang yang tiada pendirian.

Jika dibuat perbandingan, pilihan yang tepat ada di depan mata (parti politik mana etc- walaupun mungkin tak sempurna). Kita perlu ada pendirian- cuma saya tak nyatakan dalam blog ni pendirian saya sebab ia adalah rahsia dan sensitif. ;-)

Tinggal lagi sekarang, ialah jika kita memilih untuk menyokong sesuatu atau seseorang, atas dasar apa kita buat.

Adakah sebab kita fanatik, atau sebab bongkak, atau sebab itulah yang betul dan benar.

Hanya dengan meletakkan Allah sebagai faktor rujukan dan tempat bergantung, kita tidak akan lagi menilai sekadar siapa atau parti apa, sebaliknya APA YANG BETUL DAN APA YANG SALAH.

Bersabarlah dengan komen sedemikian. Ia bukan pandangan semua orang.

Teruskan menulis saudara dan salam perkenalan =)

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