Monday, May 23, 2011

The Miraculous Quran

Assalamualaikum wbt.

"Say: If the whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Quran, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support."
Surah Al-Isra', (17:88)

The following is a presentation I delivered in the International Medical University (IMU) during the Senior Appreciation Night on the last April 18th, 2011. The subject is the Inimitable Quran. Share it around I hope it benefits all of us.

Ibnu Hanaffi's Channel
May Allah bless all of us insya Allah.
Wallahua'lam. Wassalamualaikum wbt

P/S: Credits to Bro Zulhafifi Zulkifli for recording this video. May Allah reward him for every benefit that we get from it insya Allah ameen..


petite girl said...

awesome am!

omygod, i am so proud of you am! what a good thing you've done!i always know you can do it!

sorry for the lack of updates, am having take care am! keep active, which you are always are.

down_driller said...


Thank you Farah my dear fren. No probs lah hehe, I x update myself always too, coz Im preparing4 xm as well.

Always need ur prayer n support insya Allah, may He grant you every benefit people get from my humble attempt to spread the message of Islam nih.

Break a leg Farah, you are always 'mantap' when it comes to exam ;-)
Otherwise, you bako je, bako je hehe =p

Take care too. Wassalamualaykum =)

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