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Question on Valentine's Day: A response

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

This post is an answer to one response I collected towards my article about Valentine's Day in the immediate previous post. (if you haven't read it, you may do so here)

Before I continue, let me point out here that it is important before we discuss about anything, we seek His protection and seek knowledge and try to avoid wrong justification which is made merely based upon what we think and we feel, instead of being based on sufficient reference and research.

It is also important to note that in any discussion, it is not to find whom to blame or who is wrong but to reach a valid academic concession that insya Allah will satisfy those who appreciate a true culture of knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, one has to be open-minded and be sincere at looking for truth.

As one cute saying goes, "Our mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work unless it is open." ;-)


1. It is a responsibility of the author to address as many people as possible when he writes an article. I listed down three reasons (though certainly there are more) for the prohibition of Valentine's Day to Muslims and the third one is basically about the fact that it predisposes to intimate relationship (otherwise known as sex) between unmarried couples- this seems incomplete (not addressing all) because it means this third reason is only directed to the unmarried couples.

2. So the question that arises here is very straight forward; How about the married couples? They are married so of course they can celebrate Valentine's Day with their spouse and in Islam, they are allowed for intimate relationship because well, they are married!

3. First, it is true about the intimate relationship but a big NO NO for celebrating Valentine's Day.

4. Why? I'd like to present an analogy to explain the above better. Say, if today our subject of discussion is whether we can climb up one's coconut tree and steal their coconuts. Then I write an article saying that no, that is forbidden and I list out three reasons as well.

5. First, no because it is sinful to take away someone's property (in this case coconuts) without their permission. Second, because when it happens, it triggers a fight between those involved and therefore badly affects their neighbourhood relationship. Third, because it is dangerous if you climb up a tree and may be caught stealing on the spot.

6. Let's look at the third reason and create this argument. What about a person who is expert at climbing trees? It should no longer be dangerous because well, he's an expert!

7. Try to compare and I hope by then you understand what I mean. Valentine's Day is not primarily prohibited because it leads to sex outside marriage (because you can always argue that married couples can have sex though) but stronger basis of prohibition are already pointed out as reason number 1 and 2, so no matter who we are, whether we are married or not, we Muslims should not  celebrate Valentine's Day.

8. Similarly, even if you are an expert and won't fall when you climb up a tree, that has not nullified the fact that stealing coconuts is sinful in the first place.

9. Let me further break it down for you so please read carefully. First, it does not sound possible or sensible to allow only the married to celebrate Valentine's Day because the point of the matter is that, how do you check only married couple celebrate it? I mean, there should be no Valentine's Day at all. Because if there is, there will be celebration. And when there's celebration, there's special offer of cheaper night over in hotels for example, and do you think they care if you are married or you aren't?

10. Cutting this short, Valentine's Day exists because there are non-Muslims whom are living peacefully with us and they celebrate it. We as Muslims are tolerant but it is a shame if we always find excuses to do what others do, especially when the doings are not Islamic.

11. We have to open our mind that again Islam allows love to be spread but through appropriate manners. What about making a surprise during spouse's birthday or during your anniversary instead of during Valentine's Day? Better still, how about loving him or her each day and doing so with an intention to please Allah. And how about praying to Allah that you'll be with your spouse one day in the Paradise eternally? 

12. Let me just add this last piece of thought. In an extension to what we have actually discussed above, it is not entirely true to say that married couples are not predisposed to illegal sexual relationship. Why? Because when a man marries a woman, he marries that woman, not all women.

13. What that means is that even married couples can betray their partners and go for those they are not married with. Point being is that again, there are always loopholes for people to commit sins because we have to remember, we have to deal with many unseen enemies in this world and they are the outcast satans. Only those with knowledge and ability to see the unseen (as in sins and satan's whisper) will survive steadfastly with  faith in Allah insya Allah.

14. Having said the above, I hope I have at least covered or answered 2 things;

a) that Valentine's Day is prohibited to all Muslims, married and unmarried individuals alike
b) my previous article is not directed to one particular group but all Muslims in general

Wallahua'lam. Wassalamualaikum w.b.t


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