Monday, August 31, 2009

A Person; I admire..

Knowing that great message lies behind this gorgeous pink rose.. and some call it fen hong mei gui? :)

Who would find it easy to forget someone you have been loving so much? Whatever this person did to you will receive a one eye turned blind treatment. I am a very soft-hearted guy I never find it easy to hate people. Though when I have hatred, that would be the most furious me at a wrong time, and maybe at a wrong place. The more I love someone, the more I might hate the person If it turns to be that way-but seriously, I despise this feeling, it makes me feel not calm and lose my focus, when I really need it (the focus) the most.

Why do I need to talk about this. Well, partly to make this post longer-not a big deal. I just wanted to express my very latent emotion I have been keeping for quite something. That I admire a person for God knows what the reasons are but maybe again it’s typical me. Easily fall into wrong and fake affections to people around me (girls of course, I am straight). Things I call love? Whop, what is love? Not a big problem. Different people would define it differently. A sage would say, love your God, that would be the best form of love-one which is not easily prevailed. One that lasts long and promises true and definite benefits in the hereafter. I long for that but of course, it’s always easier said than done.

I have no idea but life must go on. It’s etched permanently on my heart. No matter what happens. No matter. This person I admired will remain so and even if this should continue quietly, I would prefer to sacrifice and suffer something I have decided to do. My prayers and my love will both not fade away and may some day, will I find someone to replace what I have lost and fill in the emptiness I have in my soul and heart. The person is very lovely. She is very sweet. She taught me love. She taught me many things. She never knew she taught me anything. Many things. She never knew that one day when I have a daughter, I will name her with the name this person possesses. Exactly. The whole name. Not to miss even one. Though that would make her have the longest name. Six words huh? Hey, my name alone comprises three words. Mohd Amirul Asyraf-what a long name. What a lovely plan. Sigh~
Who’s the person? Everyone, her name is Siti Nurnazirah Izzati bte Bohari. Missing you dear. Missing you so much.


spark acap said...

aleng, sapa org tu? bes fren ko ek?

arelong said...

alaa dgr2 dh jdik ex, betol ke? kalo betol...bunga bukan sekuntum n perjalanan demo masih jauhhhhhh,ingat tu there is still long way to go,still million of things to explore,still too much ilmu+life experience to capture.. ha lu pk la senirik! kata nabil.. hak hak hak..wut ever it is, stay at the most true and accurate path, follow ur own prophecy..gud luck! pose jgn x pose

down_driller said...

he3 not as what many would have thought. She is a great friend of long distance whom I find impossible and complicated to further clarify.And nway, she's taken k? :) peace~ tq arelong and spark acap for the comments.. :)

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